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Ages and origins of metamorphic fabrics and the tectonics of southeastern New England Alleghanian Metamorphism of the Southern Narragansett Basin, RI: Thermobarometric Constraints on Burial and Exhumation An Investigation into the 2.7 Ga Stillwater Complex, Montana, USA: Platinum-Group Element and Sulfur Isotope Geochemistry An integrated sedimentologic, stratigraphic, and geochemical assessment of the lower Genesee Group of New York, USA Application of micro-FTIR and SEM to study heterogeneity of Late Devonian- Early Mississippian shales and siltstones Assessment of CO2 storage potential in saline formations and shale gas reservoirs with enhanced gas recovery in the Midwest regions, U.S.A. Biogeochemical cycling of methane within adjacent closed-basin lakes on the margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet Coalbed gas origin and distribution in the southeastern Illinois Basin Combining crystal chemical and argon isotopic data to date deformation: New constraints on the tectonic history of New Hampshire Controls on coalbed methane potential and gas sorption characteristics of high-volatile bituminous coals in Indiana Coupled feldspar dissolution-clay precipitation kinetics and lead sorption onto ferrihydrite nano-particles Depositional conditions of the Ordovician Maquoketa Shale reconstructed from sulfur isotopic signatures of pyrite and metal abundances Distribution and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS) in the Santa Barbara Basin Evaluating sources of alkalinity generation within a sulfate-reducing bioreactor in south-central Indiana Experimental alteration of amino acids in simulated planetary environments: Mechanisms for formation, oxidation, and racemization Gas genesis and storage in source rocks: Geochemistry, organic petrography, and porosimetry Geochemical characterization of coal-combustion byproducts and adjacent pore waters fifteen years after emplacement in an abandoned mine land site in southwestern Indiana Geochemical charaterization and reactive transport modeling of coal-combustion byproducts utilized as capping materials in mine reclation and implications for long-term weathering in the ambient environment Geochemical evidence of depositional and diagenetic processes associated with elevated organic-matter content and gamma-ray intensity in the Paleozoic New Albany Shale, USA Geochemistry, sulfur isotopes, and petrography of the Cu-Ni-PGE mineralized Crystal Lake Intrusion, Thunder Bay, Ontario Heterogeneity of organic matter in coals and shales Hydration/ dehydration behavior of minerals under Mars-relevant conditions Investigation of phase transition behaviors and transition mechanisms of NAT-topology zeolites in T-PH2O space Isotopic analyses of fossil bones and teeth of herbivores and crocodiles from Bed I and Bed II of the Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania Isotopic and geochemical composition of the Georgia kaolins: Insights into formation and diagenetic conditions Isotopic and mineralogical studies of sulfide mineralization and hydrothermal alteration in the Duke Island ultramafic complex, southeastern Alaska Isotopic geochemistry of mafic intrusions and related sulfide mineralization: Uitkomst and Kabanga, Africa and the Lady of the Lake intrusion, Montana Maturity and hydrocarbon potential of the New Albany Shale and Maquoketa Shale in the Illinois Basin, USA Microbial degradation and thermal maturation of sedimentary organic matter: Insights into generation of petroleum and unconventional natural gas Mineral formation and the fate of iron, aluminum and sulfur within field-scale sulfate-reducing bioreactors Mineralogic, petrological and isotopic studies of the Eagle Ni-Cu sulfide deposit, Michigan Molecular and isotopic indicators of paleoenvironmental change in low-organic-carbon soils with applications to Pleistocene archaeological sites in Greece, Algeria, and Ethiopia Molecular-isotopic studies of phytoplanktonic and heterotrophic biomarkers Petrogenesis and metallogenesis of Midcontinent Rift System - associated Tamarack Intrusive Complex and tamarack Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposit, Minnesota Quantitative models of fluid-rock geochemical interactions: Terra rossa formation, Bloomington, Indiana, and Carlin type gold deposits, Nevada Rare Earth Element (REE) - SiO2 systematics of island arc lower crust amphibolite migmatite from Yakuno Ophiolite, SW Japan: A field evaluation of some model predictions Redefinition of the New Albany Shale of the Illinois basin: An integrated, stratigraphic, sedimentologic, and geochemical study Stratigraphic-forward and reactive-transport modeling of depositional and diagenetic processes in siliciclastic sandstones Sulfur isotope and mineralogical studies of the ni-cu sulfide mineralization in the bovine igneous complex (BIC intrusion) baraga basin, Northern Michigan The bedrock geology of western New Haven Quadrangle, Connecticut The eagle ni-cu-pge magmatic sulfide deposit and surrounding mafic dikes and intrusions in the baraga basin, upper michigan: Relationships, petrogenesis, and implications for magmatic sulfide exploration The stability and crystallography of Mars relevant hygroscopic salts: Implications for environmental conditions of formation and their subsequent role in the H2O cycle Tungsten isotope fractionation during adsorption onto synthetic birnessite and ferrihydrite Zinc isotope fractionation during adsorption onto synthetic birnessite