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Comparison of Conventional and Bayesian Analysis for the Ultrasonic Characterization of Cancellous Bone Equivariant deformations of horospherical surfaces Extensions of the Einstein-Schrodinger non-symmetric theory of gravity Gravitational waves and inspiraling compact binaries in alternative theories of gravity Microstructure of Systems with Competition On the Orientation Dependence of the Casimir Force On the dynamics of delayed neural feedback loops Physical models in community detection with applications to identifying structure in complex amorphous systems Probing the phases of cold ultra-dense matter using neutron star physics Properties of neutron star critical collapses Shape and Structure of Neutron-Rich Nuclei from 252 Cf Fission Fragments Statistical Mechanics of the Community Detection Problem: Theory and Application Studies of Structural and Chemical Ordering in Metallic Liquids and Glasses Using Electrostatic Levitation The staggered chiral perturbation theory in the two-flavor case and SU(2) chiral analysis of the MILC data Topics in Lattice Gauge Theory and Theoretical Physics