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A Team-Based Behavioral Economics Experiment on Smoking Cessation All epidemics are local: Improving primary prevention for HIV by adapting voluntary counseling and testing to the needs of the local risk population Androgenic Regulation of Male Sexual Behavior and Physiology in the Syrian Hamster (Mesocricetus Auratus) Behavioral and brain mechanisms of grapheme-color synesthesia and their relationships with perceptual binding and visual imagery Beyond "Thanks": Power as a Determinant of Gratitude Circadian and Metabolic Influences on the Reproductive Axis Discrete emotion sequences and marital satisfaction in middle-aged and older couples Effective Daylighting: Evaluating Daylighting Performance in the San Francisco Federal Building from the Perspective of Building Occupants Emotion, Norms, and Anchors: Three Investigations On Consumer Decisions Under Elective Pricing Enabling Low Carbon Communities: The Roles of Smart Planning Tools and Place-Based Solutions Essays in psychology and economics Executive Functions in Young Adult Females with and without ADHD: Longitudinal Development and Associations with Impairment How Persistent is ADHD into Adulthood? Informant Report and Diagnostic Thresholds in a Female Sample Identifying Sex Differences in Spatial Cognition in the Laboratory Mouse Imitation, social engagement and representational play in typical and atypical development Light, Nearwork, and Visual Environment Risk Factors in Myopia Linguistic constraints on compensation for altered auditory feedback Liver Fluke Infection and Fish Consumption in Khon Kaen, Thailand: A Case Study on Negotiating the Middle Ground between Western Science and Eastern Culture Motivating Private Precaution with Public Programs: Insights from a Local Earthquake Mitigation Ordinance On Wealth and Wrongdoing: How Social Class Influences Unethical Behavior Parallel systems in visual spatial cue processing in humans: Sex differences, neural correlates and development Phonetic and social selectivity in speech accommodation Quantifying crowded and uncrowded letter recognition Simulating the Effect of Microclimate on Human Behavior in Small Urban Spaces Social modulation of sickness behavior and its neuroendocrine basis Two Sides of the Same Coin? Behavioral and Cognitive Responses to Social Rejection on the Basis of Higher and Lower Socioeconomic Status Uptake of Depression Treatment among Latinos in Integrated Primary Care: A mixed methods analysis Using mixed methods to identify high reliability organization measures for local health department disaster preparedness Visualizing Sound: Cross-Modal Mapping Between Music and Color White identity and intergroup attitudes: A meta-analysis and review