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"Forgotten Dialect of the Heart": Psychotherapy in the Presence of Aphasia A Case Well Taken: Using the Homeopathy Questionnaire Model as an Intake Tool for Psychotherapy A Comparative Study of Artists and Creativity Through A Jungian Lens A Heuristic Exploration of Harriet Tubman and John Brown: Image, Symbol, Complexio Oppositorum A Heuristic Inquiry into the Experience of Feeling Unwanted at Birth A Journey Through Copper: Encountering the Self A New Vision of the Scapegoat's Path: A Hero's Journey A Psychological Exploration of Near Death Experiences: Dying, Meaning, and Hope in Psychotherapy A Puer--Senex Archetypal Model of the Therapeutic Relationship A Subject and Witness Perspective of the Effectiveness of Current Treatment Practices for Eating Disorders A Therapeutic Framework for Working With One's Favorite Walt Disney Movie A Walk Taken at Night: A Heuristic Study of Restoring the Divine Feminine A Woman's Responsibility in the Perpetuation of the Patriarchy: Loosening the Grip on a Damaged Legacy A monstrous thing: Mother, father, and the making of a minotaur A mother's experience of grief and loss: When a child dies from a drug overdose A phenomenological study of grief and mourning among heterosexual men in relation to the deaths of their spouses Active Imagination and the Evocative Image as a Pathway Through Writer's Block Advaita Vedanta and Jungian psychology: Explorations towards further reconciliation in East-West dialogues on the psyche Advancing an Ecocentric Perspective Through Phenomenological Engagement with the Imaginal Realm Aerobic Green Exercise as a Transcendent Experience: Psychotherapeutic Implications for Working with the Unconscious Aftershock: The lived experience of chemotherapy, induced menopause for breast cancer survivors and its impact on their sexuality Alchemy of the soul: Parzival and the Quest for the Holy Grail Alcohol, Spirituality, and Individuation: Exploring the Ego-Self Axis Model in Augmenting Twelve-Step Recovery All of Her Pieces: A Heuristic Exploration of PTSD and Splitting in the Healing Process All the Friends That I Have Found: The Story of a Song America and its Discontents: The Pursuit of Happiness in the 21st Century An Archetypal Interpretation of the Blues as a Healing Function in Psychotherapy An Emotional Legacy: A Depth Perspective on Transgenerational Trauma and Attachment-Related Issues An Evaluation of the Impact of the Mental Health Services Act in Tulare County An Examination of the Negative Impact of the Western Cultural Sex Paradigm on Female Sexuality An Exploration of Personal Tree Drawings Used in Psychotherapy An Immigrant's Tale of Self-Synthesis: Finding Meaning in Meaninglessness, Imbalance, and Psychological Pain An archetypal and attachment approach to intimacy issues with recovering male sex addicts Ancient Egyptian sacred science and the loss of soul in modern materialism Anima Loci, Greening Self: Reconnecting With Place by Meeting the Mythic Soul of Orange County Anorexia Nervosa: A Treatment Plan for Nourishing the Starved Soul Archetype of Initiation: Death and Rebirth in Adolescence Archetypion: A Jungian-Oriented Board Game to Promote Interpersonal Communication Arrival of the Queen: New Archetypes in Disney Feature Films Implications for Depth Psychology Art as a Voice of the Soul: A Creative Exploration From Grief to New Identity Assuaging the Dark Gods: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and the Symbolism of Sacrifice and Redemption At Sea With the Spirits: Depth Psychology and Rites of Passage in American Male Adolescence At the Heart of Longing Attachment Based Coaching: Neuroscience and the Integration of Heart and Soul in Sport Awakening the Dark Feminine: An Archetypal Approach to Adolescent Initiation Beauty and the Beast Within: The Use of Fairy Tales in the Process of Individuation Becoming American: An Exploration of the Acculturation Process of Immigrant Children Becoming Love: Eros as Archetype