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0-Hecke algebra actions on flags, polynomials, and Stanley-Reisner rings A Proposed Algebra Problem-Analysis Model A Semilinear Equation with Large Advection in Population Dynamics A Thermomechanical Model of Gels A generalized Koszul theory and its applications in representation theory A kinetic theory approach to capturing interneuronal correlation in feed-forward networks A level set method for an inverse problem arising in photolithography A representation theorem for certain solutions to Burger's equation An Interactive Java Program to Generate Hyperbolic Repeating Patterns Based on Regular Tessellations Including Hyperbolic Lines and Equidistant Curves An adaptive high order discontinuous Galerkin method with error control for the Hamilton -Jacobi equations Analysis and numerics of the mechanics of gels Analysis, Design, and Logic Synthesis of Finite-state Machine-based Stochastic Computing Anonymity and Privacy in Public Key Cryptography Applications of moving frames to Lie pseudo-groups Applications of moving frames to group foliation of differential equations Asymptotic properties of positive solutions of parabolic equations and cooperative systems with Dirichlet boundary data Automorphic partial differential equations and spectral theory with applications to number theory Barcode Decoding in a Camera-Based Scanner: Analysis and Algorithms Biclosed sets in combinatorics Bifurcations and Linear Stability of Families of Relative Equilibria With A Dominant Vortex Boundary -conforming discontinuous Galerkin methods via extensions from subdomains Boundary value problems of spaces of automorphic forms Cataland Chaos, attractors and the Lorenz conjecture: Noninvertible transitive maps of invariant sets are sensitive Combination therapeutics of Niltotinib and radiation in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia as an effective method against drug resistance Combinatorial constructions motivated by K-theory of Grassmannians Combinatorial topological field theory Compact periods of Eisenstein series of orthogonal groups of rank one Conference athletic schedules: An application of projective geometry, finite fields, and graph theory Construction, operations, and applications of the surreal numbers Contracting Convex Torus by its Harmonic Mean Curvature Flow Convergence Analysis of the Immersed Boundary Method Convergence in law of the centered maximum of the mollified Gaussian free field in two dimensions Convergence of adaptive hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin methods for second-order elliptic equations Covering cover pebbling number of products of paths Cyclic sieving, promotion, and representation theory Defects and Stability of Turing Patterns Design and implementation of accurate and efficient integral equation methods with applications to ultrasound vibro-acoustography and geophysical prospection Devising superconvergent HDG methods by M-decompositions Devising superconvergent HDG methods for partial differential equations Diameter and Coherence of Monotone Path Graphs in Low Corank Diffusivity and Ballistic Behavior of Random Walk in Random Environment Directional Sensing and Actin Dynamics in Dictyostelium Discoideum Amoebae Dynamical implications of network statistics Electrostatic Effects in Coating and Printing Processes Enumerating self -dual spanning trees and self -dual matroid bases Error Estimates for Finite Difference Solutions of Second-Order Elliptic Equations in Discrete Sobolev Spaces Estimation of Conditional Average Treatment Effects Even harmonious labelings of disconnected graphs Evolution of differential invariant signatures and applications to shape recognition Experimental validation of the Topological Sensitivity approach to elastic-wave imaging Exploring a simple model for Pleistocene glacial variability Fast methods to compute the Riemann zeta function Filtering partially observable diffusions up to the exit time from a domain Fourier Coefficients of Automorphic Forms and Arthur Classification Generalized complex structures on 4-manifolds Generalized sines, multiway curvatures, and the multiscale geometry of d-regular measures Generating Repeating Hyperbolic Patterns based on Regular Tessellations using an Applet Gestural Composition with Arbitrary Musical Objects and Dynamic Transformation Networks Graph labelings and tournament scheduling Harmonic mean curvature flow in Riemannian manifolds and Ricci flow on noncompact manifolds High -frequency scattering by infinite rough surfaces Higher Picard groupoids and Dijkgraaf-Witten theory Homoclinic and Heteroclinic Orbits in Lagrangian Dynamical Systems Hypergeometric functions and arithmetic properties of algebraic varieties Inhomogeneities in Spatially Extended Pattern Forming Systems Integrable Planar Curve Flows and the Vortex Membrane Flow in Euclidean 4-Space Using Moving Frames and the Variational Bicomplex Integral Equation Methods for the Simulation of Viscoelastic Ultrasound Vibro-Acoustography Involutions on Baxter Objects, and q-Gamma Nonnegativity Isotopy of nodal symplectic spheres