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Factors Affecting Emergency Manager, First Responder, and Citizen Disaster Preparedness "Government 2.5": The Impact of Social Media on Public Sector Accessibility A Business Case for Return on Investment: Understanding Organizational Change A Case Study for Georgia Southwestern State University: The Discrepancies' of Financial Aid Services that Impact Student Enrollment A Case Study of Relative Satisfaction with Justice in State Courts: Perceptions of Access and Fairness Among Hispanics/Latinos and Whites A Case Study of University-Community Collaboration to Reduce the Negative Effects of Binge Drinking A Correlational Analysis of Leadership Traits and Styles of Emergency Managers Related to Effective Emergency Management A Narrative Inquiry of Breast Cancer Screening Policy Recommendations for Black Women A Phenomenological Exploration of the Value of Succession Planning by Municipal Government Leaders in Texas A Phenomenological Study Exploring Change Management in Public General Aviation Airports A Policy Evaluation of Statutory Limitations of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses' Prescriptive Authority A Policy Evaluation: Comparing Levels of Police Injuries Associated with the Use of Less-Lethal Instruments in Law Enforcement - Conducted Energy Devices vs. Other Less-Lethal Instruments A Postsecondary Transition Model for Low-Income, Minority Youth in Philadelphia A Q methodology Analysis of Individual Perspectives of Public Decision Making Influences of Collaborative Processes A Qualitative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Professional Ethics Training Standards in Law Enforcement A Qualitative Study of the Growth Strategies of Mature Small Businesses A Quantitative Analysis of Chemical Terrorism Preparedness in Local Jurisdictions A Quantitative Analysis of Ethical Dilemmas, Resources, and Factors in Government Procurement A Quantitative Study Examining How Training Enhances Policy Compliance A Study of Terrorism Emergency Preparedness Policies in School Districts A Study of the Effectiveness of International Maritime Conventions in Curtailing Acts of Piracy A case study of Pennsylvania police leadership styles and training implications A maritime security study of Honolulu Harbor A quantitative analysis comparing senior leadership tenures within the Department of the Air Force from 1947 to 2005 with those of successful, private -industry corporations Access to knowledge created by information technology vendors and client staff work performance Achievement disparity for minority and economically disadvantaged student populations: A limited analysis of No Child Left Behind Administrative Effectiveness and Public Administration Practice in Midwestern State Employment Agencies After-School Activities Policy and the Atlanta Fulton Public Library System Age Cohorts Impact on Public Employee Job Satisfaction through Motivation Air Force users' perceptions of the value of information technology-enabled enterprise business systems Alignment of Standards, Assessment, and Compliance for a Residential Support Provider Organization An Analysis of Factors Affecting Long-Term Disaster Recovery An Analysis of IT Governance Practices in the Federal Government: Protecting U.S. Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Terrorist Attacks An Empirical Analysis of Stakeholders' Perspectives and Policy Support for Distributed Renewal Energy Adoption in California's Association of Bay Area Governments An Empirical Assessment of Multicultural Education Programs in Reducing Islamophobia on a College Campus An Eritrean Perspective of Africa's Potential for Indigenous, Independent Food Sustainability An Exploration of Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking in a Small Community An Investigation of Patterns of Adolescent Driving Behaviors Resulting in Fatal Crashes and Their Implications on Policy An Organizational Analysis of Strategic Sourcing in the U.S. Department of Defense An empirical identification of an appropriate inflation definition and an inflation-targeting monetary policy An examination of competencies in the officer corps of the United States Coast Guard Assessing City Preparedness for a Biological Attack Assessing How Three Activism Groups Influence Governance and Voter Participation in Henry County, Georgia Attitudes Toward Federal Government Privatization Reform Policies Among Federal Civil Servants and AFGE Labor Union Members Within the Department of Defense in Oahu, Hawaii Attitudes of Public Officials Regarding the Consolidation of Police Forces Attitudes of Returning Citizens in Government-Managed Post-Release Programming Attitudes of Women Offenders towards Medicaid Enrollment and Coverage under the Affordable Care Act Benefits and Barriers of HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Program as Perceived by Stakeholders Beyond Elections: Ghana's Democracy from the Perspective of the Citizenry Blended Value Accounting and Social Enterprise Success Budgets as a Primary Control in New Hampshire Governmental Units