Becoming Whole: The Process of Individuation for Women and Their Bodies Between Science and Soul: Treating Teenage Depression in the 21st Century Between Worlds: Paracosms as Imaginal Liminality in Response to Trauma Beyond the Couch: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Beyond the blush: Deconstructing the need to hide in shame Birthing Your Child, Birthing Your Self: The Transition Into Motherhood From a Depth Psychological Perspective Birthing the Soul through Loss: The Mythopoetic Life Body and Dream: Authentic Movement and Dream Work Evoking the Great Mother Archetype Within Psyche Bridezilla: Exploring the Inner Marriage Through the Lens of the Contemporary American Bridal Wedding Rite Bridging the Gap: Finding the Language of Soul Bridging the Gap: How Transformational Music Festivals Tend the World Soul Bringing the Money Out of the Shadows: Money and Therapy Busy Fingers, Wordless Thoughts: Entering the Knot of Compulsive Hair Twisting CAFE---Community and Family Enrichment: Toward Community-Based Mental Health Support for Families Can a Complex Dissolve?: A Depth Psychological Approach to Working With a Complex Cancer as a hero's journey Chaya Yoga: Investigating and Integrating the Shadow Childhood Sexual Assault: The Devastating Effects That Can Change a Life Childhood Trauma in Female Intimate Partner Violence: Weaving Attachment Theory, Complex Trauma, and Self Psychology Close to O: Reigniting language through dream Collisions in Nature: A Psychotherapeutic Integration of Wilderness Complexes of the Cultural Unconscious: Trance States, Hakomi, and the Re-Creation of the Self Complicated Grief and Melancholia: Identity-Questioning Issues Compose: Singing as a Depth Modality in the Treatment of Trauma Conceived in Rape: The Forgotten Victims of Rape Conflict Transformation and the Evolution of Consciousness Connecting to the Divine Through Losing a Loved One: A Catalyst for Individuation Conscious Feminine Leadership for Our Times and the Power of Circle Contextualizing Transformation: Initiation Dreams of Depth Psychotherapists-in-Training Contrasexuality and female individuation considered through alchemy and myth Convergence to Self: Psyche and the Wounded Body Coyote Moments: Interweaving Pedagogy, Psychology, and Shamanism for Middle School Students with High Functioning Autism Crazy for you life in the shadows of love's debris a depth psychological perspective on sexual addiction as a manifestation of primitive modes of consciousness and archaic narcissistic fantasies Creating Mandalas as an Intuitive Practice Crisis of Symbolism in Contemporary America Cross Constellation: An Exploration of the Artistic-Creative Process From a Depth Psychological Perspective Cultivating Female Sovereignty: How the Feminine Principle Serves Women's Psycho-Spiritual Individuation and Empowerment Dancing With the Trickster: Reframing the Negative Animus in a Woman's Dreams Dancing with trauma: A psychosomatic exploration of dance movement therapy and trauma release Dancing: A Powerful Healing Tool for Evoking Emotional Expression Daughters of Yahweh: Recovering the deep feminine from the Yahweh complex Deep Space: A Study of the Tent as Blueprint for Cultivating the Feminine Degendering Psyche: Considerations for a Movement to Queer Jungian and Archetypal Thought Delving Into the Depths of the Chicano Psyche: Incorporating Myth and the Biracial Identity Model Depth and Digital in Conversation: Practicing Marriage and Family Therapy Directly With Video Game Avatars Depth and Strength Manual: A Brief Reference Guide to Nonpathological Language in DSM-IV-TR Diagnoses Depth-Oriented Drama Therapy: The Playful Soul in Action Destined meetings: Synchronicity, intentionality, and archetypal meaning in the initial therapy session Developmental theory joining depth psychological theory: From disrupted attachment to ensouled living Discovering the Masculine Within: Voices of Masculinity and Manhood Disparities and Intersections: An LGBTQ-Specific Depth Psychological