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A comparative study of Islamic websites in Uzbekistan A world of one-way and two-way streets: Exploring the nuances of fan-athlete interaction on Twitter Adaptive peer networks for distributed Web search Ask me anything: A digital (auto)ethnography of Between interactivity and Gatekeeping: Audience participation via mobile texting and Facebook in Italian radiovision RTL 102.5 Brand communication via Facebook: An investigation of the relationship between the marketing mix, brand equity, and purchase intention in the fitness segment of the sport industry Consumption of content on the web: An ecologically inspired perspective Describing and analyzing interactive experience over time Designing for reflexivity: Exploring elements in intentionally designed trajectories in an online gaming community Emergence of innovation and impact in science Essays on online price comparison site competition Examining the effects of Twitter usage on athlete brand personality Examining the utilization of social media by nongovernmental organizations for dialogic communication: A study of Chinese NGOs' Weibo use Facebook journalism: An exploratory study into the news values and role of journalists on Facebook From pulp to plasma screen: A history of gay erotic fiction, 1965--present How Chinese politicians use Sina Weibo, the social networking tool How professional sport organizations utilize Facebook to engage their target publics Hyper- local citizen journalism sites and traditional media sites: Similarities and contrasts in theme, objectivity, and watchdog function Identity, connection, community? A study of the uses and gratifications of Muslim Tumblr bloggers Information diffusion on online social networks Investigating the use of affordances and framing techniques by scholars to manage personal and professional impressions on Twitter Linguistic politeness and interpersonal ties among Bengalis on the social network site Orkut(RTM): The bulge theory revisited Non-response bias on Web-based surveys as influenced by the digital divide and participation gap On the street: A content analysis of body imagery in street-style fashion blogs Scholarly and producer perceptions of genre in female and male adolescent weblogs Security and privacy hazards of software-as-a-service: Analyses and mitigations Semi-supervised learning for identifying opinions in Web content Soft control: Television's relationship to digital micromedia Structural mining of large-scale behavioral data from the Internet TV in the age of the Internet: Information quality of science fiction TV fansites The community listening project: An ethnographic study of the listener The emergence of socially oriented news consumption: The nature, predictors and consequences of news sharing on online social networking sites The impact of social media on identity formation: A netnographic study of Korean graduate students' virtual communities of practice The role of social networking sites as a medium for memorialization in emerging adults Understanding and mitigating forum spam Virtual first impressions matter: The effect of social networking sites on impression formation in virtual teams