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"Gemeinnutzige Guitareschule" by Franz Bathioli (c.1823): A Translation with Commentary Aaron Copland & Leonard Bernstein: Twentieth-century music through the eyes of masters An Encounter with Leonel Power: Creating Singable Sanctus from Renaissance Notation Assembling "SMiLE": Understanding Brian Wilson's Compositional Methods between "Pet Sounds" and "Smiley Smile" Maurice Ravel and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Musical Aesthetics and Creative Identification in Two Harmonielehren by John Adams and Arnold Schoenberg Non-verbal language, gesture, and the choral conductor Performance practice issues in Samuel Wesley's Symphony No. 1 Steven Bryant's "Concerto for Wind Ensemble": Musical analysis and considerations for conductors The basso continuo in Mexico City Cathedral, ca. 1700-1750: Instruments, practices, and performers The spanish diferencia: Stylistic analysis and compositional influence of the keyboard variation from antonio de cabezon to juan bautista jose cabanilles Violins and horses, beauty and truth: A study of universal aesthetic principles as exemplified in the Spanish Riding School of Vienna and Leopold Mozart's "Versuch einer grundlichen Violinschule" ("Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing"), 1756 When You Hear Wolsey You Know Dissonance: Shaping Early Stuart Politics through Musical Metaphors in Rowley's "When You See Me You Know Me"