Conversation Dissociation and Military Sexual Trauma: Disaster on the Battlefield Dreams Are Like Fairy Tales Dreams and Individuation: A Depth Psychological Exploration EEG in Depth: The Intersection of Electroencephalography and Depth Psychology Eagles and Jaguars: Archetypal Interventions for Hispanic Adolescent Delinquents Ecopsychology: A Personal and Critical Exploration Effects of immigration on Latino immigrant youth El Dolor de Hija (a Daugther's Pain) and the Healing Journey Elemental healing: Disintegrative depression in a gifted individual Embodying Attachments: Connections Between Somatic Psychology and Attachment Theory Embracing the Orphan Archetype: A Creative and Imaginal Approach to Developing the Abandoned Self Empathy: A Perspective Encountering the Sacred Temenos: Somatically Integrating Cumulative Trauma and Discovering Wellbeing Within Engaging the Mystery: The Potential of Automatic Writing as a Tool for Depth Psychology Epiphanies of soul: "When the bolts of the universe fly open." A depth psychological contemplation of wonder Equine-Assisted Sandtray Therapy: A Proposed Model Incorporating Gestalt Sandtray Play Therapy Techniques Estranged From My Self: An Investigation Into a Grandiosity Complex Experiencing Emotion Somatically: Fostering the Mind-Body Connection on the Journey Toward Wholeness Exploring Positives and Negatives of Social Media and Their Effects on LGBT Youth in America Facilitating self-forgiveness in psychotherapy: Clinical perceptions on the efficacy of treatment interventions Fathers in the sand: The transformative emergence of archetypal images through sandplay Film as Fairy Tale: A Depth Psychological Analysis of the Zombie Film Warm Bodies Finding Extraordinary Grace in Ordinary Places: The Therapeutic Power of Transitional Phenomena Finding the Fire Within: Military Wives and the Complex Journey of Individuation Five Element Archetypal Qigong and Jungian Psychotherapy: A Synthesis Flesh and Soul: The Necessity of Hands-On Somatic Psychology in a Disconnected Culture Fleshing out the self: A heuristic study of modern tattooing Flora's Frame: The Significance of the Plants of the Splendor Solis Found in the Woods From Christian to Pagan soul: An archetypal journey From Maiden to Mother: A Heuristic Exploration of the Initiation Into Motherhood Gay male couples and the issue of monogamy versus non-monogamy Giegerich's psychology of soul: Psychotherapeutic implications Godparenting Your Clients: Preventing Re-Traumatization of a Client After the Death of a Therapist Gold at the End of the Rainbow: A Kleinian Perspective on Sexual Serial Killers Grief, Healing, and Individuation: A Journey Through the Grief Process Groundwork: The Cultivation of Soul Through Everyday Work Happily Ever After: The Resolution of Trauma in Fairy Tales Haunt Me: The Discovery of a Death Ritual in Song Healing Psyche Through Expressive Arts: Expressing and Dialoguing With Living Images Healing Shadow: Sexual Dysfunction after the Dismemberment of a Breast Healing the Chronic Dieter: A Feminist and Jungian-Based Depth Psychological Model Healing the Splits of Trauma Through a Journey Into the Liminal Healing the wounded feeling function: Through the Handless Maiden, the Fisher King, and clinical hypnosis Holding the Axis Between Psyche and Soma: Healing Trauma From Within Holding wholly: Hosting images accessed in the course of bodywork Home to My Self: A Voyage of Discovery From Shame to Authenticity Honoring Individuation in Developing Adolescents: The Rite-of-Passage Approach Horses in Therapy: An Exploration of the Treatment of Trauma Using Equine Assisted Therapies Hosting Freya, Goddess of Tears: The Transformative Power of Conscious Crying How Hungry Is Your Ghost? A Jungian Exploration of the Psychodynamics of Addiction and Recovery How We Mother: Embracing the Invitation for Growth in the Mothering Process Hurt People, Hurt People: Domestic Violence as an Expression of the Soul I Am Perceval: Resacralizing the Masculine Journey Identifying Patterns of Cognition and Emotion in Self-Discipline: A Meta-Analysis Imaginal horse: Mythopoetic play with a resonant image Imagination in Psychotherapy: Engaging the Autonomous Image Imagining Social-Emotional Learning and Individuation in Public Schools Immigration and loss: A phenomenological study on the experience of loss in professional Latin American women Implementation of Authentic Movement as a Form of Active Imagination Within Depth Psychotherapy Clinical Practice Imprisonment as a shadow of American culture: How the healing power of the circle can rebuild community In Search of Self: Understanding Biracial Identity Through the Ugly Duckling Fairytale In Search of a Home In Self-Recovery: A Mythopoetic Analysis of Addiction and Heroic Journeys of the Learning Disabled In between worlds: The bruises along the path of individuation In the Footsteps of Gods and Monsters: Sacred Travel and Individuation In-Sight: An Experiential Exploration of Image and Psychology Individuation Within Marriage: An Exploration of Parent--Child Patterns Between Marital Partners Individuation, Music, and Memory: A Connection With Songs of the Top 40 Individuation: The Door to Self-Realization Infinite Identity: Erotic Individuation and an Expansive Understanding of Sexual Identity Initiation, Ritual, and Feminine Yoga Practice As a Road to Recovery for the Anorectic Woman Inner Wilderness: Explorations in Nature, Explorations of Self Integrating depth psychology in adolescent court-mandated treatment facilities: Increasing treatment efficacy and client engagement Integrating the Unconscious Into Conscious Reality: A Jungian Approach to Treating Early Onset Psychosis Integration of the Creative Process With Depth Psychology in Treating Trauma Into the Belly of the Whale: A Depth Perspective on Eating Disorder Pathologies Jungian Typology and Developmental Theories of Piaget and Erikson: Typological and Persona Development in Childhood Korean American female adolescent: Breaking the silence Lashed to the mast: The search for the aural tradition in analytic psychology Leadership for the whole in the mythic field of C. G. Jung's unconscious processes Learning to Hear the Silent Language of Horses: Lessons for the Psychotherapist Lesbian, gay, and bisexual client experiences and therapeutic practice with sexual minorities: An interpretive phenomenological analysis Lethe and the Twin Bodhisattvas of Forgiveness and Forgetfulness Life interrupted: Understanding the long-term effects of traumatic childhood experiences Living the Questions: Embracing Psychic Meaninglessness in the Quest for Wholeness Loneliness and the Hermitic Psyche Longing for the Gypsy: Traversing the Margins of Female Adolescence and Family Trauma Lost moon: A depth psychological and interpetive phenomenological analysis of adolsecent heartbreak Love and Creativity: A Shared Dynamic Love and the Science of Deduction: A Holmesian Approach to Unraveling the Mysteries of Love Love's Rope: The Interpersonal and Intrapsychic Psychodynamics of Child Sexual Abuse Making a Space for Soul: A Dialogue between Zen Meditation and Active Imagination Making meaning of physical objects after loss Male survivors of childhood sexual abuse: Creating safer space Males Are Victims Too: A Story About Abuse Marvels, Heroes, and Gods: A Depth Psychological Journey into the Marvel Comics Universe of the 1960s Mary's mandala story: Images of chaos in mandala psychology Masculinity at the Crossroads: An Exploration of Gay Male Barriers to Intimacy Mask making: Enhancing the self-esteem of adolescent males of African descent Meditation, psychotherapy, and writing poetry: Three practices in mindfulness Meeting the Untamed: Feminine Psychospiritual Revivification at Midlife Memoir: How I imagined my way through grief Metaphor, Meaning, and Medicine: Exploring the Linguistic Metaphors of the Person With Chronic Pain Metaphorical Deaths: Discovering and Changing Your Story Money and Healing: Awareness of Money as an Instrument of Soul More Than the Eye Can See: An Imaginal Study of the Psyche of a Bulimic Mother Rapist: An Analysis of Case Studies of Mothers Who Rape Their Sons Motivational interviewing at depth: A depth perspective on addiction counseling Music, Play, and Dreams: Individuation Through Imagination Narrative Fiction and Depth Psychology: A Path Toward Growth and Discovery Near-Death Experience in Childhood and the Call to Unveil the Moon Negative Attitudes as Scapegoating and the Effects on LGBT Individuals Nepantla: The space in between Neurobiology of Healing Traumatic Brain Injury: Using Music as the Connecting Chord Neurofeedback in the Reintegration of Dissociated Shadow Symptoms of Psyche's Archetypal Defenses Against Trauma Night Wandering: The Power of Dream Tending During Major Life Changes No place like home: The problem and the promise of the home psychotherapy office No way out but through: Depth and the postmodern psyche Nostalgia and Kohut: Toward an Understanding of This Bittersweet Phenomenon Ode to the downpressor: A psychological portrait of racism, classism, and denial in (post) colonial Jamaica On Becoming Whole: A Plan B to Individuation On the Failure to Educate Latino Boys: A Depth Approach to California's Pedagogical Crisis Opening to the Numinous in Traumatic Experience Opening: A Spiritual Perspective on Individuation Out of Touch With Body and Mind: America's Obesity Epidemic---A Way Back to Health PTSD and Beyond: The Legacy of Large Group Trauma Perspectives on the Intrapsychic and Intersubjective Relationship Place and Myth: The Complimentary Roles of Reimplacement and Remythologizing in the Individuation Process Poetry as the Soul's Language: Healing Through Creative Expression Projective identification and marital therapy: Through the lens of the therapist Psychedelics and holotropic breathwork: tools for depth psychology? Psychotherapist as Modern-Day Shaman Public voices, private lives, secret anguish: A depth psychological study of adolescent male homosexuality Puer Aeternus: A Search for Identity in a Time of Technological Change Rain Maker: How Imagination and Fantasy Create Pathways to Empathy and Healing Raising psyche: Co-creation in the father-daughter relationship Re-Collecting the Pieces of Animus Re-Membering the Flesh and the Feminine: Illness, Coinherence, and the Creative Imperative Re-Visioning Failure: A Vehicle for Psychological Development and Transformation Rebuilding and Empowering Psyche After Trauma: A Survivor's Journey Toward Healing, Self-Expression, and Artistic Creation Reclaiming One's Gold: Imagining the Inner Child Through the Art of Therapeutic Fairy Tale Writing Reclaiming the Primal Fire: Creative Engagement With the Daimonic Recovering in recovery Reframing Defiance: A Protection of Soul Relational Aggression: Exploration From a Depth Psychological Perspective Relationship With the Unconscious: Examination of Changing Archetypal Attitudes in the Presence of Psychological Transformation Resilience in Physician Lives Resilience, rebirth, and redemption Return to Timelessness: The Therapeutic Benefit of Revisioning the Rhythms of Time Revelation of the Archetypal Feminine: Finding a Feminine Ground of Being After Spouse Loss Revisioning Escape: An Imaginal Transformation Revisioning Resiliency Revisiting Addiction Using Depth Psychology: The Myth of Exodus as a Blueprint for Recovery Rising into song: Voicework in psychotherapy Sandplay Therapy: For Aging, Transition, and Transcendence Scarification: Creating Personal Myth and Ritual to Promote Emotional Healing and Individuation Seeking the Lost Boys: A Study of Finding the Voice Through Poetry Seeking the Well: Approaching the Unknown Within Self-Illumination: Profound Intimacy Self-Intimacy: An Avenue to Healing Self-Rejection: The Symbolic Language of Soma and Psyche Self-Story Drama Therapy: Healing Through Autobiographical Stories in Action Shamanic Journeying and Jung's Active Imagination: A Comparative Investigation Sitting in the Fire: An Exploration of Soul-Making in Prison