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A Business Rules Approach to Self-Healing Software Architecture A framework for secure mixnet-based electronic voting A mixed methods study of information security technology adoption in banking organizations A synthesized conceptual framework for the design of user interfaces of interactive information products African-American males in computer science---Examining the pipeline for clogs Algorithms and tools for cross-species cDNA-to-genome sequence alignment Algorithms for Learning from Spatiotemporal Data An Efficient Cache Coherence Mechanism for Chip Multiprocessors An Evaluation Framework for Asynchronous Collaboration Tools An integrated approach to distributed scheduling and kernel mechanism on cluster architecture An organizational framework of personal health records for social networks Analysis of ARX round functions in secure hash functions Anomaly Detection in Time-Series of Graphs and Hypergraphs using Graph Features Ant colony inspired models for trust-based recommendations Application of a Novel Multiple Kernel Learning Framework for Improving the Robustness of Network Intrusion Detection Applying Standard Network Centrality Measures to Analyze Error Propagation and Measure the Security of a Software System Automatic Parcellation of Longitudinal Cortical Surfaces Climate Shocks, ICT, and Policy Resilience in Different Political Systems Complex System Ensemble Analysis Crosslayer study for multipath communication in multi-radio multi-channel wireless networks: Topology control and channel scheduling Design For Test for OSU Standard Cell Library Used at GWU Design Space Exploration and Management Policies for Locality-Aware Hybrid Storage Architectures Detecting MAC layer misbehavior and rate adaptation in IEEE 802.11 networks: Modeling and SPRT algorithms Detecting targeted malicious email through supervised classification of persistent threat and recipient oriented features Durative events in publish and subscribe systems for ad-hoc mobile networks Effective Classification of Clinical Reports: Natural Language Processing-Based and Topic Modeling-Based Approaches Efficient Virtualization and Scheduling for Productive GPU-based High Performance Computing Systems Elastic Prefetching for High-Performance Storage Devices Elementary Particles of Matter in a Cellular Automaton Framework Enhanced English-Arabic Cross-Language Information Retrieval Event detection in sensor networks Exploiting neighborhood information in wireless networks: Channel assignment and replica detection Faster Sampling Over Online Social Networks Fault tolerant event boundary detection and target tracking in sensor networks Generalized Temporal Focus + Context Framework for Improved Medical Data Exploration Golay code clustering using double Golay encoding technique Graph-based Algorithms for Keyphrase Extraction in Social Text Hardware-Enforced Fine-Grained Isolation of Untrusted Code Implementation Priority of the ITIL framework based on a Process Sequencing Model Improving Resource Management in Dynamic Cognitive Radio Networks through Low-Complexity Channel Selection Algorithms Improving and repurposing data center resource usage with virtualization Incrementally Sorted Lattice Data Structures Integrated hardware/software approaches to software security for embedded systems Interactive Volume Visualization and Editing Methods for Surgical Applications Investigation and Development of "23 Questions" Metaknowledge Processing Template for Big Data Clusterization Investigation of procedures for information retrieval based on pigeonhole principle Investigation of statistical characteristics of biomolecules in view of current epigenetic developments Investigation of the Cell Labeling Procedure and the Appearance of Monozygotic Twins KMux: Kernel Extension At The Hardware Interface Long-chain molecule analog as key in secure active encoding for access control and encryption Mapping and scheduling hardware tasks on the high-performance reconfigurable architectures Math-Similarity Search (MSS) Mathematical search for Content MathML digital libraries Methods for Generating Volume Rendered Views from Registered Camera Images and Three-Dimensional Anatomical Data Sets Microeconomic Approach to P2P Resource Allocation Mobile Healthcare - Epidemic Disease Control Exploiting Contact Information In Mobile Devices Multi-Core Composite: Toward a Scalable and Predictable OS Next Generation Hardware Monitoring Infrastructure for Multi-core Resource Auditing Operating System Support for Shared Hardware Data Structures Organization of information retrieval procedures for approximate attribute matching Perceptually motivated automatic dance motion generation for music Performance Enhancement in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks: Channel Assignment considering Switching Overhead, Query Processing using Event Signatures, and Uplink Traffic Analysis Planning for the Influence of Emerging Disruptive Technologies on IT Systems Privacy Preserving Friend Discovery in Mobile Social Networks Privacy-Preserving and Secure Cryptographic Schemes for Wireless Applications Procedural enhancements to some approximate searching techniques Quality of Service (QoS) in IP networks using feedback controlled adaptive priority scheme Real-time solid voxelization using multi-core pipelining Reliability and Capacity Planning in Hybrid Optical Networks Resource Management in Wireless Networks: Queue Management and Scheduling in Mesh Networks and Multi-Access Control in Internetworking Systems Robust Classification of Emotion in Human Speech Using Spectrogram Features Secure system for sharing multilevel security documents in groups Simulation Based Fault Detection and Design Modification for Highly Dynamic Robotic Systems Synergistic interplay between math search and handwritten mathematical notation recognition Tenability and Computability of Generalized Polya Urns The ALISA Component Module: General shape classification for digital radiographic images The ALISA deltaCRC classifier for natural surfaces: Viewpoint-invariant and illumination-invariant classification of natural surfaces using general-purpose color and texture features with the ALISA deltaCRC classifier The Privacy and Verifiability of Voting Systems: Measures and Limits The second chance offer: Seller and bidder strategies Time order reconstruction of video content Towards Automating Inter-Organizational Workflow Semantic Resolution Truthful Auction Design and Analysis in Heterogeneous Secondary Spectrum Markets Understanding and Optimizing I/O Virtualization in Data Centers Understanding the impact of user frustration intensities on task performance using a novel adaptation of the OCC theory of emotions User interface issues in bimanual dual object control Virtualizing and sharing resources in High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing architectures