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Access to Power: Governance and Development in the Pakistani Electrical Power Sector An industrial confederacy: Religion and nationalism in a Southern Protestant town, 1885--2006 Black masculinity: An examination of the strategies used by Black men to deal with pressure to conform to masculinity Brand messages on Twitter: Predicting diffusion with textual characteristics Citizenship, constitutional legitimacy and identity in post-colonial African nation-states Cultural Contestation and Community Building at LGBT Pride Parades Explaining restraint from filibustering in the U.S. Senate: A qualitative comparative analysis approach Feasting and communal ritual in the Lower Mississippi Valley, AD 700-1000 Freedom in speech: Freedom and liberty in U.S. presidential campaign discourse, 1952--2004 How aspirations are formed and challenged in the transition to adulthood and implications for adult well -being Income inequality and religion: Beliefs, disagreements, and politics Is Twitter a counter public?: Comparing individual and community forces that shaped local Twitter and newspaper coverage of the BP oil spill Landscapes of terror in-between hope and memory: Politics, ethics and practices of cultural memory in the Pacific Coast of Colombia Letters & Laws: How Literary Genre Shaped 18th-Century Clubs Making sense of post-Soviet NGO activism: Committed activists, transnational institution-building and neoliberal reforms in Ukraine Mapping machines: Activist cartographies of the border and labor lands of Europe Modes of Domination and Relations of Power: A Bourdieusian Analysis of Rafael Sanchez Ferlosio's El Jarama, Armando Lopez Salinas's "La mina" and Juan Garcia Hortelano's "Tormenta de verano" Multiple perceptions of opportunity and threat and coalitional dynamics in the Iranian reform movement (1997--2005) Old gods, new religions, and modern marriages in Nepal Parenting & privilege: Race, social class and the intergenerational transmission of social inequality Reconciling Family and Work: The West German Gendered Division of Labor and Women's Emancipation, 1960s to 1980s Science for Galapagos?: Science and its publics in the Galapagos archipelago String of decaying ruins: A transnational Italian American experience The Curious Case of the Missing Social Movement: Why the Korku in India Do Not Protest? The distrust paradox: Trust and distrust in the Polish online press, cross-national data reports and public opinion surveys, 2002--2008 The effect of schooling, wages, marriage, and socio-economic circumstances on fertility behavior in Russia The equality agenda: How state-based LGBT advocacy organizations define a 21st century movement while campaigning for change from the ground up The moderating influence of racial identity profiles on the relationship between racial discrimination and the imposter phenomenon The post-Cold War wave of democratization: Regime transitions in sub-Saharan Africa and postcommunist states compared The transition to low fertility in Brazil Three essays on social inequality and the U.S. criminal justice system We have raised all of you: Motherhood in the South, 1750-1835