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"Don't think of 'waste'water": Evaluation and planning tools for reuse-oriented sanitation infrastructure "We Just Built It:" Code Enforcement, Local Politics, and the Informal Housing Market in Southeast Los Angeles County A Behavioral Framework for Measuring Walkability and its Impact on Home Values and Residential Location Choices A History of Dispossession: Governmentality and the Politics of Property in Nanjing, 1927--1979 Accommodating Housing in India: Lessons from Development Capital, Policy Frames, and Slums Advancing Health Equity and Climate Change Solutions in California Through Integration of Public Health in Regional Planning After Foreclosure: The Social and Spatial Reconstruction of Everyday Lives in the San Francisco Bay Area Allocation of Space and the Costs of Multimodal Transport in Cities An Analysis Framework for Evaluation of Traffic Compliance Measures Assessing the effectiveness of shelter -in -place as an emergency response to large-scale outdoor chemical releases At the Margins of Europe: Homeownership, Inclusion, and Protest in Contemporary Madrid At the doors of legality: Planners, favelados, and the titling of urban Brazil Automobility in India: A Study of Car Acquisition & Ownership Trends in the City of Surat Becoming urban: Thai literature about rural -urban migration and a society in transition Border partial citizenship, border towns, and Thai -Myanmar cross -border development: Case studies at the Thai border towns Building Schools and Community Connections: Outreach and Activism for New Schools in Southeast L.A. Business Cycles: Race, Gentrification, and the Making of Bicycle Space in the San Francisco Bay Area Channeling politics: Shaping shorelines & cities in the Netherlands, 1990--2010 Collaboration and Learning: The Means to Sustainable Transportation in China Computers and the promise of development Constructing a "miracle," architecture, national identity and development of the Han River. A critical exploration of architecture and urbanism: Seoul, 1961--1988 Constructing identity in master planned utopia: The case of Irvine new town Cosmopolitan Suburbs: Race, Immigration, and the Politics of Development in the Silicon Valley Costs of suburbanization: Comparative effects of peri -urban residential relocation on household welfare measures in Shanghai Defining, measuring, and evaluating path walkability, and testing its impacts on transit users' mode choice and walking distance to the station Deliberate improvisation: The governance of highway franchises in Santiago, Chile 1990--2005 Drug Violence, Fear of Crime and the Transformation of Everyday Life in the Mexican Metropolis Electric two -wheelers in China: Analysis of environmental, safety, and mobility impacts Enabling Low Carbon Communities: The Roles of Smart Planning Tools and Place-Based Solutions Essays on crime and urban economics Examining the Cycle: How Perceived and Actual Bicycling Risk Influence Cycling Frequency, Roadway Design Preferences, and Support for Cycling Among Bay Area Residents Examining the Influence of the Urban Environment on Parent's Time, Energy, and Resources for Engagement in their Children's Learning Examining the Perils and Promises of an Informal Niche in a Global City: A Case Study of Mexican Immigrant Gardeners in Los Angeles Experiments in Participatory Urbanism: Reform and Autogestion as Emerging Forms of Urban Activism in Barcelona Fluid Hegemony: A Political Ecology of Water, Market Rule, and Insurgence at Bangalore's Frontier From counterpublics to counterspaces: Livable city advocates' efforts to reshape cities through carfree-streets events Global Innovation Bridges: A new policy instrument to support global entrepreneurship in peripheral regions Grocery Stores: Neighborhood Retail or Urban Panacea? Exploring the Intersections of Federal Policy, Community Health, and Revitalization in Bayview Hunters Point and West Oakland, California Have Your City and Eat It Too: Los Angeles and the Urban Food Renaissance Health Equity in a New Urbanist Environment: Land Use Planning and Community Capacity Building in Fresno, CA Healthy enclaves or isolated neighborhoods? Understanding the role of racial residential segregation on the health status of Asian Americans Heterogeneity within Indian cities: Methods for empirical analysis Immigrant and Minority Entrepreneurship in Federal Community Development Programs Incorporating the Influence of Latent Modal Preferences in Travel Demand Models Insuring the city: The Prudential Center and the reshaping of Boston Land conservation and environmental policy: Public land grazing for private land conservation? Latino perspectives and community environments: Encouraging physical activity for better health Legacy of a rentier state: Reforming Jordan's water, energy, and telecommunications sectors Livability and LEED-ND: The Challenges and Successes of Sustainable Neighborhood Rating Systems