in rational manifolds Large-distance asymptotics of steady-state incompressible fluid flows Limiting distributions and large deviations for random walks in random environments Local Cohomology Modules Over Polynomial Rings Of Prime Characteristic Low dimensional approximations: Problems and Algorithms Lyubeznik numbers Magic Boxes and Related Topics Mathematical foundations of the quasicontinuum multiscale method Mathematical models of bacterial chemotaxis Mathematical models of taxis-driven bacterial pattern formation Matrix Completion via Nonconvex Factorization: Algorithms and Theory Matroids, Schubert polynomials and Fibonacci trees Maximum Lq -likelihood estimation Mixed Convection in Horizontal Fluid-Superposed Porous Layers Mixed methods with weak symmetry for time dependent problems of elasticity and viscoelasticity Modeling and optimization of mortgage loan portfolios Modeling of Amoeboid Swimming at Low Reynolds Number Modeling, analysis and numerical simulation of liquid crystal elastomer Models of second-order superintegrable systems Modulation of BMP Signaling During Dorsal-Ventral Patterning in Drosophila melanogaster Multiscale modeling of carbon nanotube materials with distinct element method On elliptic equations with low-regularity divergence -free drift terms and the steady-state Navier -Stokes equations in higher dimensions On global existence of solutions to a cross -diffusion system On infinite indistinguishability quotient monoids in Misere impartial combinatorial games On manifolds with Ricci curvature lower bound and Kahler manifolds with nonpositive bisectional curvature On some regularity problems in the theory of Navier Stokes equation On the Structure of Oriented Exchange Graphs On the interior regularity for degenerate elliptic equations On the local structure of the set of steady-state solutions to the 2D Euler equations On the rate of convergence of the finite-difference approximations for parabolic Bellman equations with constant coefficients Paraconsistency and deontic logic: Formal systems for reasoning with normative conflicts Periodic Brake Orbits in the N-Body Problem Poset and polytope perspectives on alternating sign matrices Quantum cohomologies and the abelian -nonabelian correspondence Real Root Counting for Parametric Polynomial Systems and Applications Regularization methods for inverse problems Relative methods in symplectic topology Resource Management in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks: an Optimization Perspective Results on the interaction between atomistic and continuum models Rigidity of symplectic fillings, symplectic divisors and Dehn twist exact sequences Robust Fragmentation: A Data-Driven Approach to Decision-Making under Distributional Ambiguity Robust Preconditioning for Indefinite and Ill-Conditioned Sparse Linear Systems Root and weight semigroup rings for signed posets Searching, Clustering and Regression on non-Euclidean Spaces Simulation of *stochastic chemical systems: Applications in the design and construction of synthetic gene networks Smooth and Nonsmooth Bifurcations in Welander's Ocean Convection Model Some invariants of nonsingular projective varieties and complete local rings Some results on scattering for log-subcritical and log-supercritical nonlinear wave equations Spectral curvature clustering for Hybrid Linear Modeling Stability from the point of view of diffusion, relaxation and spatial inhomogeneity Static and dynamical problems of hydrogel swelling: Modeling and analysis Statistical properties of Gaussian reproducing kernel in density estimation Stochastic Fluctuations in Signaling, Gene Control and Pattern Formation Structural Aspects of Differential Posets Studies in One Dimensional Branching Random Walks Subconvexity bounds for automorphic L-functions on GL2 Superconvergent discontinuous Galerkin methods for elliptic problems Symmetric chain decompositions of partially ordered sets Symmetries of tensors Symplectic geometry and its connection with complex geometry The Ergodic Theorem and Markov Chain Strong Laws The Steinberg complex of an arbitrary finite group in arbitrary positive characteristic The power operation structure on Morava E-theory of height 2 at the prime 3 The role of rational numbers in mathematical achievement and decision making The stability and transitions of coherent structures on excitable and oscillatory media Topics in the mathematical theory of nonlinear elasticity Topological Field Theory and Quantum Master Equation in Two Dimensions Topological Methods in Symplectic Geometry Topology of diagonal arrangements and flag enumerations of matroid base polytopes Towards A Framework For Simultaneous Feature Tracking And Segmentation Transceiver design and interference alignment in wireless networks: Complexity and solvability Two problems in parabolic PDEs Understanding and analyzing APD alternans Unramified computation of tensor L-functions on symplectic groups Variational modeling, analysis, and computing of image and visual segmentation problems Wave-Based Computer Graphic Light Modeling with Applications to Computer Aided Design