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An investigation of heat transfer enhancement in nanofluids containing core & shell nanoparticles CFD modeling of center cones, vortex breakers and pressure relief slits in a wind speed accelerator CFD modeling of entrance and exit geometries of a wind speed accelerator Characterization of Hematite Nanowire Arrays synthesized by Atmospheric Plasma Cobalt MOF-5: A novel catalyst for CO2 conversion to carbonates Comparative evaluation of ethanol yield from HTF corn varieties in the whisky production process Comparison of alpha-Fe2O3 electrodes grown by direct plasma and thermal oxidation of iron for photoelectrochemical water splitting DOSI in novel geometry dishes Detection of acetone in air using silver ion exchanged ZSM-5 and zinc oxide sensing films Development of a hydrogel/polypyrrole interpenetrating network for a potential application as an artificial cardiac muscle Elastomer degradation in water utility systems via loss of carbon black observed with atomic force microscopy Electrokinetic colloid patterning characterization with a scanning laser Emission difference between natural gas usage and digester gas usage Enzyme-substrate interaction significantly affects activity loss during enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose Fabrication of a thin silver nanowire composite film and investigation of a patterning technique Feasibility of using computational fluid dynamics for analysis of flow in an orbiting dish Feasibility testing of chill filtration of brown spirits to increase product stability Fluid dynamic analysis of flow in orbiting dishes and the effects of flow on shear stress and endothelial cellular responses Fluid dynamics analysis of oscillating flow in petri dishes Heat transfer measurement in oil-based nanofluids High-solids saccharification and viscosity studies in a scraped surface bio-reactor Identification of carbon black removed from elastomeric components in contact with potable water Investigating hydrophilic channels in polymer composites using atomic force microscopy Investigation of thiol derivatized gold nanoparticle sensors for gas analysis Metal organic chemical vapor deposition of InGaN alloys on nanowire substrates Molecular engineering design of the SAPO-34 and ZIF-8 membranes for CO2 separation from CH4 and N2 Nano-metal particles for minimally invasive optical detection and hyperthermic treatment of breast cancer Nanofluid enhancement of mineral oil and thermal properties instrument design Nanoscale diamond and carbon materials and architectures for field emission and thermionic energy conversion Novel scalable, atmospheric plasma based manufacturing methods for metal oxide nanowires Phase transformation studies within one-dimensional metal oxide nanowires Preliminary investigation into single stage enzyme free hydrolysis of hardwood sawdust Process control of a pilot-scale distillation column utilizing NI LabVIEW(RTM) Proposal to modify the mixing system for hydrosolution's processing plant Rational design of mesoporous gallium oxide and gallium-based mixed oxide catalysts Saccharification of concentrated biomass slurries in a resonating acoustic mixer Synthesis of a directionally-conductive polyaniline hydrogel composite by vapor deposition Synthesis of cadmium selenide quantum dots for fabrication of hybrid light emitting diodes Synthesis of molybdenum oxide nanowires and their facile conversion to molybdenum sulfide The engineering of optical filters from inorganic-organic nanocomposites The feasibility of using monochloramine in recycling vulcanized styrene butadiene rubber The impact of adsorbed cellulase inactivation on enzymatic hydrolysis kinetics The use and effects of ecofriendly surfactants in the meat rendering industry in the United States Theoretical and experimental studies on manipulation of fluorescence by gold nanoparticle: Application for molecular imaging Tuning the bandgap of an amorphous sputtered germanium photovoltaic cell Vanadium trichloride thermochemical solar energy storage system analysis ZnO nanorods as catalyts for biodiesel production from olive oil