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"Embodied Wellbeing": A Re-Imagination of Sustainability and Desire in HCI A better Internet without IP addresses A compilation model for C++ concepts A component framework for building Web science gateways and portals A composable data management architecture for scientific applications A concept map-based approach to document indexing and navigation A dynamic scientific workflow system for the Web services architecture A framework for customized approximate functional dependency mining A framework for specifying, representing and enforcing access control for XML data repositories A framework for synchronous and ubiquitous collaboration A generic web-based knowledge discovery framework for case-based reasoning A graph based cache system for efficient querying in distributed triplestores A lambda calculus for monotonicity reasoning A language for specifying compiler optimizations for generic software A nanopass framework for commercial compiler development A probabilistic approach to data integration in biomedical research: The IsBIG experiments A statistical method for syntactic dialectometry A unifying framework for disjunctive data constraints with applications to reasoning under uncertainty A virtual filesystem framework to support embedded software development Active messages as a spanning model for parallel graph computation Adaptive peer networks for distributed Web search Algorithms for automated identification and quantification of glycans and glycopeptides An adaptive document classifier inspired by T-cell cross-regulation in the immune system An automated system for generating situation-specific decision support in clinical order entry from local empirical data Analysis techniques for exploring emergent vulnerabilities and attacks on mobile devices Analyzing hands with first-person computer vision Analyzing the dynamics between the user-sensed data and the real world Anticipating and hardening the Web against socio-technical security attacks Architectural principles and experimentation of distributed high performance virtual clusters Architecture and performance of runtime environments for data intensive scalable computing Automated cognitive model evaluation: Methodologies and uses Automatic text classification using a multi-agent framework Automatic time -bound analysis for high-level languages Big Data analytics in static and streaming provenance Bit-vector strategies for string matching algorithms on GPGPUs Building a Korean particle error detection system from the ground up Building sparse linear solver component for large scale scientific simulation and multiphysics coupling Care and the construction of hacker identities, communities, and society Categorical Semantics for Light Logics Collaborative framework for high-performance p2p-based data transfer in scientific computing Comparison of optimization algorithms in intensity-modulated radiation therapy planning Compiling MATLAB to harness task and data parallelism on heterogeneous architectures Conditional random field models for structured visual object recognition Coordinated checkpoint/restart process fault tolerance for MPI applications on HPC systems Creating expressive piano performance using statistical models Creating fast and accurate machine learning ensembles through training dataset preprocessing Data management in distributed stream processing systems Data-driven computer vision for science and the humanities Describing and analyzing interactive experience over time Design and implementation of a stream-based visualization language Designing and evaluating ambient displays in the wild Digital democracy: The structure and dynamics of political communication in a large scale social media stream Digital vigilance: Pervasive technology for children with Type 1 diabetes Distributed handler architecture Emergence of roles in English canonical transitive construction Encapsulation of state with monad transformers Enforcing user-defined management logic in large scale systems Ethical Design for Security and Privacy Exploiting multi-core processors for the service oriented architecture paradigm: Parallel XML processing and concurrent service orchestration Extracting heterogeneous parallelism from high-level array-based languages Extracting knowledge from documents to construct concept maps Fashion thinking and sustainable HCI Flexible kernel functions for learning on graphs and hypergraphs Flow-Sensitive Control-Flow Analysis in Linear-Log Time Formal notations as diagrams of abstract structure Framework for visualizing and exploring high -dimensional geometry Giant galaxies and their globular cluster populations: Analysis and results from a wide-field imaging survey and archive Graph metrics and dimension reduction Harp: A Machine Learning Framework on Top of the Collective Communication Layer for the Big Data Software Stack Hierarchical, generic to specific multi-class object recognition High performance integration of data parallel file systems and computing: Optimizing MapReduce High performance recording and manipulation of distributed streams High performance, federated, service-oriented geographic information systems Implicit complexity for coinductive data Implicit phasing for library dependencies Improved X-ray Powder Diffraction Modeling of Interstratified Phyllosilicates with Application to Quantitative Analysis Improving anonymity networks via end-to-end design Incentives, Behavior, and Risk Management Information diffusion on online social networks Information federation in grid information services Integrated collaborative information systems Interactions in a drug-target network Keyword search on graph data Language in the balance: Factors in the emergence of compositional communication