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An ecological study of instructor views of free use multitasking with digital devices in the classroom An investigation of efficiency and preference of supplemental learning modules in online instruction Analysis of online learning and community Assessing the potential effects of a mastery-based mathematics program on exam performance in an undergraduate psychology statistics course College Students' Use and Understanding of an Electronic Social Network for Academics, Academic Help Seeking, and Academic Advising Cyber Counseling in the U.S.A. and South Korea: Attitudes and needs of the Millennial Generation and the Net Generation on campus Cyberactivism: A generational comparison of digital activism DCarS: Driving rules training software for handheld devices Economic and Educational Reform of a Large Engineering Mechanics Course Effects of a computer-assisted language intervention in a rural Nevada center Effects of two applications on the success of e-mail access for an individual with acquired cognitive impairment Evaluation of a video based training package on staff treatment integrity levels Examining the effects of active responding on student performance in an introductory psychology course Foreign Language Student Anxiety and Expected Testing Method: Face-to-Face Versus Computer Mediated Testing Monthly DVD Classroom Newsletters: Young Children's Experiences with a Technology-Based Parent Involvement Tool Perceived Credibility of Information Across Delivery Modalities Among College Students Profoundly Gifted Students' Perceptions of Virtual Classrooms: A Phenomenological Case Study Student Outcomes and Design Elements in Blended Learning Courses The Effect of Using Three Types of Instructional Media on Comprehension and Motivation of Korean College Students in an Online Course The Effects of Sound-field Amplification on Children with Hearing Impairment and Other Diagnoses in Preschool and Primary Classes The Five Step Programming Process The additive effects of values clarification training to an online goal-setting procedure on measures of student retention and performance The effects of podcasting on learning and motivation: A mixed method study of at-risk high school students The effects of synchronous voice and video tools on acceptance of online communications by students in undergraduate technology courses The effects of web-based supplemental modules on exam performance in an undergraduate economics statistics course