Small Graces: Mapping a Route of Beauty to the Heart of the World Small Marks Speak of Soul: A Widow's Walk Through Tragedy, Transformation, and Tattoo Smoke signals: Understanding the psychological impacts of intangible information Sofia in Broken Time: A Modern Myth of Feminine Individuation Soul Seeking: A Crossing Soul Song's Mirror: A Phenomenological Journey of Alternative Methodologies and Universal Healing for Trauma Sourcing Image Formation in a Depth Psychological Approach to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Spiritual Bypass: A Defense Against Wholeness Spontaneous Writing With Photography: Transformation of Negative Introjects Through Imaginal Practice Spring Comes to the Wasteland: A Psychological Study of Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn Stages of Recovery: The Role of Psychosocial Development in Treating Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Subjective Experiences of Treatment for Psychosis: A Phenomenological Analysis Sukha and Dukkha, Sweetness and Suffering: An Exploration of the Opposites Through Yoga Survival of the Self: Creation and Healing of a Brain Tumor Synchronicity: The Connecting Bridge Between Mind and Matter at Key Moments in Our Lives TTRI: A Phenomenological Research Project Using a New Role-Play Intervention Taming Dragons, Healing Souls: Ways to Understand and Heal Intergenerational Trauma Tending Memory: A Phenomenological Study of Engaging Memory as Living Image The Adventures of Princess and Witch: An Exploration of the Feminine Split in Modernity The Archetypal Grid and the Archetypal Team: New Tools for Trauma The Battle of Bulging Emotions in Childhood Obesity The Blue Flower of Impossible Love: A Depth Psychological Perspective on Romantic Love The Burned-Out Heart: Countertransference and Direct Service The Chicano Ethnic Unconscious: Multiculturalism and Depth Psychotherapy The Chiron Complex: From Spiritual Bypassing to Individuation The Compassionate Brain: A Pharmacon for the Bipolar Family The Constitution of Culture: A Complexity and Psychoanalytic Theory Approach The Coyote Therapist: Nature Connection and Gestalt Play Therapy The Creative Shadow: Reclaiming Creativity by Embracing Shadow and the Trickster Archetype The Dark Night of the Soul: Conscious Suffering, Meaning, and Transformation The Death Drive and Orgasm The Depths of Trauma: Men Recovering From Childhood Trauma Through Depth Psychotherapy The Effects of Domestic Violence on the Mental Health and Academic Achievement of Latino Youth The Emotional Landscape of Homicide Survivors: Deepening Psychological Understanding and Psychotherapeutic Approaches The End of Addiction: A Depth Psychological View of Alcoholism The Energy That Binds: A Modern Form of Healing The Golden Omphalos The Good, the Bad, and the MMORPG: An Exploration of Modern, Virtual Fairy Tales The Hawaiian Moolelo of the Goddess Pele: Alchemy as the Complete Myth The Healing Power of Acknowledging the Interconnection of Science and Spirituality The Heart of a Warrior: How Indigenous Wisdom can Inform American Masculinity The Hero-Journey of Unrequited Love: A Catalyst for Individuation The Hidden Potential of Anger: Encouraging Women to Access Personal Power The Hungry Feminine and a Patriarchal Gag Order: Binge Eating in American Women The Image and the Storm: Using the Archetypal Genogram in Therapy The Imagination: A Path to Personal and Planetary Individuation The Impact of Media Promulgated Fear on the Psyche: Love Will Prevail The Influence of Fairy Tales on Late-Childhood Development The Journey Through Collective Delusion: A Depth and Cultural Psychological Analysis The Lifetime Effect of a Mother's Death in a Motherless Daughter The Little Mermaid: A Fairytale as a Story of the Self The Lived Experience of a Sexually Abused Woman Moving Toward Wholeness The Lost Boys: The Transformation of Boys in War The Magic Porridge Pot: Deciphering the Mother Complex in a Forgotten Fairy Tale The Modern Puer: Disillusionment and Generation Y The