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A Determinant of Child Sex Trafficking in Los Angeles County, California A Phenomenological Examination of Barriers and Motivators Experienced by Women as Elected Members of Legislative Positions in British Columbia A Situational Analysis of Human Rights and Cultural Effects on Gender Justice for Girls A correlational analysis of economic factors that model commercial real estate performance A thematic exploration of political leadership: Relationship compatibility from the perspective of choice theory An Evaluation of Mortgage-Backed Security Transactions Under the Troubled Asset Relief Program Assessing How Three Activism Groups Influence Governance and Voter Participation in Henry County, Georgia Assessing the Impact of Legislative and Regulatory Mandates on Investor Confidence Attitudes Toward Federal Government Privatization Reform Policies Among Federal Civil Servants and AFGE Labor Union Members Within the Department of Defense in Oahu, Hawaii Beyond Elections: Ghana's Democracy from the Perspective of the Citizenry Citizen Participation: A Case Study of New Jersey's 2008 Toll Policy Initiative Conflict as a Path to Independence and a Stable Future in Kosovo and Metohija Corporate Social Responsibility in the Nigerian Banking Sector Cross-border Violence of Mexican Drug-Trafficking Organizations Culture Wars: Explaining Congressional Partisanship and Organizational Dysfunction Through Moral Foundation Theory Cybersecurity Strategy in Developing Nations: A Jamaica Case Study Democracy in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Guinea, West Africa, 1990--2010 Employees' perceptions about the deterrence effect of polygraph examination against security compromises Exploring Potential Associations with the Presidential Discretionary Power of FEMA Funds Dispensation Exploring the Leadership Strategies of Women of the 111th Congress Factors Influencing Voter Behavior in Two Inner-City Communities in Jamaica Female State Legislators: Lived Experiences Freight railroad security: A case study of post 9-11 effectiveness Increasing Women's Representation in Decision Making in Namibia Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Citizenship Leadership Ideology and Political Influences Within Al Qaeda and Taliban Mexican Immigration and Unemployment in Georgia in the 1990s Moroccan Soft Revolution in the Era of the Arab Spring: Reforms, Assessment, and Prospects Perceptions of Women in Political Leadership Positions in Nigeria Phenomenological Study on the Educational Component of the Formal Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration of Ex-Militants in Liberia Policy Makers' Future Emergency Planning: Abu Dhabi's Managers' Perceptions of Potential Cyberdisasters Political Leadership and Management of Civic Services in a Downturn Economy Political Reform in Jordan: Perspectives of Islamists, and Nationalist Groups Privacy Concerns Regarding the Use of Biometrics in Trusted Traveler Programs Promoting democracy through the Middle East Partnership Initiative: An Egyptian example Relationships Between Political Competition and Socioeconomic Status in the United States Responsive e-government: A study of local government e-feedback methodology Sustained Education Access for Homeless Youth: Case Study of U.S. Transitional Living Programs The Affects of Vote by Mail on Voter Turnout, Cost of Elections, and Ballot Completion in the State of Washington from 1992 to 2012 The Effect of Leadership Styles on Leader Effectiveness, Employee Satisfaction, and Employee Effort in a Local Government The Effects of Military Experience on Civic Consciousness The Mediating Role of Payout in the Relationship Between Private Foundations and Grantee Organizations' Financial Health The impact of local enforcement of immigration laws on undocumented immigrant day laborers The journey toward self-sufficiency from the perspectives of homeless men: Implications for social policy The leadership process and social change in the developing country of Congo -Kinshasa Threat of Ghana's Public Sector Downsizing and Impact on Employee Performance: Analysis Understanding Presidential Voting Motivation by Factors of Agency United States' Foreign Policy Toward the Middle East and Transnational Terrorism