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A Methodology for a Pavement Resurfacing Strategy to Minimize Life-cycle Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions A Systematic Analysis of Foam Drainage and Stability: Measurements, Mechanisms, and Implications for Anaerobic Digester Foaming A cyber-infrastructure for the measurement and estimation of large-scale hydrologic processes A seasonal perspective on regional air quality in Central California A system approach for reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing and sustainability improvement of nano-scale manufacturing Activation of Hydrogen Peroxide by Iron-Containing Minerals and Catalysts in Circumneutral pH Solutions: Implications for ex situ and in situ Treatment of Contaminated Water and Soil Adaptation to climate change impacts on California water resources Aerobic and anaerobic microbial degradation of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) Analysis of Hydrologic Droughts in the Amazon Basin Approaches to modeling contaminant transport in porous media: Pore-scale to regional scale investigations Assessing the effectiveness of shelter -in -place as an emergency response to large-scale outdoor chemical releases Assessment of the Effect of Different Isolation Systems on Seismic Response of a Nuclear Power Plant Bayesian based design of real-time sensor systems for high-risk indoor contaminants Biodegradation of 1,4-dioxane by aerobic bacteria: Experimental studies and modeling of oxidation kinetics, co -contaminant effects, and biochemical pathways Building Operating Systems Services: An Architecture for Programmable Buildings Characterizing Ultrafine Particle Exposures in Two Types of Indoor Environments: San Francisco Bay Area Classrooms and Beijing High-Rise Apartments Computer Input Devices: Design for Well-Being and Productivity Connections beyond the margins of the power grid Information technology and the evolution of off-grid solar electricity in the developing world Contaminant metal immobilization by biogenic manganese oxide nanoparticles: Implications for natural attenuation and bioremediation Coupling fine particle and bedload transport in gravel-bedded streams Development of Self-Consolidating Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Assessment of Its Durability Performance Dispersion and Tidal Dynamics of Channel-Shoal Estuaries Economically and Environmentally Informed Policies for Road Resurfacing: Tradeoffs between Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Electrochemical arsenic remediation for rural Bangladesh Enabling Low Carbon Communities: The Roles of Smart Planning Tools and Place-Based Solutions Energy Demands and Efficiency Strategies in Data Center Buildings Enhanced Granular Media Filtration of Waterborne Pathogens: Effect of Media Amendments for Treatment of Drinking Water and Stormwater Environmental assessment of office buildings Estuarine sediment core analyses for reconstructing spatial fluxes of metals to surface sediments Evaluation of Mobile Source Emissions and Trends Exchange off fine sediments with gravel riverbeds Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Seismic Earth Pressures on Retaining Walls with Cohesive Backfills Experimental evaluation of a Markov model of contaminant transport in indoor environments with application to tuberculosis transmission in commercial passenger aircraft Fate of wastewater-derived contaminants in surface waters From the Real Vehicle to the Virtual Vehicle Functional gene and whole-genome expression analysis of Dehalococcoides bacteria Gas-Phase Organic Carbon and Tropospheric Pollution: Sources, Emissions, and Implications for Air Quality Geographically differentiated life-cycle impact assessment of human health Hierarchical Urban Transit System Design for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Societal Costs Human Exposure to Dynamic Air Pollutants: Ozone in Airplanes and Ultrafine Particles in Homes Hydrodynamics and water quality in Rodeo Lagoon, a hypereutrophic coastal lagoon Immersed boundary methods for high-resolution simulation of atmospheric boundary-layer flow over complex terrain Improving Access to Safe Water in West Bengal, India: From Arsenic and Bacteria Removal to Household Behavior Change Improving Energy Efficiency in CNC Machining Influence of electrolyte chemistry on the structure and reactivity of fe(iii) precipitates generated by fe(0) electrocoagulation: implications for low-cost arsenic treatment Intratidal Transport and Mixing