Cameroonians' Perception of E-Government and Citizens' Involvement in the Public Policy Process Citizen Participation: A Case Study of New Jersey's 2008 Toll Policy Initiative Collaborating for Synchronized Disaster Responses in the National Capital Region College student's perceptions of public service anouncements across broadcast, social, and mobile media Colorado's method of voter turnout tabulation: A case study Commercial Airport Security Screening Effectiveness Using Standards-Based Performance Metrics Community-Oriented Policing and Crime Rates and Crime Clearance Rates in North Carolina Corporate Social Responsibility in the Nigerian Banking Sector Counterterrorism Through Humanitarianism: Education as a Deterrent to Terrorism County Government Employee Perceptions of Factors Contributing to Employee Assistance Program Use Credit Default Swaps Regulation and the Use of Collateralized Mortgage Obligations in U.S. Financial Institutions Crisis Preparedness of Leadership Behaviors Among Governors During Hurricanes Cultural Competence, Emergency Management, and Disaster Response and Recovery Efforts among African Americans Cyclical Economic Impacts on Aggregated Fiscal Imbalance Levels in the United States Determining an effective current and future enterprise architecture in the federal government: A Delphi study Developing Generation-Based Volunteer Management Practices Differences Between For-Profit and Nonprofit Hospitals: Perceived Quality and Access Differences in Financial Performance of Nonprofit Arts Organizations Across Executive Director Leadership Styles Differential Reinforcement in the Online Radicalization of Western Muslim Women Converts Diversifying Funds to Enhance Financial Sustainability of a County Library System Dr. Condoleezza Rice's Leadership Strategies While Overcoming the Glass Ceiling Drills and Exercises as Interventions to Improve Public Health Emergency Response Educational Impact of Nigeria's Amnesty Program on the Niger Delta Ex-militants Effect of the Criminal Justice Curriculum on the Attitudes of 12th-Grade Students Toward the Police Effective approaches for driving social -equity issues onto the voting agenda of the Canadian House of Commons Effectiveness of gang injunctions in California: A multicounty 25-year study Effects of Demographics, Health Care Coverage, and Cost on Prostate Screening Compliance Effects of IT sourcing policy change on job satisfaction of state government IT employees Effects of Labor Strikes on the Quality of University Education in Nigeria Electronic Warrant Systems: The Effect of Advanced Technologies on Arrest Performance Emergency Management Standards for NCAA Division I-A Football Stadia Emotional Intelligence and Performance of Civilians in Federal Government Employee Conduct When Administering Government Contracts in the Defense Logistics Agency Employee Locus of Control and Engagement in Nonprofit Organizations Employees' Perceived Effectiveness of Outsourcing Department of Defense Functions Engaging the Nonprofits in Louisville Housing Market for Low-Income Households Entrepreneurial Leadership and Financial Stability in Nonprofit Organizations Ethical Leadership and Good Governance in Nigerian Local Governments Evaluating Human Trafficking Training for Police Agencies Evaluating Security Communication Failures at a United States Commercial Airport Examining Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership within U.S. Army National Guard Leaders Executive director leadership style and human services nonprofit performance Expediting Temporary Housing: A Case Study of Hurricane Ike Experiences and Perceptions Regarding Emergency Telephone Number Use Relative to Civic Engagement Exploration of Successful Informal Partnerships Between Nonprofit Organizations and Local Governments in a Metropolitan Area Exploring Critical Success Factors for Managing Complex Information Technology Projects in Federal Agencies Exploring Deliberation and Participation: Tribal Membership Meetings under Indian Reorganization Act Constitutions Exploring Incivility Toward Employee Absenteeism, Productivity, and Effective Communication: Veterans Health Administration Exploring Knowledge Sharing in the Department of Defense Exploring the Employability of African-American Male Ex-Offenders in Local Government Exploring the Lack of African Americans in the Department of Defense Senior Executive Service Corps Eyewitness to History in Devolution of Democracy and Constitutional Rights Following 9/11 Factors Influencing Voter Behavior in Two Inner-City Communities in Jamaica Faith-Based Partnerships Between the Government and Churches Female Justice-Involved Veterans: The Nature of the Relationship between Military Discharge and Entry into the Correctional System Financial reporting requirements for the federal government: Evaluating performance management reporting Forced Truancy and Its Impact on Youth Delinquency in Southeastern Nigeria Funding challenges in Puerto Rican nonprofit organizations Future Sustainability of Social Security Trends in Unemployment and Retirement Benefits Gamification Techniques and