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A study of variability in the North Indian Ocean Application of storm surge modeling to Moses' crossing of the Red Sea; and to Manila Bay, the Philippines Arctic Ocean Tides from GRACE Satellite Accelerations Asymptotic and Numerical Methods for Rapidly Rotating Buoyant Flow Atmospheric and land surface response to reduced Arctic sea ice extent Characterizing Ocean Turbulence from Argo, Acoustic Doppler, and Simulation Data Computing Ocean Surface Currents from Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery Computing coastal ocean surface currents from infrared and ocean color satellite imagery: Methodology, application, and analysis Examining the wind forced velocity structure of the California Current system using observations derived from satellite remote sensing High-Resolution Water Isotope Records from West Antarctic Ice Cores: Interpretations of Climatic, Glaciological, and Diffusional Processes Ice formation in the Arctic Ocean: Observed processes and climate feedbacks Impact of Atmospheric Intraseasonal Oscillations on Multi-Timescale Variability in the Upper Indian Ocean Influence of the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Intraseasonal Waves on Surface Wind and Convection of Tropical Atlantic Ocean Interannual variability of the Indian Ocean heat transport and its correlations with climate modes Mixing and Restratification in the Upper Ocean: Competing Mechanisms in the Wave-Averaged Boussinesq Equations Modeling the processes that form and erode marine strata Nonlocal formulations of ideal fluids and applications Sea level reconstructions: Validation and value Snow Cover on the Arctic Sea Ice: Model Validation, Sensitivity, and 21st Century Projections Stokes Drift and Meshless Wave Modeling System model of a UAV and sensor package for the measurement of sea ice freeboard, roughness, and topography The Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Unsteady Obstacle Wakes on Stirring and Mixing of Gamete Filaments The Past, Present and Future of the El Nino/Southern Oscillation The stable isotopes and deuterium excess from the Siple Dome ice core: Implications for the late Quaternary climate and elevation history of the Ross Sea Region, West Antarctica Understanding and predicting changes in North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature