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"Horse showing" as a numinous image of the soul: As potential expansion of consciousness A fictive reality: The social construction of mythologies and the mythologizing of social interactions A grounded theory study of spirituality using personal narratives suggested by spiritual images African American fathers in middle adulthood: Experiencing transformation by understanding archetypal patterns America and its Discontents: The Pursuit of Happiness in the 21st Century An Examination of the Negative Impact of the Western Cultural Sex Paradigm on Female Sexuality Apocalyptic soul: seeing through image in the age of end time Archetypes of the Womb: As Revealed Through the Sisterhood of Sarah and Hagar Beauty is pain: The physical, psychological, and emotional impact of female images in the media Becoming American: An Exploration of the Acculturation Process of Immigrant Children Becoming Whole: The Process of Individuation for Women and Their Bodies Being the change: Becoming agents of personal and cultural *transformation Blinded by whiteness: Racism as a complex of European American cultural psyche Bridezilla: Exploring the Inner Marriage Through the Lens of the Contemporary American Bridal Wedding Rite Child Molesters' Wives' Experiences of Marriage in the Underworld: A Phenomenological Study Childhood memories from behind the barbed wire: The legacy of German American internment during World War II Children of the damned: Shadow object relations and the psyche -somatic transmission of psychic deadness in the family Clinical happiness Collisions in Nature: A Psychotherapeutic Integration of Wilderness Complexes of the Cultural Unconscious: Trance States, Hakomi, and the Re-Creation of the Self Conceiving the Great Mother: Exploring the mother archetype through images and personal narratives of contemporary mothers Cultural futuristics: Bringing consciousness to cultural complexes and soul to scenario based planning Culture, Resilience, and Adaptation: The Voices of Rwandan and Congolese Refugees Dancing: A Powerful Healing Tool for Evoking Emotional Expression Delicious Malice: Envy and Gossip in Relational Aggression Disparities and Intersections: An LGBTQ-Specific Depth Psychological Conversation Dissociation and Military Sexual Trauma: Disaster on the Battlefield Dissociation in late modern American society: A defense against soul? Diving into darkness: Adolescents in the United States Dynamics in interactions with digital technology: A depth psychological/theoretical exploration of the evolutionary-biological, symbolic, and emotional psyche in the digital age El Camino sin Palabras/A Road Without Words Exploring the psychic roots of Hikikomori in Japan Extreme alterity: The dynamics of genocide Fathers in the sand: The transformative emergence of archetypal images through sandplay Film as Fairy Tale: A Depth Psychological Analysis of the Zombie Film Warm Bodies From hostility to hospitality: Place-based deep reconciliation in Jerusalem Has the shadow left a footprint behind? A depth psychological phenomenological investigation of soccer archetypes in sports team culture Healing Feminine Sexuality Healing the Imagination Through Fantasy Literature in Psychotherapy Hip hop wisdom for White therapists Identifying Patterns of Cognition and Emotion in Self-Discipline: A Meta-Analysis Identifying cultural complex by examining the myth and rituals about birth and dying in the Macedonian culture and their influence on shaping the ethnic/national identity Immigration and loss: A phenomenological study on the experience of loss in professional Latin American women In search of solid ground: Oral histories of the Great Migration 1920-1960 Inner work is the hero's journey: Mythic interpretations of holotropic breathwork Inside the scapegoat complex: Illuminating the shadow Liberating power: A social justice agenda for depth psychology Liberation arts & community engagement Male friendships: The longing for meaningful connection Message in the Bones: Survivor Leaders of Genocide Against the Tutsi, 1994 Nation and shadow: American power through a Japanese lens Ode to the downpressor: A psychological portrait of racism, classism, and denial in (post) colonial Jamaica On Becoming Whole: A Plan B to Individuation On the Failure to Educate Latino Boys: A Depth Approach to California's Pedagogical Crisis Oncologists and death: From a heroic angle of repose Playing in pain: A depth psychological investigation of adolescent athletes Police and the trickster Post-cool kids: How the children born into the counterculture of the American 1960s and 70s became a scattered, disorganized, postmodern tribe Psychological obstacles to choosing psychotherapy: A phenomenological study with a depth psychological perspective Puer Aeternus: A Search for Identity in a Time of Technological Change Reclaiming the soul of relationship Reframing Defiance: A Protection of Soul Remembering and forgetting colonization in New Mexico: A portrait of the Bosque Redondo memorial Revenge of the self on the self Revisioning psyche: Beyond the Western lens Scarification: Creating Personal Myth and Ritual to Promote Emotional Healing and Individuation Self-Intimacy: An Avenue to Healing Self-Realization and Popular Culture: An Analysis of the Most Popular Movie of Each of the Last Four Decades Shadow, archetype, and projection in Arizona lawmaking: The psychological impact of SB 1070 on people of Hispanic descent in Arizona Soulmaking within the destructive side of God seeing through monotheism's holy warrior 9/11 to