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A mechanistic understanding of light olefins selectivity in methanol-to-hydrocarbons conversion on MFI A numerical model of transient thermal transport phenomena in a high-temperature solid-gas reacting system for CO2 capture applications A platform for next-generation cancer therapies: multi-targeted nonviral vectors for site-specific gene delivery and expression Advanced Modeling of Nanoparticle Nucleation Towards the simulation of particle synthesis An engineered approach to specialty chemicals purification Analysis of tensioned-web-over-slot-die coating Aqueous solution and vapor phase adsorption of oxygenates onto zeolites Autothermal Oxidative Pyrolysis of Biomass Feedstocks over Noble Metal Catalysts to Liquid Products Bio-fuel Production by Using Integrated Anaerobic Fermentation Biorefinery systems engineering: From facility location to process synthesis and design Biosynthetic routes to short-chain carboxylic acids and their hydroxy derivatives Block polymer membranes for selective separations Bottlebrush Polymers: Synthesis, Rheology, and Self-Assembly Catalytic autothermal reforming of biomass to synthesis gas Catalytic partial oxidation of methane at industrially relevant conditions Catalytic partial oxidation of pyrolysis oils Chemical Master Equations for Non-linear Stochastic Reaction Networks: Closure Schemes and Implications for Discovery in the Biological Sciences Cocontinuous Polymer Blends: Controlling Morphology via Interfacial Modification and Rheology Compatibilization of Polyolefin Blends Component terminal dynamics in weakly and strongly interacting blends Computational analysis of BMP mediated embryonic patterning in Drosophila melanogaster Computational modeling of drug transport in the posterior eye Continuum and molecular modeling of interfacial dynamics: Interfacial instabilities, melt spinning, and dendrimer adsorption Convective assembly of nanoparticles into thin structured films Corn stover steam gasification Coupling of Surface Plasmons and Semiconductor Nanocrystals for Nanophotonics Applications Cryo-SEM study of nanostructure development of latex dispersions and block copolymer solutions Cultivation of human embryonic stem cell-derived embryoid bodies under defined environmental conditions for the production of hematopoietic cells Cure induced stress generation and viscoelasticity in polymer coatings DNA Confined in Nanochannels and Nanoslits DNA Dynamics during Electrophoreis in Microfabricated Post Arrays Design and Control of Integrated Systems for Hydrogen Production and Power Generation Design of Control Configurations for Complex Process Networks Design of Functional Materials with Hydrogen-Bonded Host Frameworks Development of Pre-Vascularized Tissues Containing Aligned and Perfusable Microvessels Development of a completely biological tissue engineered heart valve Directed synthesis and characterization of zeolite nanoparticles Dispersible Exfoliated Zeolite Nanosheets and Their Application in High Performance Zeolite Membrane Dispersing layered silicates in polymer melts: Using melt rheology to determine dispersion Dynamics and control of energy integrated process networks Dynamics of complex fluids and complex flows near surfaces: Continuum and molecular modeling Electrical Transport in Semiconductor Nanocrystal Assemblies Electrostatic Effects in Coating and Printing Processes Elementary Mode Analysis of Ralstonia Eutropha H16 Metabolism for the Production of Useful Metabolites Encapsulation of proteins and cells in silica nanoporous materials Engineering Antimicrobial Probiotics for the Treatment of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus Engineering a three-dimensional culture system for the directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells toward a hepatocyte-like cell fate Engineering pluripotent stem cells for the fabrication of biomimetic liver-like tissue Enzyme-polymer hybrids for highly stable functional materials and self-cleaning coatings Equilibrium properties of DNA and other semiflexible polymers confined in nanochannels Examination of structure-performance correlations in low band gap polymer solar cells Exfoliated zeolite sheets and block copolymers as building blocks for composite membranes Experimental and Economic Assessment of