Processes at the Shoal-Channel Interface in a Partially-Stratified Estuary Investigation of Aerosol Sources, Lifetime and Radiative Forcing through Multi-Instrument Data Assimilation Laboratory Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Heat Extraction From Porous Media by Means of CO2 Large-eddy Simulation of the Nighttime Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer Life-cycle environmental inventory of passenger transportation modes in the United States Low-Molecular Weight Organic Contaminants in Advanced Treatment: Occurrence, Treatment and Implications to Desalination and Water Reuse Systems Mapping and manipulating optoelectronic processes in emerging photovoltaic materials Mercury Detection with Gold Nanoparticles: Investigating Fundamental Phenomena and Expanding Applications Mercury Isotope Fractionation by Environmental Transport and Transformation Processes Methylmercury Production in Tidal Salt Marsh Sediments and Potential Control Using Iron Amendments Mineralization of an organophosphate pesticide by rationally engineered catabolic pathways Molecular and stable isotope analysis of Dehalococcoides bacteria in chlorinated ethene degrading communities Numerical Investigations of a Hydrogen Jet Flame in a Vitiated Coflow Odorant Detection by Biological Chemosensor Arrays Overburden Stress Normalization and Rod Length Corrections for the Standard Penetration Test (SPT) Oxidative Measurement of Perfluoroalkyl Acid Precursors: Implications for urban runoff management and remediation of AFFF-contaminated groundwater and soil Parameter variation and scenario analysis in impact assessments of emerging energy technologies Pavements and the environment: A life-cycle assessment approach Perimeter exchange, hydrodynamics, and scalar transport in an estuary Physical Interactions Between Free-Floating Macrophytes and Environmental Flows Quantification of sediment bed - water column exchange processes in the South San Francisco Bay estuary Reactive oxidant generation by nanoparticulate zero-valent iron: Contaminant oxidation and toxicity Real Time Flow Estimation in Channel Networks using Lagrangian Data Risk Assessment and Management for Interconnected and Interactive Critical Flood Defense Systems Salt dynamics in isolated, freshwater wetlands Seismic Performance of Buildings Subjected to Soil Liquefaction Shaking Table Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Repaired using Fiber Reinforced Polymer Jackets Soil moisture in complex terrain: quantifying effects on atmospheric boundary layer flow and providing improved surface boundary conditions for mesoscale models Static and Seismic Performance of California Levees Study of water dynamics in the soil-plant-atmospheric continuum in a water-controlled ecosystem Sunlight Inactivation of Waterborne Viruses: Mechanisms, Modeling, and Application to Surface Waters and Wastewater Treatment Sunlight inactivation of fecal indicator bacteria in open-water unit process wetlands Sunlight-mediated inactivation mechanisms of Enteroccocus faecalis and Escherichia coli in waste stabilization ponds Temperature and Tidal Dynamics in a Branching Estuarine System The Effects of Intermittent Drinking Water Supply in Arraijan, Panama The Rate and Pattern of Deposition on Lowland River Floodplains The Role of Distribution Infrastructure and Equipment in the Life-cycle Air Emissions of Liquid Transportation Fuels The Value of Green in Transportation Decisions The development of comparative information yield curves for application to subsurface characterization The effect of loading rate on tertiary wastewater filtration The rotation and translation of non-spherical particles in homogeneous isotropic turbulence Three-dimensional Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Wall Buildings at Near-fault Sites Transforming trash: Reuse as a waste management and climate change mitigation strategy Treatment of Trace Organic Contaminants and Nutrients in Open-Water Unit Process Wetlands Unintended environmental impacts of metropolitan freight logistics policies Use of host-specific molecular markers in fecal source tracking User Compliance, Field Efficacy, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of an Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System and other Drinking Water Treatment Alternatives for Rural Households in Mexico Utilizing "Omics" Based Approaches to Investigate Targeted Microbial Processes Water Quality and Quantity in Intermittent and Continuous Piped Water Supplies in Hubli-Dharwad, India