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Alterations to hippocampal neuroplasticity across the lifespan in a rodent model of FASD Analyzing the consumer sweet tooth: A field experiment on consumer preferences for chocolate Approach and avoidance mechanisms as a framework for understanding face-recognition Consumer attitudes and behavioral intention towards self-service kiosks in hotels: A cultural perspective Dieting habits of men Differences in multi-degrees-of-freedom coordination of reaching between non-neurologically impaired adults and stroke survivors Do angry birds flock together? The effects of the aggressive personality trait on the development of mutual cooperation Exploring behavioral and pharmacological means of enhancing background anxiety Foster children's diurnal cortisol patterns across early childhood and associations with social-cogitive and behavior regulation outcomes at early school age Gene expression in limbic nuclei following electrolytic lesions of the medial prefrontal cortex Identifying risk factors for depression: Genetic variations and psychophysiological measures of initial reward responsiveness Intimate partner violence and maternal incarceration as cumulative risk for the development of child behavior problems Investigating trajectories of change in attachment and biobehavioral catch-up: A randomized clinical trial Mechanisms of motor learning and brain plasticity post stroke Motor equivalence in actions by redundant motor systems Multi-segment control for the upright standing posture Neonatal ethanol exposure impairs incidental spatial learning in the juvenile rat: Effects of exposure scenario Optogenetic suppression of thalamic nucleus reuniens during spatial working memory Parental discipline style: Relation of physical punishment and emotion socialization to adaptive and maladaptive child outcomes Prefrontal cortex activity during resting and task states as measured by functional near-infrared spectroscopy Standing together and finding a voice apart: The lived experience and process of intellectual disability rights advocacy from the perspective of advocates with varying relationships to disability The construct of masculinity in Spanish Romantic theatre: A psychoanalytic analysis The demedicalization of kink: Social change and shifting contexts of sexual politics The effects of exercise on adolescent neurogenesis in rats exposed to alcohol during the brain growth spurt The influence of infant-caregiver experiences on amygdala Bdnf, OXTr, AND NPY expression in developing and adult male and female rats The role of social value orientation in response to an unfair offer in the ultimatum game The social production of risk: Perceived risk and disapproval as mechanisms of social control in a social influence model of youth marijuana use The young public servant: Exploring the influence of volunteering on self-concept Use of behavioral disciplinary techniques with the implementation of SWPBIS and its impact on students' prosocial motivation