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"Accurate as of the timestamp": Newspaper journalism ethics in a time of economic and technological change "The noble path": Journalism education and journalism students in the United States and India 'Nigger': Interpretations of the word's prevalence on the "Chappelle's Show", throughout entertainment, and in everyday life A musician's life: New models for success in the music industry in the 21st century After the Storm: A Case Study of Tuscaloosa, Alabama's Communication Response to the April 27, 2011 Tornado Assessing audiences' willingness to pay and price response for news online At the frontiers of faith and science: Media framing of stem cell research Believers: Sketches of faith in America Can the Internet help preserve journalism? Sense of community differences among print and online local news consumers Change a Light, Change the World Bus Tour: A communication audit Conditions of acceptance: The United States military, the press, and the "woman war correspondent," 1846--1945 Conflict and the city: How newspapers deal with local political conflict Conflicting loyalties: An examination of the role community membership and sports fandom have on sports journalists' interactions with whistleblowers Constructive journalism: The effects of positive emotions and solution information in news stories Contesting images: Representations of the Modern Woman in the German illustrated press, 1924--1933 Counterinsurgency in Iraq: Examining the different frames of the media, and the role of Information Operations during the surge Diagnosis: The buck starts here---The role of diagnosis in three areas of modern medicine Direct contact, media use, and voting Does humor matter? An analysis of how hard news versus entertainment news styles influence agenda-setting and priming effects Empowered women resist: Three black women journalists in the struggle for Civil Rights Enhancing the effectiveness of e-mail newsletters: How content (subject lines, intros) impacts response rates Fighting the social media wildfire: How crisis communication must adapt to prevent from fanning the flames Framing analysis of newspapers coverage of Max Mosley's "Nazi" orgy From migrants to mainstream: A series of articles on the Triangle's evolving Latino population From the wires to wireless: How mass communications technologies have affected the libel/slander distinction, single publication, and liability in defamation law Getting the story straight: Newspaper reporters' decision making processes in coverage of same-sex marriage at "The (Durham) Herald-Sun" and "The (Raleigh) News & Observer" Government public relations in the nation-building of Georgia Healing waters: The recovery of the Haw River Heating up: A series of articles on global warming in the American South In the garden of letters: Marguerite Caetani and the international literary review "Botteghe Oscure" Inter-media agenda setting role of the blogosphere: A content analysis of the Reuters photo controversy coverage during the Israel-Lebanon conflict in 2006 International debate over the use of glyphosate in Colombia: A study of environmental journalism Is Twitter a counter public?: Comparing individual and community forces that shaped local Twitter and newspaper coverage of the BP oil spill Korea's stem cell research crisis: Exploring a new model to gauge ethical intent of crisis communication strategies Labor's last stand: Dispatches from the New Union Movement in America Life after oil: The American transition from our favorite fuel Life on the farm: Making North Carolina's agricultural landscape sustainable Losing Forward: An Ethnographic Study of the LGBT Movement in North Carolina LoveLife, MYMsta, and Mizz B: Evaluating a mobile phone-based social network to prevent HIV among youth in South Africa Low emissions, high concern: How climate communicators grapple with a transnational issue in the Philippines Mapping mediamorphosis: How print newspaper circulation influences features of audience participation at online news sites Mediated memory: Framing and sustaining collective memory of the 1967 Milwaukee race riots in contemporary and retrospective newspaper coverage Mightier than the sword? The black press and the end of racial segregation in the U.S. military, 1948-1954 More than a sport: An in-depth exploration of running More than meets the eye: Three African-American women activists in North Carolina Mother Earth and the motherland: Representations of land and nature in "Pravda" from 1917 to 1996 Moving beyond the sensationalized: A mixed methods approach to understanding sex trafficking news coverage in Thailand Multimedia exemplification: The interplay of representation and modality in the processing of online news and perceptions of international issues Multimedia framing in U.S. newspapers' online coverage of the Iraq War Narrative paths of Native American resistance: Tracing agency and commemoration in journalism texts in eastern North Carolina, 1872--1988 New Media in the Newsroom: A Survey of Local Journalists and Their Managers on the use of Social Media as Reporting Tools News consumption & political socialization among young, urban Jordanians Newspaper discourses of Latino labor and Latino rights in the new U.S. South Not just a women's issue anymore: A narrative profile of a male-outreach sexual-assault prevention program and the men who choose to lead it Overcoming a (false) bad rep: Designing and testing messages to reposition and secure funding for adolescent health initiatives in North Carolina Perceptions of bias in a changing media environment: The hostile media effect for objective and ideological media Personal jurisdiction and internet defamation: An analysis of post-Zippo jurisdiction decisions in internet libel cases Punch drunk: The impact of an emerging wine industry in Walla Walla Purchasing Preferences and Attitudes Towards Local Food and Farmers' Markets: A Case Study of the 2010 Carrboro Farmers' Market Credit, Debit and EBT "Truck Bucks" Marketing Campaign Recovering health care in post-Katrina New Orleans Sacred Earth: The Evolution of the Catholic Church's Teaching on Care for Creation and How Ordinary Catholics Are Hearing the Call Scoring points online: College athletics departments' brand positioning through communications on the World Wide Web Shadows and Stadium Lights: An Inside Look at the 2009 UNC Women's Soccer Team Solo journalism and news routines: Using the hierarchical influences model to study the organizational and individual influences of solo journalism in local television news Speak as I say: An examination of legal standards applied to compelled speech in public high schools Splitting Suffrage: 1869 and the Narrative Forms of Race and Gender in U.S. Feminism St Helena---On the cusp of globalization Take them for a ride: An online relationship management plan for MotoGP That old -time religion: Three journalists in the triangle of race, religion, and liberalism in the South at the cusp of the modern civil rights era, 1950--1953 The Andrea Yates effect: Priming of mental illness stereotypes through exemplification of postpartum disorders The Chicago experiment---Journalist attitudes and The Ten O'Clock News: Reported by Carol Marin The Heart Truth campaign: A communication audit The Italian media's latest scapegoat: Youth and urban insecurity, especially in Siena and Catania The U.S. Army Public Diplomacy Officer: Military public affairs officers' roles in the global information environment The U.S. Coast Guard public affairs officer: Roles, perceptions, and culture - A communication excellence study The evolution of in vitro fertilization in the United States: A closer look at media coverage The face of investigative news: A mixed-method analysis of local television investigative journalism content, perceptions, and influences The joke's on you: The effects of disparaging political humor on young citizens' attitudes and behaviors The motivations and challenges of living simply in a consuming society The role of local media in peacebuilding in Nepal The scientific construction of publics: Mars One, reality TV, and democratic rhetoric The shoot: Wrestling's reality on the independent scene The struggle for survival of independent newspapers and the role of new media during the 2006 Belarus presidential elections Tiny babies: The immense costs and quandaries of preterm birth and low birth weight To tweet our own cause: A mixed-methods study of the online phenomenon "Black Twitter" Walter Lippmann's democracy What's Real and What's News: An Exploratory Analysis of Media Coverage and Resident Perceptions of Environmental Risk Using Objective Risk Data When freedom of the press and privacy collide: Reconciling conflicts between fundamental democratic values Where do we stand? The Army Public Affairs Officer and the dominant coalition Who's on the playing field?: A journalistic series about homosexuality in sports Why is Paris burning? Comparing French and American newspaper framing of the 2005 riots in Paris' suburbs Wired for the future?: Creative destruction and continual renewal of the associated press Yoga and meditation for nontraditional populations