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A Study of Relationships among Teachers' Perceptions of Principal Leadership and Teachers' Perceptions of School Climate in the High School Setting A Summative Program Evaluation of a Comprehensive 9th Grade Transition Program Administrator Speech within PK-12 Public Education Systems: An Analysis of the Speech Rights of School Administrators in the Wake of Recent Federal Court Decisions Post Garcetti An Examination of Job Satisfaction among Urban High School Teachers An ecological study of instructor views of free use multitasking with digital devices in the classroom An evaluation of the impacts of response to intervention in a rural school district Effective staff development connected to increased student achievement Motivational factors related to teacher transfers Parental Involvement at the High School Level: Parents' Perspectives Perceived Stress, Holistic Wellness, and Leadership Practices of K--12, Public School, Building Level Administrators as Influenced by Selected Variables Revealing Academic Optimism in a High Achieving Middle School: A Case Study The Beliefs that School Administrators Hold about the Role of Data in Driving School Improvement The No Child Left Behind Act: Characteristics of public elementary schools and adequate yearly progress The Relationship between Self-Reported Attitudes and Beliefs about Homework and In-Class Practices of Middle School Teachers in a Large Urban School District The Relationships Between Teachers' Perceptions of Principal Leadership and Teachers' Perceptions of School Climate The congruence of mental models amongst district and site level administrators of walkthroughs as a vehicle for system-wide school improvement The multiple meanings of charter schools: An interpretive *policy analysis of charter school legislation in Nevada The relationship of personality factors to teacher longevity of mathematics and science teachers in Nevada Using Data Envelopment Analysis to Transform Data Into Information: Academic Department Efficiency at a Public University