Millennial Generation Philanthropy Gay and Bisexual American Men in South Korea Who Reported Testing HIV Negative Generational Communications in the New York City Public Sector Workplace Generational Differences among Social Security Employees and Their Perception of Value Government Emergency Managers' Leadership Styles Graduates' Perceptions of an Early Childhood Education Teacher Training Program in Jamaica Harmful effects of exposure to domestic violence during childhood How Social Media Affects the Annual Fund Revenues of Nonprofit Organizations Identifying and Mitigating Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in an Urban Community Identifying barriers that inhibit institutionalizing crew resource management in combating firefighter casualties Identifying the Barriers Foster Children Experience Working Toward Their High School Diploma Identity-based cultural paradigms, trauma, and interethnic conflict in south sudan Impact of Servant Leadership on Pastoral Alliances in Northern Ghana Impact of poverty on undocumented immigrants in South Florida Impacts of the Niger Delta Amnesty Program Implementation on Nigeria's Upstream Petroleum Industry Implementation Procedures for Puerto Rico's Environmental Laws Implementation of the Regional Quota System in Nigeria's Centralized University Admission Policy Improving Homeland Security Grant Audits Improving Public Safety Emergency Response Efficiency Amid Uncertainty Through Crisis Leadership Training Increasing Volunteer Commitment to Social Programs for Youth Information Operations Under International Law: A Delphi Study Into the Legal Standing of Cyber Warfare Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Citizenship Integrating Public Affairs Information Strategy With Organizational Practices in Healthcare Delivery Organizations International NGO capacity building programs in Benin and Burundi Islam, U.S. democracy, and Iraq Issues Affecting Sexual Decisions among Black Women in the Era of HIV/AIDS Job Satisfaction in Law Enforcement Officers According to Generational Cohorts Knowledge of Overdiagnosis and the Decision To Participate in Breast Cancer Screening Live-Fire Training Fatalities and the Degree of Adherence to National Fire Protection Association Standards (NFPA 1403) Local Governmental Development of Alternative Food Systems in Distressed Urban Areas Long-Term Efficacy of the Federal Conservation Reserve Program Relative to Feasible Agricultural Land-Use Alternatives and Free Market Competitive Viability Long-Term Implications of the Quick Reaction Capability Paradigm in the United States Army Managers' Leadership Behaviors, Employees' Job Satisfaction, and Turnover within the Federal Government Marketing Strategies to Motivate Participation in Municipal Recycling Programs Mentoring Relationships to Tenure: A Case of African American Male Faculty Middle School Violence and the Leadership Styles of School Resource Officers Minorities' Perception of the Comprehensive Emergency Management Model of Distributing Information Minority representation in the North Carolina government workforce: An empirical qualitative analysis Mission Assurance as an Operating Process for the Department of Defense Through the Advocacy Coalition Framework Models of successful adoption and implementation for IT projects in the public sector Moroccan Soft Revolution in the Era of the Arab Spring: Reforms, Assessment, and Prospects Motivational Needs as Indicators of Acculturation of Mexican Immigrants in the Southwest United States Multifamily Subsidized Housing Seniors' Awareness of Aging and Disability Resource Center Services Multiple Case Examinations of Complex Decisions to Form Networked Public-Private Partnerships Navy Downsizing and its Effect on Active Enlisted Navy Personnel Nonprofit Leaders' Strategies in Capturing the Attention of Committed, Large Donors Organizational Characteristics Influencing Workplace Bullying Participation in the deliberative process of the United Nations: The influence of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) on decision outcomes Payroll Fraud: Effects of Ghost Names on the Government Wage Bill in Ghana Perceived Factors Contributing to Coronary Heart Disease in African American Women Perceived Threats to Food Security and Possible Responses Following an Agro-Terrorist Attack Perception of societal corruption and levels of trust in government: A case study of Benin City, Nigeria Perceptions of Homeless Individuals Regarding Public Housing Use Perceptions of Job Satisfaction and Over-Qualification Among African Immigrants in Alberta, Canada Perceptions of Women in Political Leadership Positions in Nigeria Personality Traits of Volunteer Firefighters affecting Recruitment and Retention Perspectives of Kenyan Students in the United States on E-government and Citizens' Participation Policemoms: Perceptions of Motherhood and Policy in Ohio Police Organizations Policies for and Methods of Intelligence Gathering Among Small/Rural Agencies Policy, Problems, and Politics: A Multiple Streams Analysis of Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 