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A quiet road to war: Media compliance and suppressed public opinion in Iran An Analysis of Neocolonial Media Dynamics in the News About Puerto Rico An Examination of Spirituality, Psychological Well-Being, Ease of Transition, and Acculturative Stress of Caribbean Immigrants China's Public Diplomacy in Kenya: The Case of Chinese Language and Cultural Programs at the University of Nairobi Confucius Institute Free Movement of Skilled Labor Under the Single Market Case Study: Grenada Ghana's Black Gold Rush: Analyzing the Effects of Globalization, Political Leadership, Insecurity, and Oil on Development and Unemployment From 1960 to Present Governance and Democratic Transition in Africa: Understanding "Ivoirite" and the Ethnicity Challenges to Citizenship and Nation-Building in Cote d'Ivoire Governance and Growth in Nigeria: Examining the Competing Bilateral Economic Relationships Among Nigeria, China and the United States, 2001-2011 Healing narratives and Treatment Approaches in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Management in the Republic of Chad, Africa Human security and conflict management: Post-conflict reconstruction in Sierra Leone 2002 to 2009 Migration as a Strategy of "Authentic" Development? The Case of Senegal National Conflicts and International Interventions in Africa: United States Policies in Resolving the Two Sudans Protracted Wars National Security Challenges: An Assessment of State Responses to Boko-Haram Insurgency in Nigeria Nigeria's Africa Policy and Regional Security: A Case Study of Nigeria's Contributions to ECOMOG Peace Support Operations in Liberia from 1990 to 1999 Realism in the Context of Contemporary International Security From the United States Perspective Relationship Management of the 'Brain Circulation' Phenomenon: The Case of the Ugandan Government and Its Ugandan Diaspora in the United States Sexuality on the Beach: Understanding Empowerment and the Fluidity of Power Through the Lived Experiences of African American Women as Tourists in Jamaica Terrorism, Sectarianism, Corruption and the Transition to Democracy In the Post-Saddam Hussein Era in Iraq The Economic Integration of Trade Policy in South Africa: A Case Study of Ethekwini The Ethiopian Diaspora and US Foreign Policy towards Ethiopia The Intersection of Race, Culture, and Human Rights Discourses: A Critical Assessment of the Contributions from the African American Freedom Struggle from 1940--1970 The Non-Western Female Consumer: A Look at Confidence, Culture Conflict, Communication Clashes and Western Corporation Computer-Mediated Communication Platforms The Paradoxes of Turkey's Role Model Status in the Debate on Its Accession to the European Union (EU): A Critical View of the Power of Representation Transformational Leadership and Decision Making: Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton Weapons of the Weak and African Politics: Protests and Resistance in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria