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A MEMS Knudsen pump for high gas flow applications A forward dynamics simulation study of increasing load on the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee, for young women performing recreational drop jump activities Alternative piezoresistor designs for maximizing cantilever sensitivity Biomechanics and injury assessment of household falls in children: Clinical, anthropomorphic surrogate, and computer simulation studies CFD modeling of center cones, vortex breakers and pressure relief slits in a wind speed accelerator CFD modeling of entrance and exit geometries of a wind speed accelerator Carbon nanotube thin film transistors for biomedical applications Characterization of a direct-write method for fabricating 3D polymer microfibers and construction of microscale platforms Characterization of the physical aging behavior of 30% glass fiber reinforced PEEK composites via creep testing Computational fluid dynamic analysis of a coulter counting microcytometer Consequences of four-point, strap-type wheelchair tiedown and occupant restraint system practices on wheelchair passenger safety in fixed-route transit DOSI in novel geometry dishes DXA measurements using a micro computed tomograph system Design, analysis, and development of cost effective canine wheelchairs Design, construction, and experimentation of a heat pipe augmented solar wall Design, fabrication, and testing of a microfluidic system for cardiac cell culture Determination of failure thresholds limits of the human thoracolumbar spine subjected to cyclic loading Development of a canine stifle computer model to evaluate cranial cruciate ligament deficiency and surgical management Development of a canine stifle computer model to investigate cranial cruciate ligament deficiency Development of an integrated solar heat pipe system for improving building energy efficiency Die separation strength for deep reactive ion etched wafers Dielectrophoretic precipitation of airborne particles Electrokinetic colloid patterning characterization with a scanning laser Eliminate debris formation during brazing process Employing computer simulation for the design and analysis of an energy absorbing wheelchair caster Evaluation of bone quality using novel image analyses and mechanical testing methods Experimental and analytical study of an open cathode polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell Flow and pressure measurement using phase-contrast MRI: Experiments in stenotic phantom models Fluid dynamic analysis of flow in orbiting dishes and the effects of flow on shear stress and endothelial cellular responses Harbormaster Command and Control (HCCC) shelter: Finite element model and structural analysis Hemolysis in needles Impedance analysis of endothelial cells undergoing orbital shear stress Improved fabrication and modeling of piezoresistive microcantilever beams for gas detection and sensing Indentation testing and optimized property identification for viscoelastic materials using the finite element method Integrated modeling and analysis methodologies for architecture-level vehicle design Integration of Ag2Ga nanoneedles on batch fabricated micro-grippers for material property measurement Investigation of head and neck injury risk associated with short-distance falls in 12 month old children Mechanical characterization of MEMS bi-stable buckled diaphragms Microfluidic cell sorting techniques to study disease processes Microtacks for retinal implant applications Nanocarbon/elastomer composites: Characterization and applications in photo-mechanical actuation Near infrared photon-assisted polymerization of advanced polymer composites Numerical investigation of the aerodynamic and structural characteristics of a corrugated wing Numerical investigation of the aerodynamic characteristics of a flat plate in an oscillating freestream Numerical simulation of a flat back airfoil for wind turbine applications Numerical simulation of phase change material composite wallboard in a multi-layered building envelope Numerical simulation of the aerodynamic performance of an H-rotor Optimal trajectory generation with DMOC versus NTG: Application to an underwater glider and a JPL aerobot Optimization methods for estimating subject specific lower extremity segment parameters and hip center locations from walking data Rear impact crashworthiness of a manual WC19 wheelchair occupied by a 50th percentile ATD Slip detection and compensation in autonomous tracked micro-vehicles Thermal analysis of Lead Zirconate Titanate thin films using digital image correlation Trapping of nanoparticles with dielectrophoretic nano-probes Vanadium trichloride thermochemical solar energy storage system analysis Viscoelastic properties of pediatric blood Walking biomechanics of end stage knee OA and TKA patients