Local Production, Territorial Governance: The Political Economy of Subnational Industrial Policies in Brazil Making Invisible Riders Visible: Motivations for Bicycling and Public Transit Use among Latino Immigrants Muddy, mapped, and maintained: Urban creeks and the emerging practice of participatory watershed stewardship Negotiating housing recovery: Why some communities recovered while others struggled to rebuild in post-earthquake urban Kutch, India New Methods to Measure Urban Environments for Consumer Behavior Research: Individual Access Corridor Analysis of Environmentally Sustainable Travel to Rapid Transit Pilot Zones: The New Urban Environment of Twentieth Century Britain Planners and the pork barrel: Metropolitan engagement in and resistance to congressional transportation earmarking Planning Kabul: The politics of urbanization in Afghanistan Planning for water efficient cities: Landscape, microclimate, and heterogeneity in residential water demand Practices of Ecological Citizenship: Global Dreams for a Chinese Village Protecting Nature in Federal Systems: States, Private Interests, and Conservation Units in Brazil Regimes of exception in urban planning and governance: The case of the Polis Program, Portugal Revolutionary urbanism: The struggle for the streets of a city Road safety in the context of urban development in Sweden and California Routes to Resilience: Mechanisms of Healthy Development in Minority Adolescents from High-Risk Urban Neighborhoods Rule by aesthetics: World-class city making in Delhi Separate Tables: Segregation, Gentrification, and the Commons in Birmingham, Alabama's Alternative Food and Agriculture Movement Shaping the built environment for health: Strategies for California's local public health and environmental health departments Shifting Landscapes of Power and Privilege: School Closures and Uneven Development in Philadelphia Situated networks: In [re]search of the public Slum Dwellers and Savings: Organizing for Change in Informal Settlements Spatial politics in metropolitan miami: Cuban american empowerment, municipal incorporations, and cultural production Specters of '68: Protest, Policing, and Urban Space Stepping outside the boundary: Organizational change and community building at Yosemite National Park Subsidized Housing and Neighborhood Change The Adaptable City: The Use of Transit Investment and Congestion Pricing to Influence Travel and Location Decisions in London The Capitalization Effects of Work and Nonwork Accessibilities in Southeast Michigan The Energy Impact of Urban Form: An Approach to Morphologically Evaluating the Energy Performance of Neighborhoods The Long Road From Babylon To Brentwood: Crisis and Restructuring in the San Francisco Bay Area The Making and Unmaking of Southeast San Francisco The New Suburbs: Evolving travel behavior, the built environment, and subway investments in Mexico City The Rapid Rise of Middle-Class Vehicle Ownership in Mumbai The Topography of Wellness: Mechanisms, Metrics, and Models of Health in the Urban Landscape The conditional nature of rail transit capitalization in San Diego, California The dark side of Silicon Valley: Analyzing the effectiveness of environmental regulation on water quality in the context of the semi-conductor industry The globalizing city in the time of Hindutva: The politics of urban development and citizenship in Ahmedabad, India The housing transition in Mexico: Local impacts of national policy The pedagogical city: How Bogota, Colombia, is reshaping the role of public space The politics of benevolence: Homeless *policy in San Francisco The politics of growth: Private rights, public amenities, and land use debates in seasonal cities, 1955-1980 The socio/spatial production of the global: Mexico City reinvented through the Santa Fe urban megaproject The sorted city: San Francisco, Hope SF, and the redevelopment of public housing The transaction cost economics of highway project delivery: Design -build contracting in three states The transit-oriented global centers for competitiveness and livability: State strategies and market responses in Asia To improvise is human: Reconsidering planning in the society of risk Toward resilient communities: A performance-based engineering framework for design and evaluation of the built environment Towards a Theory of Movement Planning Practice Understand the social impact of green---evaluation of the impacts of urban vegetation on neighborhood crime Understanding Sustainable Transportation Choices: Shifting Routine Automobile Travel to Walking and Bicycling Walkability Planning in Jakarta Walkability and Housing: A Comparative Study of Income, Neighborhood Change and Socio-Cultural Dynamics in the San Francisco Bay Area When Public Participation Isn't Enough: Community Resilience and the Failure of Colorblind Environmental Justice Policies World port institutions and productivity: Roles of ownership, corporate structure, and inter -port competition