Post-Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration in Post-Conflict Mano River Basin Precursors of Terrorism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Privacy Concerns Regarding the Use of Biometrics in Trusted Traveler Programs Privatization in developing countries: Assessing the preprivatization perceptions of stakeholders in postwar Liberia Promoting democracy through the Middle East Partnership Initiative: An Egyptian example Public Participation in Local Governments' Urban Planning Processes and Decision-Making Public Safety Impact of Electronic Monitoring of Texas High-Risk Offenders Public Sector Leaders' Strategies to Improve Employee Retention Public Sponsored Health Insurance to Improve Health Outcomes with Implications for Government Health Policy, Design, and Decision Making Public-Police Relations: Officers' Interpretations of Citizen Contacts Puerto Rican Vocational Students' Experiences Regarding Standardized Tests Punctuated Equilibrium, Agenda Setting, and Advocacy Coalition Frameworks in Post-Disaster Housing Response to Hurricane Katrina Quality of welfare services of contracted nonprofit organization -government partnerships Racism vs. Social Capital: A Case Study of Two Majority Black Communities Rebuilding Haiti's Institutions: Transparency and Accountability at the Administration General of Customs Reducing Runway Incursions at the Nation's Five Busiest Airports, 2009-2011 Relationship Between Internships and Employment Competencies of Degreed Professionals Who Completed an Internship Relationship between Authentic Leadership Traits and Developmental Education Methods of Air Force Field Grade Officers Relationship between Ethnic Diversity and Organizational Performance of U.S. Federal Agencies Relationship between stated U.S. presidential policy and international military arms sales from 1969--2003 Relationship of Solar Energy Installation Permits to Renewable Portfolio Standards and Insolation Relief Aid Dependency Syndromes: A Case for Disaster-Prone Moroto District in Uganda Relocation Based on Slow-Onset Climate-Induced Environmental Change in Keta, Ghana Resisting Democratic Transition Through Terrorism: Case Study of Post-Saddam Hussein Iraq Resource Control or Terrorism: Competing Perspectives on the Conflict in the Niger Delta Region, Nigeria Responsive e-government: A study of local government e-feedback methodology Sarbanes Oxley Section 404: Can material weakness be predicted and modeled? An examination of the variables of the ZETA model in prediction of material weakness Self-Perceived Leadership Styles of Federally Employed Black and White American Women Servant Leadership and Humility in Police Promotional Practices Social Disorganization Theory: The Role of Diversity in New Jersey's Hate Crimes Social Network Analysis Model for Law Enforcement Identification of Community Intelligence South Carolina State Government: Organizational Succession Plans Specific Deterrence Effects of Mandatory Registration of Juvenile Sex Offenders Staff Member Perceptions of Bullying in an Afterschool Center Strengthening Participatory Democracy through Participatory Budgeting Stress Levels and Coping Behaviors of Police Officers in a Southern Metropolis Stress and Unnecessary Use of Force among African American Female Law Enforcement Succession Planning at Executive Branch Federal Agencies Sustained Education Access for Homeless Youth: Case Study of U.S. Transitional Living Programs Technology Distractions on Patrol: Giving Police Officers a Voice Terrorism Preparedness of Municipal First Response Public Safety Agencies in a North Central State The Adequacy and Perceived Impact of Nigeria's Health Policy The Affects of Vote by Mail on Voter Turnout, Cost of Elections, and Ballot Completion in the State of Washington from 1992 to 2012 The Allocation of Federal Homeland Security Grant Funds in Riverside County California The Association between Structural Adjustment Program Participation and the Economies of Select Sub-Saharan African Nations The Burqa Ban in France and Its Potential Implications on Islamic Terrorism The Correlation between a Pastor's Job Experience and Church Servant Leadership Practices The Credibility of Government Budget: The Case of Sierra Leone The Department of Defense (DOD) Insourcing and its Influence on DOD Contractors The Determinants of Traffic Citation Revenues on Florida's Clerks of Court and Comptrollers The Deterrent Effect of Disciplinary Segregation on Prison Inmate Misconduct The Effect of Leadership Flexibility and Effectiveness on City Manager Tenure The Effect of Leadership Styles on Leader Effectiveness, Employee Satisfaction, and Employee Effort in a Local Government The Effect of Mentoring on Leadership Development in the Federal Bureau of Investigation The Effect of Pay Banding on Generational Cohort Perceptions of Job Satisfaction The Effect of a State Legitimation Process on Child Support Payments and Father-Child Relationships The Effectiveness of Nonmilitary Aid on the Advancement of U.S. Foreign Policy The Effects of Frequent Exposure to Violence and Trauma on Police Officers The Effects of Policy Gaps on Governance in Ghana The Effects of the Foreclosure Crisis on the Black and Hispanic Population in Lee County, Florida The Evaluation of a Collaboration Process for a Workforce Investment Board Strengthening Communities Fund (SCF) Initiative The Group on Earth Observations: A Case Study of an International Organization The Impact of Applied Sustainable Energy Management on Local Governments The Impact of Health Care Benefits on Employee Job Satisfaction The Impact of Leadership on the Governance of Infrastructure Development in Nigeria The Impact of Spiritual Well-Being on Job Satisfaction and Performance for Nonprofit Employees The Impact of Supervisor-Subordinate Relationship on State Government Employees The Impact of Three-Dimensional Organizational Change on Laos' Rural Electrification The Impact of Treatment Programs in Reducing the Incarceration Rate for Children with Incarcerated Parents The Impact of the Workforce Investment Act Training Program on Unemployment in Delaware The Influence of Nursing Home Administrator Turnover on Resident Quality of Life The Jobs, Education, and Training Program: Perpetuating a State of Dependency The Psychological Aspect of Downsizing on Employee Survivors in Organizations The Relationship Among Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles of Law Enforcement Executives The Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Employee Retention in an Acute Healthcare Hospital The Relationship Between Felt Accountability and Perceived Overall Organizational Performance in Federal Agencies The Relationship Between Increased Police Patrols and Violent Crime Rates in Seven United States Cities The Relationship Between Nigerian Local Government Administrative Leadership Styles and Organization Outcomes The Relationship between Employee Perceptions of Procedural Justice and Attitudes toward Pay-for-Performance Plan Implementation The Relationship of Electoral Competition and Presidential Leadership Performance in Nigeria The Role of Gender in Hiring Officials' Perceptions of Chief Information Officer Candidates The United Nations Training of the Liberia National Police: Effectiveness, Results, and Future Implications The administration of the bioterrorism preparedness program within Utah's small rural and large metropolitan health departments The decision to serve: A grounded theory inquiry into long -term employee commitments The decision-making process in road infrastructure development in Cameroon since 1980 The effect of mental models on creating organizational alignment around a change vision The effects of displacement by eminent domain on African Americans in Mississippi The faith -based initiative: Publicly funded school vouchers and religious establishment The great data dump: An exploratory case study of the transfer of tacit and "know-how" knowledge from a retiring workforce in a government agency The impact of media convergence on Africa's democracy: A Nigerian perspective The impact of moral intensity and ethical climate on the decision-making of finance and accounting professionals in government The impact of political socialization on women state legislators' decisions to not seek national office The political party system and effective leadership in Nigeria: A contingency approach The relationship between cell phone use and identity theft The relationship between organizational culture and organizational performance in a large federal government agency The relationship between police occupational deviance and length of service in a large police agency Threat of Ghana's Public Sector Downsizing and Impact on Employee Performance: Analysis Training Transfer: Leadership and Organizational Transfer Climate Transformational Leadership in the Public Sector Transformative Leadership and Its Development in Public Service Reform in Kenya Transitional justice in postconflict contexts: The case of Sierra Leone's dual accountability mechanisms Triangulating a sustainable safety culture in the readymade garment industry of Bangladesh U.S. Army Drill Sergeants' Response to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Recruits U.S. Federal Air Marshal Minority Law Enforcement Recruitment Strategies U.S. Presidents and the Office of Management and Budget in Public Communications: Influencing the Policy Process Understanding Host Community Distrust and Violence Against Oil Companies in Nigeria Understanding Presidential Voting Motivation by Factors of Agency Understanding Strategic Planning: Why Nonprofit Organizations Struggle in the Current Era of Privatization Understanding Violent Adolescent Males: Implications for Post-Release Recidivism Uneducated injustice: a social cognitive approach to understanding juror misconduct and verdict errors Unmanned Aircraft Systems: The Mitigation of Human Factors Errors Through Training Values, Perceptions, Conceptions, and Peacebuilding: A Case Study in a Mexico City Neighborhood Volunteers' Engagement and Retention in the Community of Bosniaks Georgia Inc. Women Working in Leadership Roles Who were Raised in Father-Absent Families