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A Comparative Study Examining Firm Sizes and their Financial Health in Response to Macroeconomic Shocks A Correlational Study of Economic Factors of Urban Crime within U.S. Metropolitan Cities A Method to Identify Stages II and III in Dunning's Investment Development Path A Quantitative Analysis of Human Capital as an Economic Development Tool for the South A Quantitative Analysis of the Yield Curve: Forecasting the Length and End of a Recession A Quantitative Study of the Distribution of Surplus and its Relationship with Stock Market Value Assessing differences between commodity futures and stocks of commodity companies during inflation Assessing the Impacts of Foreign Aid Inflows on Domestic Savings, Domestic Investment, and Economic Growth Rates in Haiti Assessing the Predictive Value of Management Practices on Corporate Performance of U.S. Natural Gas and Oil Extraction Organizations Assessing the Relationship between Financial Slack and Financial Corporation Performance Company Outsourcing Relationships: Testing the Effects of Employees' Perceptions of Outsourcing on Supplier Relationship Quality Cultural Influences of Investing Behavior: A Correlational Design Study Discovering the Relationship between Macroeconomic Trends and Regional Theme Park Performance Enhanced Modern Portfolio Theory via Long Memory Regimes Examining the Relationship between Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Market Returns in Morocco Exploring Compensation Model Reform Towards Improved Innovation and Productivity within Three Manufacturing Firms Exploring Foreign Direct Investments in Cameroon: Their Effects on the Economic Growth in the Country Exploring the Relationship Between Bank CEO Compensation Structure, Risky Capital Structure, and the 2008 Financial Crisis Extending Home Advantage Theory and Four Factor Theory to Men's Collegiate Basketball Foreign Direct Investment, Governance, Growth, and Corporate Social Responsibility in Sierra Leone How Economics Faculty Perceive Adopting Podcasting as a Viable Teaching Method: A Multicase Study Human Capital and Infrastructure as Determinates of Economic Growth Individuals' Donation Decisions and Social Enterprise: A Quantitative Investigation Nonprofit Mergers During Recessions: The Role of Government Funding, Organizational Age, and Benefits to Organizations Patient Acceptance of New Topical Capsaicin Effect on Pain Reduction and Oral Pain Medication Use for Osteoarthritis Psychological Strengths and Social Mobility in Latino Immigrants Regional Characteristics on Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth The impact of recessions upon American higher education, student aid and enrollment