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A climatology of fatal tornadic and non-tornadic convective wind events by storm type in the United States: 1998--2007 A usability evaluation of 2D and 3D representations for urban planning Agricultural and urban land use change: Detecting the perimetropolitan bow wave at national and regional scales Analysis of employment center change in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, 1990--2000 Assessing human encroachment along forest preserve boundaries in Kane County, Illinois Assessing human vulnerability to hurricanes: A case study of Bluefields, Nicaragua Changes in southeast Florida vulnerability since Hurricane Andrew Changes in the U.S. hurricane disaster landscape: The relationship between risk and exposure Community gardens in Chicago neighborhoods: The role of community gardens in the local food system, food accessibility and environmental justice Development of a population density-based regression model to forecast discharge-precipitation ratios in midwestern urbanizing drainage basins Ecological and evolutionary invasion dynamics of Lonicera maackii (Amur honeysuckle) in relation to white oak savanna restoration management at Nachusa Grasslands, Illinois, USA Effects of experimental removal of coexisting sugar maple and trout lily on the overall plant growth and survival Ontario, Canada Estimating hydraulic conductivity from drainage patterns - A comparison case study in the Cascade Range, Oregon and the Mare Tyrrhenum quadrangle on Mars Exploring the commuting interactions of neighboring metropolitan areas Fatal weather-related general aviation accidents in the United States: 1982 -- 2013 Food sovereignty, food security, and community gardens in Rockford, Il Genesis and geomorphology of superimposed landforms on Ice-Walled-Lake Plains in Northern Illinois Highway-rail grade crossing safety: An examination of view obstruction and crossing angle using aerial photography Human vulnerability to lightning hazards in Georgia (USA) Job density and employment subcenters in the four U.S. metropolitan areas Land cover change and nitrate in the Mississippi River Basin between 2002-2007 Land-use impacts on dynamic soil properties at Nachusa Grasslands Light environment's influence on understory sugar maple survival at and north of the current range limit Lightning signatures of long-lived tornadic supercells in the southeastern U.S. on 27--28 April 2011 Location-allocation using GIS to improve emergency response Micro-simulation of large scale evacuations utilizing metrorail transit Neighborhood schools versus school choice: An empirical test of the Tiebout model on capitalization, demographic changes, and impact to measures of segregation. Non-tornadic convective wind fatalities in the United States: 1977--2007 Spatial analysis of management plan impacts on landscape change for the Forest Preserve District of Kane County, Illinois Spatial dimensions of a long-term merit pay environment and expectations of teacher mobility Spatiotemporal analysis of tornado exposure in five U.S. metropolitan areas The Indian Ocean Dipole's influence on Atlantic tropical cyclone activity The U.S. Census Bureau's 2010 urbanized area definition: A Kane County, Illinois, case study The change of corn and soybean acres in the United States corn belt The competitive role of balsam fir (Abies balsamea) in the forest understory at the deciduous/boreal forest ecotone, Ontario, Canada The role of amenities, demographics, and socio-economic variables in the decision making of high amenity zone residents: A Chicago, IL, to Houston, TX, comparison The role of natural amenities in the growth of the Chicago suburbs, 2000 to 2010 Thunderstorm hazard risk for the Atlanta, GA metropolitan region Winter weather related fatalities in the conterminous United States: An analysis of three winter fatality databases