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A Case Study of College Persistence for the Dean's Future Scholars Program A Case Study of the Implementation of the Resolution Session in Processing of Special Education Complaints in a Large Urban School District A Factor Analysis of the Student School Uniform Survey A Longitudinal Evaluation Study of a Science Professional Development Program for K-12 Teachers: NERDS A Study of Relationships among Teachers' Perceptions of Principal Leadership and Teachers' Perceptions of School Climate in the High School Setting A Study of Teacher Perceptions of Professional Learning Communities in a Cross-Section of Public Elementary Schools A quantitative study of the characteristics of transient and non-transient students in Nevada elementary schools Administrator Speech within PK-12 Public Education Systems: An Analysis of the Speech Rights of School Administrators in the Wake of Recent Federal Court Decisions Post Garcetti An Analysis of the Relationship Between Elementary School Teachers' Perceptions of Principal Leadership and School Climate An Examination of Job Satisfaction among Urban High School Teachers An Exploratory Factor Analysis of Teachers' Beliefs, Attitudes, and Perceptions Utilizing the 1998-99 ECLS-K Spring 2004 Fifth Grade Teacher Questionnaire as a Secondary Data Source An ecological study of instructor views of free use multitasking with digital devices in the classroom Campus Community Readiness and the Prevention of Gambling Problems Determining the Differences between English Language Learners Who Exit Services and English Language Learners Who Become Long-Term ELLs: A Discriminant Analysis Early Adolescents' Understandings of College and Career Readiness Conceptually and in Relation to Their Own Lives Examining Professional Learning Situated in an Elementary School Context: An Investigation into Teachers' Practice and Learning in the Workplace Exploring the Relationship Between Teachers' Motivation Orientation and the Efficacy of Two Professional Development Models GEAR UP Aspirations Project Evaluation How Institutional Officials Perceive the Safety, Legal, and Ethical Liabilities Regarding the Use of the Newly Dead for Clinical Training and Forensic Research Kindergarten Program Type as a Predictor for Reading Achievement in Third Grade Parental Involvement at the High School Level: Parents' Perspectives Perceived Stress, Holistic Wellness, and Leadership Practices of K--12, Public School, Building Level Administrators as Influenced by Selected Variables Perceptions of the Inclusion of Organizational Satisfaction, Understanding and Communication Principles During Sustained Budget Cuts Retention of African American administrators at WICHE 4-year institutions Revealing Academic Optimism in a High Achieving Middle School: A Case Study Student Satisfaction and Perception of Value with a New Student Union Facility Student Social Capital and Enriching Educational Experiences in Higher Education Successful NCAA Division I Baseball Coaches' Understandings of their Roles and Responsibilities as Leaders in a Higher Education Context Teachers' Perceptions of Professional Development Experiences The Beliefs that School Administrators Hold about the Role of Data in Driving School Improvement The Effects of Financial Aid Education on College Aspirations of High School Seniors The Relationship between Self-Reported Attitudes and Beliefs about Homework and In-Class Practices of Middle School Teachers in a Large Urban School District The Relationship of Teacher Attitude and Self-Reported Behavior Associated with Measures of Academic Progress Assessment and Student Academic Growth The Relationship of Teachers' Self-efficacy and Contexts of Teaching The Relationships Between Teachers' Perceptions of Principal Leadership and Teachers' Perceptions of School Climate The congruence of mental models amongst district and site level administrators of walkthroughs as a vehicle for system-wide school improvement Using Data Envelopment Analysis to Transform Data Into Information: Academic Department Efficiency at a Public University