Temperature Swing Adsorption Systems for the purpose of Claus Tail Gas Clean Up Fabrication, characterization, and application of zeolite inorganic membranes Finding the chemistry in biomass pyrolysis: Millisecond chemical kinetics and visualization First Principles Simulations of Hydrocarbon Conversion Processes in Functionalized Zeolitic Materials Flow limits in slide coating Gene expression control and antimicrobial peptide production by haute couture bacteria Genomic analysis of regulatory mechanisms involved in secondary metabolite production Genomic and proteomic exploration of regulatory pathways in antibiotic producing Streptomyces Genomic and proteomic profiling of mammalian cells under high productivity states Genomic and transcriptomic approaches for the advancement of CHO cell bioprocessing Graphene Oxide - Towards A Comprehensive Characterization Scheme Hydrothermal processing of aqueous biomass: Process development and integration of a novel heating technique. Improving biotechnological processes through automated flow cytometry In situ Characterization of Dynamic Structures of Coatings Inverse metabolic engineering: A rational approach for efficient and robust microorganism development Investigation of Universal Behavior in Symmetric Diblock Copolymer Melts Kinetics and Mechanism of Deoxygenation Reactions over Proton-Form and Molybdenum-Modified Zeolite Catalysts Light alkane catalytic partial oxidation to syngas and ethylene: Co-feed effects examined by capillary sampling Mechanisms of Chain Exchange in Block Copolymer Micelles Metal Structures for Photonics and Plasmonics Millisecond autothermal catalytic reforming of carbohydrates for synthetic fuels by reactive flash volatilization Modeling Complex Structures in Nucleic Acids Modeling and Dynamic Optimization of Microalgae Cultivation in Outdoor Open Ponds Modeling and control of cadmium zinc telluride grown via an electro-dynamic gradient freeze furnace Modeling of Continuum Transport and Meso-Scale Kinetics during Solution Crystal Growth Modeling of Electronic Properties in Organic Semiconductor Device Structures Modeling of Particle Engulfment during the Growth of Crystalline Silicon for Solar Cells Modeling of transport processes during solution, melt and colloidal crystal growth Modeling, film formation, and material synthesis for performance optimization of mixed matrix membranes Modulation of BMP Signaling During Dorsal-Ventral Patterning in Drosophila melanogaster Molecular Simulation of Adsorption in Zeolites Molecular sieve adsorbents and membranes for applications in the production of renewable fuels and chemicals Morphological behavior of linear ABC and ABAC block terpolymers Multiple time scale algorithms for gene network simulations Multiscale mechanical modeling of soft biological tissues Multiscale models of antimicrobial peptides My Adventures in Microuidics: Exploration of Novel Modes for Sized-Based DNA Separation Nanoemulsion-like Polymersomes for Nanoreactors Nanoscale engineering of thin film morphology for efficient organic photovoltaic cells Network morphologies in monodisperse and polydisperse multiblock terpolymers New Approaches for Printed Electronics Manufacturing New Materials for Chalcogenide Based Solar Cells New experimental approaches to the population balance equation: Eulerian and Lagrangian viewpoints Nonlinear, spatiotemporal hydrogel dynamics in oscillatory drug release Nucleation and Growth of Faujasite Zeolite Nanostructures Optimality in the nanomechanics of cell migration and adhesion Particulate Coating Formation in Drag-out and Adsorption Processes Phase Behavior of Ternary Polymer Blends: Asymmetry, Segregation Strength, and Coexisting Phases Phase Behaviors of ABAC Tetrablock Terpolymers Phase Transitions and Fluctuations in Block Copolymer-Based Soft Materials Phase behavior of model ABC triblock copolymers Phenotypical genomics of bacteria Escherichia coli Physics of coating tensioned-web over slot die Polymeric bicontinuous microemulsions Probe Reactions of Alcohols and Alkanes for Understanding Catalytic Properties of Microporous Materials and Alumina Oxide Solid Acid Catalysts Processing of Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide Nanocrystal Dispersions for Thin Film Solar Cells Processing, morphology and properties of graphene reinforced polymer