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A Dynamic Competing Risk Model for Filtering Reliability and Tracking Survivability A Geospatial Analysis of a Bangladeshi Insurgency A Heuristic Approach to Utilizing Penalty/Incentive Schemes in Risk Management of a Stochastic Activity Network A problem in particle physics and its Bayesian analysis Adaptive designs utilizing covariates for precision medicine and their statistical inference Advances in Urn Models and Applications to Self-similar Bipolar Networks An Analysis of Medication Adherence and Optimism-Pessimism in a Population of People Living with HIV/AIDS Anomaly Detection in Time-Series of Graphs and Hypergraphs using Graph Features Bayesian mortgage default models Bivariate Issues in Fair Leader Election Censored-Poisson Model Based Approach to The Analysis of RNA-seq Data Classification of High Dimensional Discrete Observations Coarsened Propensity Scores and Hybrid Estimators for Missing Data and Causal Inference Concordant Integrative Analysis of Multiple Gene Expression Data Sets Creating useful integrated data sets to inform public policy Cumulative logit - Poisson and cumulative logit - negative binomial compound regression models for count data Depth Functions, Multidimensional Medians and Tests of Uniformity on Proximity Graphs Detecting targeted malicious email through supervised classification of persistent threat and recipient oriented features Diagnostic Accuracy of Biomarkers with a Continuous Gold Standard Empirical investigations of economic fluctuations in developing countries: An application to Nigeria Essays in Modeling the First Bid in Retail Secondary Market Online Auctions: A Bayesian Approach Essays in Simulation-based Stochastic Programming Evaluating System Readiness Level Reversal Characteristics Using Incidence Matrices Flexible isotonic regression in survival data analysis Gaussian Phases Toward Statistical Equilibrium in Some Urn Models Genetic association studies using complex survey data Group Sequential Designs for Intraclass Correlation Coefficients in Reliability Studies Group sequential robust designs in genetic studies Improvements in Simulation, Convergence Monitoring, and Modeling of Exponential Random Graph Models for Social Network Analysis Improving Statistical Rigor in Department of Defense Test and Evaluation: Use of Tolerance Intervals in Designed Experiments Investigation and Development of "23 Questions" Metaknowledge Processing Template for Big Data Clusterization Joint testing of sensitivity, specificity, and kappa in diagnostic studies Local linear Peters -Belson regression and its applications to employment discrimination cases Longitudinal Weight Calibration with Estimated Control Totals for Cross Sectional Survey Data: Theory and Application Mixture models for left- and interval-censored data and concordance indices for composite survival outcomes Modeling Minimal Spanning Trees with Beta Vectors Modeling the Correlation Structure of RNA Sequencing Data Using A Multivariate Poisson-Lognormal Model Multivariate Bernoulli Models and Generation Techniques On A Class Of Zero-Balanced Urn Models On Properties of Several Random Networks On fast growth models for random structures On two-color monotonic self-equilibrium urn models Path Coupling for Ising and Potts Models Polya Urn Models with Nonconstant Additions Quantitative approach to technical performance measurement and technical risk analysis utilizing Bayesian methods and Monte Carlo simulation Recursive parameter estimation of the Markov -modulated Poisson process Robust Bayesian Analysis of the Linear Model with an Application to a Problem in Psychology Small Area Estimation in a Survey of Governments Some contributions to the theory of unbiased statistical prediction Spectrum auction revenue modeling and prediction by virtue of hierarchical a posteriori clusters in unpredictable spectrum economics Statistical Properties of Biostatistical Methods for Correlated Processes with Application to Data Arising in the Legal Settings Statistical methods for estimating the dimension of multivariate data Tactic-Based Learning for collective learning systems Technical Performance Measurement and Technical Risk Analysis Utilizing the Assessment of Probability Distributions From Expert Judgment Tenability and Computability of Generalized Polya Urns Test and Evaluation Resource Allocation Using Uncertainty Reduction as a Measure of Test Value The Equivariance Criterion in Statistical Prediction and Its Ramifications The applicability of statistical process control to systems involving people processes and business rhythms The proportion of true null hypotheses in microarray gene expression data The stochastics of diagnostic and threat detection tests The utility of reliability and survival Three essays in call center modeling, a Bayesian perspective Three essays on the Bayesian analysis of discrete time queueing systems with applications on emergency room gridlocks Triangle test and triangle data depth in nonparametric multivariate analysis Two Statistical Issues in the Study of Income Inequality Unification of Randomized Response Designs and Certain Aspects of Post-Randomization for Statistical Disclosure Control Using robust statistical methodology to evaluate the performance of project delivery systems: A case study of horizontal construction