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A parametric study of the teleost nucleus isthmi Alterations to hippocampal neuroplasticity across the lifespan in a rodent model of FASD An evaluation of neuromechanical decoupling following ankle joint injury Behavioral interventions to alleviate the impact of neonatal alcohol exposure on cell morphology in the rodent hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex Development and application of an in vitro blood-brain barrier model to investigate intravenous immunoglobulin therapy for Alzheimer's disease Distinct contributions of hippocampal and prefrontal afferents to nucleus reuniens during spatial working memory Engineering antibody therapeutics and cell culture models for neurodegenerative diseases Engineering systems neuroscience: Modeling of a key adaptive brain control system involved in hypertension Epigenetic consequences of early-life caregiver maltreatment in rat medial prefrontal cortex neurons Force coordination during object manipulation in individuals with multiple sclerosis Functions of the survival motor neuron protein in cell survival Gene expression in limbic nuclei following electrolytic lesions of the medial prefrontal cortex Grip force control in static manipulation tasks Head impact exposures and neurologic function in college football and soccer players Hippocampal function and the developmental neurobiology of fear conditioning La and SUMO wrestle in regenerating axons Mechanisms of conjunctive learning in a rat model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders Mechanisms of motor learning and brain plasticity post stroke Microglial activation in the developing rodent brain following single-day moderate binge-alcohol exposure Motor abundance contributes to resolve multiple task constraints Multi-segment control for the upright standing posture Muscle morphological changes, compensatory strategies and the use of predictive simulations to direct the rehabilitation of individuals post-stroke Neonatal ethanol exposure impairs incidental spatial learning in the juvenile rat: Effects of exposure scenario Neuromechanical links between cognition, fear and joint instability Neuromuscular control in ankle instability Neuropsychological testing in asymptomatic high school football players Optogenetic and pharmacological dissection of a neuropeptide circuit that gates sustained fear Post-transcriptional mRNA regulation in neurons and mechanisms of post-transcriptional RNA modification in vitro Postnatal binge-like alcohol exposure reduces spine density without affecting dendritic morphology in rat medial prefrontal cortex Prefrontal cortex activity during resting and task states as measured by functional near-infrared spectroscopy Prefrontal-thalamo-hippocampal circuit contributions to spatial working memory Role of corticomotor drive to walking recovery and responses to functional electrical stimulation in stroke survivors Spatial regulation of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) expression in sensory neurons by microRNA-206 Spike pattern analysis of slowly adapting pulmonary stretch receptors Strategic engagement regulation: An integration of self-enhancement and engagement The effect of concussion history on gait patterns during dual task gait examinations The effects of exercise on adolescent neurogenesis in rats exposed to alcohol during the brain growth spurt The effects of high-speed, low-force recumbent cycling: An intervention in older a dults and Parkinson's disease The isolation of syaptic myonuclei and Schwann cell nuclei for DNA analysis from human skeletal muscle The neural basis of context learning in a rat model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders The role of HOX genes in regulating stem cell population in normal and malignant colon tissue mRNA localization and the fate of the axon