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A Theory of Sub-Finsler Surface Area in the Heisenberg Group Abstract commensurability and quasi-isometry classification of hyperbolic surface group amalgams Advanced discretizations and multigrid methods for liquid crystal configurations Analysis of stochastic differential equations with multi-time scales and subdiffusion processes in Hilbert space Automorphisms of finite irreducible Coxeter groups Boundary of CAT(0) Groups With Right Angles Cone beam local tomography Continuous -time random walks, their scaling limits, and connections with stochastic integration Detecting causality from observations of dynamic variables Distributed Estimation of Dynamical Systems: A Structural Analysis Distributed Optimization Algorithms in Large-Scale Directed Networks Fractional Brownian Motion with Variable Hurst Parameter Groups quasi-isometric to H x Rn Haar-based multi-resolution stochastic processes Least action principles and additive invariants for a class of reversible cellular automata Multi-temporal Wave Equations on Flat and Compact Symmetric Spaces Multilevel methods for discrete ill-posed problems: Application to deblurring Nilpotent Orbits in the Symplectic and Orthogonal Groups Nonuniform hyperbolicity in Hilbert geometries On the automorphism groups of universal right-angled Coxeter groups On the equivariant cohomology of homogeneous spaces On the interior of "fat" Sierpinski triangles Orbits and Centralizers for Algebraic Groups in Small Characteristic and Lie Algebra Representations in Standard Levi Form Plane algebraic curves and Bezout's Theorem Point Vortices: Finding Periodic Orbits and their Topological Classification Quaternion algebras and Witt's theorem Radon transforms on Rn Random fractals and Levy processes Representations of finite groups Right -angled Coxeter groups and CAT(0) spaces Rigid measures on the torus Some aspects of the geometry and the cohomology of the moduli spaces of vector bundles and coherent systems over algebraic curves Some new non-unimodal level algebras Staged self-assembly and polyomino context-free grammars Survival numbers of groups and graphs with emphasis on zd and Diestel-Leader graphs Tensors, the t-product, and the SDD: A new approach to computing a tensor semi-discrete decomposition The Equivariant de Rham Theorem in Equivariant Cohomology The Spherical Mean Value Operators on Euclidean and Hyperbolic Spaces The axonal plexus: A description of the behavior of a network of axons connected by gap junctions The centers of the universal enveloping algebras for contracted lie groups The duality between inner and outer billiards Unipotent Algebraic Groups Wealth concentration in a biased asset-exchange model Wedderburn's theorem in projective geometry