Mother-Daughter Bond: Creating a Female Narrative Through Myth and Story The Mythology and the Shadow of the Pill The Next Rung: Aging Women and the Beauty Myth in a Patriarchal Society The Night Sea Journey: Aquatic Somatic Bodywork and Depth Psychology The Parenting They Need: Psychological Steps to Conscious Divorce with Children The Pax Traumata: Historical Trauma and the Normalized Self-Neutering of Western Civilization The Pinocchio Syndrome: Individuation Hijacked The Plight of the Wounded Healer: Unraveling Pain as a Precursor to Practicing Potent Psychotherapy The Psychological Effect of Parental Incarceration on School-Age Children The Psychological Relevance of Clothing: An Analytical and Archetypal Perspective The Quantum Trickster: Physics, Mythology, and Psychotherapy The Role of Creativity and Active Imagination in Reclaiming the Abandoned Inner Child The Roots of Music Therapy: Healing the Wounds of the Psyche The Sacred Tower: Finding the Feminine in the Phallus The Sacred Womb: The Evolution of the Psyche Through Pregnancy and Childbirth The Scientist and the Shaman The Serious Trauma of Seriousness: The Role of Humor in Working Through Trauma The Sexy Baby Complex: Archetypal Identification With Youth and Sexuality as a Psychological Self-Defense Mechanism The Soul of Money The Space Between: Alternate Nostril Breathing as a Doorway to the Unconscious The Spiral of Time: A Path to the Soul---Jewish Mystical and Depth Psychological Perspectives The Tension of Psychological Opposites: Exploring the Gap in Between Conscious and Unconscious Experience The Therapeutic Potential of Pets: The Healing Power of Dogs in Counseling Psychology The Therapeutic Power of Dogs in Private Practice The Timeless Journey Within: Reintroducing Past Life Memories Into Depth Psychology The Transgender Function: Gender Variance in Relationship to Mental Health The Trickster in Research: It's a Trap The Under Diagnosing of Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Muscle Dysmorphia in Males The Use of Emojis With Adolescents in the Therapeutic Context The Use of Personal Therapy in the Training of Psychologists The Velveteen Rabbit Versus Jester: A Memoir of Synchronicity and Ritual Initiation Into Healing The adoptee's path after the trauma: The impact of the cultural shadow and misdiagnosing The archetype of the trickster in patriarchal mythology: Making a lyre out of the archetypal feminine The birthmother complex: Relationship dynamics in adult males adopted at infancy The dance of the repressed goddess The development of self-advocacy in people diagnosed with developmental disabilities: Enhancing communication through Photovoice and Council The dream of Moses and the atom: Jungian perspectives on dissociation and integration The experience of feeling betrayed by God: An initial understanding and the clinical implications The heroic shadow: Development of the ego/shadow complex The human-dog bond: How dog companionship benefits humans physically, psychologically, and soulfully The individuation process of a disciple: A study of C. G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz The lived experience of long-term unemployment among middle-aged managerial-level U.S. males: A phenomenological study The maiden's missing anger: Contemporary women, the archetypal feminine, and the unmaking of the patriarchy The medicine we carry: A portrait of social-model hospice care The middle ground of trauma: Where neuroscience meets depth psychology The process of individuation as embodied in symbols, images, and alchemical motifs: A psychological study based on twelve paintings by Remedios Varo The role of humor in depth psychology: A phenomenological study The shadow aesthetic The somatic experience of the Wounded Therapist The submerged feminine: The symbol of the mermaid in the human psyche The symbolic significance of violence: A depth psychological perspective The transcendent artist: Toward a new paradigm of creativity The transcendent function, demystified: A