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A Path to College Success: Analyzing the Precursors and Predictors of College Adjustment A comparison of adaptive behavior skills and IQ in three populations: Children with learning disabilities, mental retardation, and autism Actions speak louder than words: The role of adaptive contingency in language development Acute nicotine-dependent alterations in associative learning interfere with backwards trace conditioned safety Adolescent egocentrism and perceived quality of interpersonal relationships in single -sex and mixed -sex high school environments An exploratory study of the factors related to successful mathematical problem solving on non-routine unconstrained tasks An investigation of episodic memory performance in relation to inflammation in children with sickle cell disease Becoming Catholic: Story, Sacrament, conversion and the emergence of faith in postconciliar autobiographies Black youth and the boys in blue: Associations between police treatment, mental health and ethnic identity in African American juvenile offenders Child maltreatment and aggression: The mediating role of moral disengagement, emotion regulation, and emotional callousness among juvenile offenders Co-occurrence of oppositional defiant disorder with generalized and separation anxiety disorders among inner-city children Co-occurring oppositional defiant and depressive symptoms: Emotion dysregulation as an underlying process and developmental patterns across middle childhood Conduct problems and peer dynamics across childhood and adolescence: Continuity and discontinuity of risk Development of the anterior insula: Implications for adolescent risk-taking Early risk, emergent skills, and first to third grade achievement: An opportunity-propensity analysis Evaluating the efficacy of the empowered curriculum of self-determination for students with visual impairments Examining early relationships in Head Start: Relations among risk, relationships, child characteristics, and social and academic outcomes Executive control function and emotion regulation processes in the developmental pathway from childhood maltreatment to alcohol use problems Exploring parents' and their high school students' understanding and perspectives about College Preparation Knowledge Exploring the mechanisms of guided play in preschoolers' developing geometric shape concepts Fear and the pedagogy of care: An exploratory study of veteran white female teachers' emotional resilience in urban schools Integration of featural and geometric information in reorientation: Evidence for an adaptive combination model Investigation of cognitive and physical developmental abilities of young children exposed to tacrolimus and cyclosporine in utero Longitudinal predictors of subjective wellbeing and adaptive functioning in early adulthood: Internalizing and externalizing behaviors, emotion regulation, parenting, and substance use Making sense of change: Sexuality transformation at midlife Neurodevelopmental substrates of peer influences on adolescents' choice evaluation and decision making Parenting and child behavior problems throughout middle childhood and adolescence: Examining predictors of parenting across child development Parenting and terrorism-related news: Evaluating Coping and Media Literacy Peer ethnic socialization: Prevalence, predictors, and outcomes among African-American adolescents Peer influence in early adolescents' popularity goal Predicting reading achievement in a transparent orthography: Russian children learn to read Regression among students with autism spectrum disorders: An examination of extended school year programming Relational vocabulary in preschoolers with Autistic Spectrum Disorder: The role of dynamic spatial concepts and social understanding Resilience in the lives of African-American men and women reared in substitute care Restraint safety in a residential setting for persons with developmental disabilities School characteristics and their relationship to intervention fidelity and student outcomes in autism support classrooms School psychologists' perceptions of assessment practices and educational placement decisions in early childhood settings Sex differences in the manifestation of adolescent problem behaviors Sleep problems and school competence: Transactional relations across middle childhood and the effects on children's adjustment Strain-dependent and age-dependent effects of acute nicotine, chronic nicotine, and withdrawal from chronic nicotine on fear conditioning Systemic racism: Perceptions, stress, and coping among African American college students Teacher and mother inaccurate beliefs: Exploring differential effects on child achievement The 'who' and 'where' of events: Infants' processing of figures and grounds in events The development of social competence from early childhood through middle adolescence: Continuity and accentuation of individual differences over time The executive functions of rejected children in an urban elementary school The force of language: How children acquire the semantic categories of force dynamics The musical and personal biographies of adolescents with foster care experience The role of extracurricular activity in positive youth development The tango Philadelphia story: A mixed-methods study of building community, enhancing lives, and exploring spirituality through Argentine tango Utilizing a developmental psychopathology approach to examine preschoolers' emergent literacy and socioemotional skills Where linguistics meets psychology: Can Talmy's categories of motion events explain how children learn verbs? Where will it go? Concepts of motion in complex events