Lattice-based data structures for deterministic parallel and distributed programming Looking for a haystack: Selecting data sources in a distributed retrieval system Minimal Krylov subspaces for dimension reduction Modeling economic and financial behavior from large-scale datasets Modern task parallelism for modern high performance computing More effective use of high performance systems using sub-batch allocation resource management within multiple component multiple data applications Multi-case-base reasoning Multi-level adaptation for performability in dynamic web service workflows Musicat: A computer model of musical listening and analogy-making Nanopass compiler infrastructure Neurorobotic modeling of infant preferential looking and its role in early word learning Noncomputable spectral sets On efficient computation of Grobner bases On the data mapping problem One-sided communication for high performance computing applications Orthographic enrichment for Arabic grammatical analysis Physically interacting with four dimensions Playable stories: Making programming and 3D role-playing game design personally and socially relevant Policy-based analysis and frameworks for non-consumptive research Preserving long-term access to United States government documents in legacy digital formats Principles for coordinated optimization of computation and communication in large-scale parallel systems Privacy considerations in the context of wearable cameras Privacy-aware decentralized architectures for socially networked systems Proactive cyberfraud detection through infrastructure analysis Probabilistic reasoning on metric spaces Processing highly variant language using incremental model selection Programming abstraction for resource aware stream processing for scientific workflows Provenance framework in support of data quality estimation Provenance-aware framework for lightweight capture and high quality data regeneration Quality, retrieval and analysis of provenance in large-scale data Quasi-Newton methods for stochastic optimization and proximity-based methods for disparate information fusion Query enhancement with topic detection and disambiguation for robust retrieval Query optimization for distributed stream processing Rank quality for evaluating CCBR system performance Reading between the domains Region-based memory management for expressive GPU programming Relational programming in miniKanren: Techniques, applications, and implementations Resource sharing for multi-tenant NoSQL data store in cloud Reverse engineering the mechanisms and the dynamical behavior of complex biochemical pathways Risk perceptions of security and privacy risks online Scalable Web service-based XML message brokering across organizations Scalable and robust clustering and visualization for large-scale bioinformatics data Scalable architecture for integrated batch and streaming analysis of big data Scalable high performance multidimensional scaling Scalable parallel computing on clouds: Efficient and scalable architectures to perform pleasingly parallel, MapReduce and iterative data intensive computations on cloud environments Scalable, fault -tolerant management of grid services: Application to messaging middleware Security and privacy hazards of software-as-a-service: Analyses and mitigations Semi-supervised learning for identifying opinions in Web content Seqsee: A concept-centered architecture for sequence perception Service oriented architecture for geographic information systems supporting real time data grids Shared memory optimizations for distributed memory programming models Small communities with strong ties {and, or, versus} big data in detecting masquerade attacks Social and egocentric image classification for scientific and privacy applications Socially induced semantic networks and applications Starfish: A table -centric tool for design derivation Static computation and reflection Statistical methods of latent structure discovery in child-directed speech Structural mining of large-scale behavioral data from the Internet Structural summaries for efficient XML query processing Subjectivity and sentiment analysis of Arabic as a morophologically-rich language Synthetic programming: User-directed run-time code synthesis for high performance computing Targeted computational approaches for mining functional elements in metagenomes The Role of Canalization in the Spreading of Perturbations in Boolean Networks The computational content of isomorphisms The educational experiences of software designers working in education/instructional technology related fields The expression of human behavior in online networks The foundation of agency: An exploration of how minimal organisms emerge from and adapt to their environments The influence of aesthetics on the learnability and memorability of website interfaces The persuasive power of text messages for behavior change: Encouraging young adults to increase physical activity The security and privacy of mobile platforms in a rapidly evolving world The spies we trust: Third party service providers and law enforcement surveillance Topological representation of canonicity for varieties of modal algebras Towards a systematic study of big data performance and benchmarking User inspired management of scientific jobs in grids and clouds Using ensembles of adaptations for case based reasoning Validity in a variant of separation logic Virtual cluster management for analysis of geographically distributed and immovable data Visual human tracking and group activity analysis: A video mining system for retail marketing Visualization of music relational information sources for analysis, navigation, and discovery When the cloud meets big data: Security challenges and solutions When, not where: A dynamical field theory of infant gaze