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A Semantic Solution for Large Scale Chemical and Biological Knowledge Discovery An automated system for generating situation-specific decision support in clinical order entry from local empirical data An organizational informatics analysis of colorectal, breast, and cervical cancer screening clinical decision support and information systems within community health centers Architectural principles and experimentation of distributed high performance virtual clusters Brand and usability in content-intensive websites Communication modes, persuasiveness, and decision-making quality: A comparison of audio conferencing, video conferencing, and a virtual environment Conceptual schema cardinality understanding: The effects of different types of information encoding Describing and analyzing interactive experience over time Designing and evaluating ambient displays in the wild Designing for the subconscious: A neurois study of priming and idea generation in electronic brainstorming Emergence of innovation and impact in science Ethical Design for Security and Privacy Exploratory studies on digital form and materiality From reading text to re-designing it: eBook design insights from a mixed methods user study of active reading Hamkerun: Mobile infoVis app towards sustainable motivation in a context of running Harnessing the power or narratives to understand user requirements Increase cultural awareness to improve communication in IT outsourcing relationships Information diffusion on online social networks Interacting like humans? Understanding the effect and psychophysiological processes of anthropomorphism on consumer's willingness to pay in online auctions Learning strategies in play during basic training for Medal of Honor and Call of Duty video games Learning-in-use with interactive artifacts Making things last: Digital obsolescence and its resistance by DIY culture Meaningful materials: Exploring style in tangible interactions Modeling citizenship offline and online: Internet use, information, and political action during the 2008 election campaign Modeling economic and financial behavior from large-scale datasets Privacy-aware decentralized architectures for socially networked systems Psychological ownership in interactive enterprise platforms: Drivers and performance implications Query enhancement with topic detection and disambiguation for robust retrieval Random walk applied to heterogenous drug-target networks for predicting biological outcomes Revealing significant relations between chemical/biological features and activity: Associative classification mining for drug discovery Semi-supervised learning for identifying opinions in Web content Shifting Modalities of Use in the XSEDE Project The impact of information and communications technologies (ICTS) on firm location The mediating role of responsive digital materials: A conceptual investigation and analytic framework The perceived and real value of health information exchange in public health surveillance Two studies examining subconscious cognitive processing in collaboration technology usage Understanding and mitigating forum spam Understanding the acceptance and use of virtual gaming as an intervention strategy with older adults in occupational therapy User inspired management of scientific jobs in grids and clouds Using priming games and multi-step processes to improve virtual team decision making Virtual first impressions matter: The effect of social networking sites on impression formation in virtual teams e-Science Data Environments: A View from the Lab Floor