theoretical and clinical integration Therapeutic Potential of the Adjunctive Use of Ayahuasca With Psychotherapy Thresholds of affliction: The heroic journey of healing Through the Portal of Shame: A Path Toward Self-Love for Fatherless Daughters Living in Patriarchy Through the eyes of a birdwatcher: An exploration of therapeutic presence Toward a gay-centered liberation psychology Toward an integrative somatic depth psychotherapeutic model for relational trauma: Exploring the psychotherapy client's lived embodied experience Towards a wider lens of psychology: Intuition, imagination, and the psychic in psychology and psychotherapy Towards an integral psychology of Islam: From "al-Fatiha", the opening, to the Gardens of Paradise Towers of Order and Chaos: Stuckness as Archetypal Pattern in Addiction and Complex Systems Tracking the Synchronous Field: Through Addiction to Vocation Trading Silver Hands for Human Heart Transference as the Medium of an Autopoietic Soul Transformations in the therapist's psyche through working with borderline patients Transforming Grief and Suffering Through Depth Psychology Transgender Experience of Romantic Relationship: The Transcendent Function and Buddhism's Middle Way Transgenerational Attachment Wounds: The Healing of Ambiguous Loss Traumatic Reactivation: A Personal Exploration From Typological, Archetypal, and Somatic Perspectives Treasures From the Earth: Food as Nourishment for Body and Soul Treating Attachment Trauma: Incorporating the Feminine Principle and the Wisdom of the Body in Psychotherapy Trickster in mental illness Trickster, Individuation, and the Hungry, Hungry Ego UFOs and Alchemical Psychology: An Amplificatory Examination Unbearable Whiteness: Workshop for White Therapists on Cultural Responsive Practice With Black Clients Untold stories of the body: A pathway to the unconscious through therapeutic safety Unwanted daughters: Psychological implications of son preference on Korean women Vicarious Trauma: Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of Self-Care Walkaway: Cult Recovery Through Active Imagination and Dream Analysis Walking With Horses: Partners for Humans Recovering From Trauma Walking in My True Spirit: Exploring Dreams for a Deeper Connection with Self Warrior Daughters: Examining the Impact of Growing Up Military Weaving Psyche and Soma: The Interplay of Mind and Body in the Individuation Process of Women Welcoming the Shadow: Intimacy in Depth Invites Wholeness Welcoming the Wild: Eros and the Creative Process What Does Not Bend, Breaks: Duality and Desire in Romantic Relationships What we can learn from husbands who share power with their wives When Beauty Matters Too Much: Understanding and Treating Women Obsessed With Their Physical Appearance When Mourning Comes: A Phenomenological Exploration of Dreams of the Bereaved Parent When the Mirror Finally Sees the Face: A South Asian American's Return to Identity Where there is Darkness, Light: An Artistic Exploration of the Home Wholeness and holiness in marriage: The Catholic sacrament of matrimony as a container for individuation Wilderness in the Shadow of Modern Society Women Healing Through Expressive Arts: Redirecting the Feminine Qualities of Caring and Nurturing Toward Self Women's Intrapsychic Experience of Anxiety on a Path to Individuation Work, War, and Rape: Is a Comprehensive Trauma Diagnosis Possible in a Free-Market System? Working With ADHD Children Using Mindfulness: The Healing Power of the Breath Working With Addiction Through Surf Therapy: A Phenomenological Exploration of Healing Working With Eternal Child and Princess Archetypes: A Woman/Child's Journey Toward Individuation Working With Possession by Complexes Working from unexpected places of passion: Becoming a psychotherapist to adolescents World's geography of love: An alchemical hermeneutic inquiry into the heroic masculine's rebirth as influenced by love as the glutinum mundi and the feminine incorporatio Wounds From the Womb: The Impact of Trauma on the Fetal Psyche