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"We Are Family": Use of Facebook by Howard University Students to Maintain Communalism A Comparison of the Cross-Faith Boundary Experience of African American Muslim Women Converts and the Positionalities of Their Christian Significant Others During the Black Nationalist Movement and the Twenty-First Century A Problem-Solving Intervention: How Spiritually Based iPod Use Can Improve the Health of Faith-Based African American Female Caregivers for Individuals With Alzheimer's Disease and Other Related Dementias: An Exploratory Study A Qualitative Analysis of Local and Imported Television Programming in Jamaica: Implications for Cultural and National Development Acting the Part: A Textual Analysis of The Representation and Performative Black Masculinity of the Married Men in Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married?" and "Why Did I Get Married Too?" African-American communication: The continuity and extension through talk elements of commercial black radio An Analysis of Neocolonial Media Dynamics in the News About Puerto Rico Are Your Reasons the Same as Mine? A Qualitative Thematic Analysis of Young Adults' Use of Social Media During the 2008 Presidential Campaign Assessing Attributions for Poverty-Welfare Reliance Between TANF Service Recipients and Social Welfare Service Workers: Implications for Co-cultural Consensus Building and Advocacy Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder in Children: Psychosocial Factors that Influence Caregivers' Treatment Decisions Bring Me an Orgasm: An Analysis of Inter-gender Communication About Sexual Desires in Romantic Heterosexual Relationships of Women Over Forty Years Old Color Blocked: A Rhetorical Analysis of Colorism and its Impact on Rap Lyrics in Hip Hop Music from 2005 to 2010 Communication in Culture and Society: Origin, Evolution, Challenge and Achievement in Senegalese Publishing Constructing a Woman's "Reality": Examining Images of African-American Women in Six Selected Reality Television Docusoaps Critical incidents in HIV disclosure: Examining context, channel, perception, and choice in interpersonal health disclosure Ethnic and Transnational Identities in the Diaspora: A Phenomenological Study of Second-Generation Igbo-American Young Adults From the Margins to the Center: African American English Vernacular in Mainstream America, 1995--2010 Healing narratives and Treatment Approaches in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Management in the Republic of Chad, Africa Identifying the HIV Testing Beliefs Of Healthcare Provider Staff at a University Student Health Center: An Exploratory Study Identifying the conflict management styles of African-American women in the workplace: An exploration of the issues Is Creativity a Requirement to be a Television Director? A Case Study of the Creativity Challenges and Solutions for Kuwaiti Television Directors Measuring Changes in User Task Performance Across Different Levels of Interface Agent Social Interaction Negotiating Multiple Identities in Intercultural Spaces: Challenges for College-Educated Asian-American Professionals in United States Organizations Not the Man in the Mirror: A Quantitative Content Analysis of Northern and Southern Newspaper Frames of Strom Thurmond Prepared or Not, Here It Comes: Applying the Risk Information Seeking and Processing (RISP) Model to Determine How Diversity Dimensions Influence Severe Weather Risk Information Seeking and Processing Behaviors Relationship Management of the 'Brain Circulation' Phenomenon: The Case of the Ugandan Government and Its Ugandan Diaspora in the United States Sexuality on the Beach: Understanding Empowerment and the Fluidity of Power Through the Lived Experiences of African American Women as Tourists in Jamaica Spiritual Health Identity: A Thematic Analysis of Experiences of Black Women in the Black Church Suffering in Silence? Intrapersonal Communication Regarding Female Empowerment and Healthcare Access for Breast Cancer Screening in Cape Town, South Africa The Convergence Crisis: A Qualitative Analysis of The Impact of Convergence On Advertising The Diary of a Black Female Millennial Blogger: A Discourse Analysis of The Feasibility of Credentialing in Local TV News: A Study of the Attitudes of Professors and Broadcast TV Journalists The Giving and Preserving of "Self": Life Histories, Everyday Interactions, and Conceptions of Self as Told by Bengali Brothel-Based Sex Workers The Internarrative State The Nature and State of Diversity Programs in Public-Sector Organizations: A View of Perceived Effectiveness The Non-Western Female Consumer: A Look at Confidence, Culture Conflict, Communication Clashes and Western Corporation Computer-Mediated Communication Platforms The Stigmatized Group and Cultural Linguistic Resignification: Hip Hop's Reclamation of the Black Monster The Use and Adoption of Information Communication and Technologies (ICTs) by Jamaican Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) The continuity and extension of African-American communication dynamics through Black comic strips The historic presidential campaign of 2008: A content analysis of selected news magazines portrayal of Senator Barack Obama as a mythical hero in his bid for the presidency of the United States The making of an illegal human: The discourse and counter -discourse of "illegal" immigration Typeface Persona: Investigating Gotham's Suitability for Obama's 2008 Presidential Campaign Understanding Men's Interference in Women's Empowerment and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Nigeria: A Gender Comparison Using Poetry as a Communication Multimodality to Encourage Reading Engagement of Selected African-American Learners: A Case Study