prehistory Speaking self out of darkness: The lived experience of sex trafficking survivors in Kolkata, India Striking a match: The therapeutic potential of BDSM in long-term relationships Surfing with anima Survivors of trauma and their shared commonalities: On the road to recovery Symptom, symbol, and the other of language Tending to psyche through developing critical consciousness of wealth: Practices of deep listening and communal re-imaging The Adventures of Princess and Witch: An Exploration of the Feminine Split in Modernity The Black Holes of Beirut: An Investigation of the Cultural, Liminal and Psychic Spaces of a Political Hostage The Boy Who Could: How the Education System Creates Inferiority Complexes in Students The Chicano Ethnic Unconscious: Multiculturalism and Depth Psychotherapy The Chinese American Psyche: The Unspoken Voice of Exclusion The Critic Archetype in Fairy Tales: Psychotherapy and the Individuation Process The Death Drive and Orgasm The Death and Rebirth of Pari: Globalization of an Italian Village Community The Feminine in Exile: The Journey to Reclaim and Integrate the Feminine Archetype The Healing Role of Synchronicity: An Exploration of the Interrelationship of the Human Self and the Soul The Hungry Feminine and a Patriarchal Gag Order: Binge Eating in American Women The Journey Through Collective Delusion: A Depth and Cultural Psychological Analysis The Medea complex and parental alienation syndrome: Who are the severe alienators? The Next Rung: Aging Women and the Beauty Myth in a Patriarchal Society The Pax Traumata: Historical Trauma and the Normalized Self-Neutering of Western Civilization The Primordial Tears of a Mother: Discovering Transformation in Grief Through Ritual and Art The Social Construction of Beauty: Body Modification Examined Through the Lens of Social Learning Theory The Soul of Money The Transgender Function: Gender Variance in Relationship to Mental Health The alchemy of food: From soil to soul a depth psychological perspective The anima in animation: Miyazaki heroines and post-patriarchal consciousness The archetype of the old salt: A hermeneutic study of western civilization's relationship with nature The birthmother complex: Relationship dynamics in adult males adopted at infancy The brilliance of nearness: Feminine triads in Greek mythology The colonized child: Love, community, and wholeness as necessary elements of education The development of self-advocacy in people diagnosed with developmental disabilities: Enhancing communication through Photovoice and Council The dream poet's pen: A matter of archetypal psychology The field of silence and contact layers The first bite: An archetypal exploration of the initial impulse in compulsive eating The function of homophobia as an inhibitor of identity formation in heterosexual American males The nomadic identity: The phenomenon of being Arab American Muslim women in the post-September 11 American society The other woman: Explored through 100 years of film, the psychic landscape of dreams, and the lived experiences of Anais Nin and Sabina Spielrein The psychology of invisibility: A phenomenological study on African American gay male exclusion and its impact on perceived self development The psychology of place: An archetypal perspective The romantic quest: Marriage, individuation, and ritual practice The shadow within: Internalized homophobia in gay men and same -sex domestic violence The silent scream of Medusa: Restoring, or re-storying, her voice Toward a poetics of home: A phenomenological approach toward understanding living in public housing Toward the heart of Cleopatra: Shakespeare's contribution to female consciousness Towards an integral psychology of Islam: From "al-Fatiha", the opening, to the Gardens of Paradise Towards depth visioning: A depth psychological investigation of group visioning methods Tracking the wild woman archetype: A process in individuation Transference as the Medium of an Autopoietic Soul Transformative Communication: A Depth Psychological Perspective of Motivational Interviewing Transmission of generational trauma in African American gang members Underlying Patterns in International Relations: Cross-Cultural Psychology Through a Jungian Lens Underneath the veil: Illuminating the unconscious force that drives intimate partner murder Underutilization of Psychotherapy by African Americans With an Emphasis on Cultural Trauma and Cultural Complexes Vicarious Trauma: Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of Self-Care Walkaway: Cult Recovery Through Active Imagination and Dream Analysis Warrior Daughters: Examining the Impact of Growing Up Military Warrior/shaman: Creative praxis for conflict transformation Weaving Psyche and Soma: The Interplay of Mind and Body in the Individuation Process of Women What Does Not Bend, Breaks: Duality and Desire in Romantic Relationships What's love got to do with it?: A psychological exploration of prenuptial agreements Why we blame others: An examination of scapegoating Wilderness, leadership, and gender. The experience of being a wilderness instructor: A phenomenological study Wonderlove: A theoretical inquiry on impossible love Work, War, and Rape: Is a Comprehensive Trauma Diagnosis Possible in a Free-Market System? Working With Addiction Through Surf Therapy: A Phenomenological Exploration of Healing Wounding and healing: Gay male experience from the closet to the dance floor accompanied by the film: Out on the Dance Floor radioActive Psyche: A peace-centered psychological inquiry into cultural secret, symbol, and re-potentiated social action