nanocomposites Production of Energy and Chemicals by Thermochemical Conversion from Recycled and Renewable Biomass Protein crystallization using micro-fluidic devices Pulsed electron beam curing of polymer coatings Quantifying performance limitations of Kalman filters in state vector estimation problems Quantitative analysis of gene regulatory networks: From single cells to cell communities Reactive barrier membranes with environmental applications Recognition and assembly at multiple length-scales Residue contact prediction in proteins, using evolutionary information and ab initio methods Scalable Computation and Analysis of Elementary Flux Modes in Metabolic Networks Self -assembly of fibronectin mimetic peptide-amphiphile nanofibers Self consistent field theory study of tetrablock terpolymer phase behavior Self-assembling multienzyme systems at oil -water interface for biphasic biotransformations Simulation of *stochastic chemical systems: Applications in the design and construction of synthetic gene networks Simulations of antimicrobial peptides Size-dependent properties of semiconductor nanostructures Solar gasification of biomass: design and characterization of a molten salt gasification reactor Solar synthesis gas production via the thermochemical cerium oxide redox cycle: Inert-swept and methane-hybridized reduction Spatially resolved species and temperature profiles in the catalytic partial oxidation of methane and ethane Stability of microscale fluid interfaces: A study of fluid flows near soft substrates and pattern formation under electrostatic fields Stochastic-kinetic modeling of synthetic gene regulatory networks Stress localization and size dependent toughening effects in SiC composites Stretching and Slipping Liquid Bridges: Liquid Transfer in Industrial Printing Studies of the Kaneda Reaction in the Synthesis of Oocydin A/Haterumalide NA and Polyurethanes from Renewable Resources: Polyols from Soybean Oil Synthesis And Characterization of Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide Nanoparticles And Thin Films Synthesis and Phase Behavior of Tetrablock Terpolymers Synthesis gas and olefins from the catalytic autothermal reforming of volatile and non-volatile liquids Synthesis of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide nanowires for excitonic solar cells Synthesis, Deposition, and Microstructure Development of Thin Films Formed by Sulfidation and Selenization of Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide Nanocrystals Systems analysis of glucose metabolism of cultured mammalian cells Systems engineering of stem cell fate Targeted drug delivery and enhanced intracellular release using functionalized liposomes Terminal component dynamics in poly(ethylene oxide)/poly(methyl methacrylate) blends The Molecular Weight Effects of Poly(acrylic acid) on Calcium Carbonate Inhibition in the Kraft Pulping Process The influence of nanoscale size confinement on the phase behavior of molecular organic crystals Thermal emission control with periodic microstructures Thermal-capillary analysis of the horizontal ribbon growth of solar silicon Titanium Dioxide Nanostructures for Photovoltaics and Photocatalysis Topics in viscous potential flow of two-phase systems Toughness in block copolymer modified epoxies Transcriptional control of amino acid and nucleotide metabolism in Escherichia coli Transcriptome analysis in mammalian cell culture: Applications in process development and characterization Transcriptomic and proteomic analyses on ethanol-tolerance and protein turnover in microbial systems Transition Regime Collisions in Aerosols Transport and Chemical Phenomena in a Solar Thermochemical Reactor to Split Carbon Dioxide and Water to Produce Synthesis Gas Transport and Mechanical Property Enhancements for Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts Understanding particulate coating microstructure development Uniaxial Extensional Behavior of A--B--A Thermoplastic Elastomers: Structure-Properties Relationship and Modeling Unraveling Structure-Property Relationships in Polymer Blends for Intelligent Materials Design Utilization of Aqueous Product Generated by Hydrothermal Carbonization of Waste Biomass Vapor phase hydrodeoxygenation of lignin-derived phenolic monomers to aromatics on transition metal carbides under ambient pressure