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A Case Study of Municipal Government Financial Management and Effective Internal Controls A Comparative Study Examining Firm Sizes and their Financial Health in Response to Macroeconomic Shocks A Correlation Study of Cost Management Practices and Strategic Management Accounting Practices and Strategic Alignment A Correlational Study of U.S. Oil and Gas Firm Sustainability Disclosure and Financial Performance A Qualitative Study Examining Persistence among Non-Traditional Students for Two-year Community College Financial Viability A Quantitative Analysis of the Indirect Costs of Compliance for Large Public Corporations under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 A Quantitative Analysis of the Yield Curve: Forecasting the Length and End of a Recession A Quantitative Investigation of Differences among College Students' Self-reported Financial Behaviors based on Personality Preferences A Quantitative Study Examining the Relationship between Demographic Factors and Financial Risk Tolerance A Quantitative Study of the Distribution of Surplus and its Relationship with Stock Market Value A Quantitative Study on the Relationship Between Family Relationships and Financial Education on Financial Risk Tolerance A study of fleeting capital as it correlates to consumption in South America Adult Children's Information Deficiencies and Risk Aversion Regarding LTCI Purchase for Elderly Parents: A Multi Case Study Allocation of Financial Resources for Remediation Programs and Implications for Students' Academic Advancement at Community Colleges An Analysis of Future Retirees' Concerns Regarding Pension Plans Reforms and Demographic Factors that Influence Retirement Investment Decisions An Evaluation of the Impact of Pricing Efficiency on the New York Stock Exchange An Examination of Firm, Industry, and Environmental Threat Factors on the Performance of Defense Contractors An Examination of the Curvilinear Relationship between Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, Inventory, and Firm Value Analyzing Factors Contributing to International Firms Requesting to Leave U.S. Exchanges Analyzing Subgroups of Bailed Out Financial Institutions: A Turnaround Theory Perspective Analyzing the 1999 North Carolina Predatory Lending Legislation and the availability of credit Analyzing the fair market value of assets and the stakeholders' investment decisions Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior to the Problem of Employee Theft in the Retail Industry Assessing Leadership Behaviors and Demographic Characteristics of Project Managers Associated Through LinkedIn Assessing differences between commodity futures and stocks of commodity companies during inflation Assessing the Impact of Options Trading on Informativeness of Trades Assessing the Impacts of Foreign Aid Inflows on Domestic Savings, Domestic Investment, and Economic Growth Rates in Haiti Assessing the Relationship between Financial Slack and Financial Corporation Performance Assessing the factors that influence members of the baby boom generation to retire before age 62 Assessment of Gasoline Prices and its Predictive Power on U.S. Consumers' Retail Spending and Savings Assessment of occupational injuries and illnesses in the United States territories Case Study of Pertinent Skills of the International Financial Reporting Standards as Identified by Accounting Professionals Comparative analysis of individual investor portfolios based on behavioral finance and efficient market theories Consumer Spending Habits Relationship to Loan Default Risk: A Quantitative Correlational Study Cultural Influences of Investing Behavior: A Correlational Design Study Descriptive Correlational Study of Profitability of Technical Analysis Using an Emerging Markets Exchange Traded Fund Discovering the Relationship between Macroeconomic Trends and Regional Theme Park Performance Enhanced Modern Portfolio Theory via Long Memory Regimes Evaluating National Bank Indicators Relative to Delinquent Subprime Mortgage Exposure Examination of Louisiana certified public accountants' perceived educational needs related to International Financial Reporting Standards Examination of earnings and cash flows as indicators of fraud Examining the Disparity in Financial Literacy Between High School Seniors of Different Ethnicities and Income Level Examining the Experiences of Agricultural Growers in Florida in Transition to Organic Agriculture Examining the Financial Vulnerability and Endowment Funds of Protestant Congregations Examining the Potential Diversification Benefits of Emerging Market Exchange-Traded Funds Examining the Relationship between Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Market Returns in Morocco Examining the Underrepresentation of Women Leadership within the Securities Brokerage Industry Examining the correlations of the NASDAQ 100 index listing changes Examining the growing need for trained forensic accountants in Puerto Rico: A case study Examining the relationship between Internet usage and online investing for women Explanatory Case Study on Factors that Contribute to the Commission of Financial Fraud Exploring Factors That Enabled Financial Advisors and Their Firms to Improve Professional Performance After 2008 Exploring Financial Performance Differences Between Credit Unions run by Male and Female CEOs in Florida Exploring Global Investors' Beliefs on the Relations Between Global Macro Factors and Global Gross Domestic Product Exploring Investors' Decision Making Processes During the 2008 Financial Crisis Using Epstein's Cognitive Experiential Self-Theory: A Multiple-case Study Exploring Public Attitude Regarding a Single National Securities Regulator in Canada Exploring and examining the business value of information security: Corporate executives' perceptions Exploring cultural finance: A phenomenological approach to comparative cultural perceptions of money in Mexico Exploring the Effects of Generation X on the Gender Wealth Gap in the United States Exploring the Methods of Foreclosure Recovery for the Maryland Economy Extending Forecasting Horizon by Using Market Values to Identify Financially Distressed Firms External and Internal Value Drivers of Bank Shares in Ghana Forecasting Shareholder Value from Equity-based Compensation Foreign Direct Investment and Energy Supply in the Middle East and North Africa: A Correlational Study Indicators for Predicting U.S. Publicly Traded For-Profit Hospital Financial Solvency Individuals' Donation Decisions and Social Enterprise: A Quantitative Investigation Introducing a New Comparable Financial Leverage Ratio Algorithm to Deter Banking Insolvency: A Theoretical Study Measurements of Accounting Conservatism in Research Intensive Industries from Different Financial Reporting Settings Mergers and Acquisitions: Examining Managerial Strategy Connection to Post Transaction Accounting Measures Multiple Discriminant Analysis of the Price Momentum Anomaly and Reversal Event Signals Nonstatistical Factors Influencing Predictions of Financial Distress and Managerial Implications in the All-Cargo Airline Industry Predicting Financial Distress using Altman's Z-score and the Sustainable Growth Rate Quantitative Global Research on the External Financing Preferences of Small Businesses Shadow economy and the related issues of tax evasion: A comparative analysis among Canadian workers Share Price Changes and Price/Earnings Ratios as Predictors of Fraud Prior to a Fraud Announcement Small Business Retirement Plan Adoption Rates from the Financial Advisor Perspective Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Economic Performance in the Coffee Supply Chain: An Exploratory Multiple-Case Study The Development of Internal Controls to Detect and Prevent Financial Statement Fraud The New Cost of Labor and Employment for Small Businesses in a Post-ACA Economy The Relationship between Fuel Hedging and Airline Profitability The Relationship between Organization Size and Occupational Fraud The Relationship of a Match and Mismatch of the Social Style Profile on Practices of Communication and Counseling in the Financial Planner-Client Relationship True Employee Turnover Costs: A Qualitative Case Study Understanding consumer's lived-experiences with payday lending as a financial resource: A phenomenological study