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'Loyal friends' and 'fickle lenders': The behavior of foreign financial institutions and investors during shocks A History of Money in Palestine: From the 1900s to the Present An empirical evaluation of the Kyrgyz health reform: Does it work for the poor? Beyond compliance: Three essays on voluntary corporate environmentalism Capital market imperfections and corporate finance Choices and consequences: Decisions on health, wealth, and employment Competition and selection in health insurance markets Competition, Regulation, and Entry Timing in Marketing for Pharmaceutical Line Extensions Consequences of Government Provision and Regulation of Health Insurance Disasters and the Lucas orchard: Essays in finance and macroeconomics Discovering new export activities in developing countries: Uncertainty, linkages, and the product space Do newer prescription drugs pay for themselves? Searching for appropriate empirical methodologies Does analogical reasoning affect political attitudes? Evidence from survey experiments Dynamics of platform -based markets Effects of the Organization of Financial Markets Environmental Tax Reform and Economic Welfare Essays Using Google Data Essays in Applied Microeconomics Essays in Behavioral Household Finance Essays in Behavioral and Experimental Economics Essays in Corporate and Consumer Finance Essays in Economics, Genetics, and Psychology Essays in Entrepreneurship and Public Economics Essays in Financial Economics Essays in Financial Economics Essays in Financial and Housing Economics Essays in Global Games and Political Economy Essays in Institutional Economics Essays in International Finance Essays in Labor Economics and International Economics Essays in Local Labor Economics Essays in Macroeconomics and Asset Pricing: Long-Run Risks, Disasters, and Trends Essays in Market Design Essays in Social Economics Essays in US fiscal policy Essays in applied microeconomics Essays in applied microeconomics Essays in applied microeconomics Essays in applied microeconomics and applied econometrics Essays in development economics Essays in development economics Essays in economics Essays in empirical contracting and development Essays in finance, law and economics Essays in financial economics and contract theory Essays in industrial organization Essays in industrial organization and technological change Essays in international finance and macroeconomics Essays in international macroeconomics Essays in international trade Essays in labor and development econometrics Essays in law and economics Essays in optimal taxation Essays in organizational economics Essays in political economy Essays in proxy voting and human capital investment Essays in public economics Essays in taxation and international relations Essays in the Economics of Health Care and the Regulation of Medical Technology Essays in the Political Economy of Information Essays in the economics of lifecycle decision making Essays in the industrial organization of Internet markets Essays in the political economy of conflict and development Essays on *education, health and marriage Essays on Applied Microeconomics Essays on Corporate Pension Plans Essays on Credit Markets and the Macroeconomy Essays on Export Dynamics Essays on Industrial Organization and Game Theory Essays on Inequality and Market Failure Essays on Instrumental Variables Essays on International Trade and Labor Essays on International Trade, Economic Growth, and the Environment Essays on Measuring and Explaining Commodities Returns Essays on Political Economy, Industrial Organization, and Public Economics Essays on Provider Behavior in Health Care Markets Essays on Public Outcomes Reporting and Technology Adoption in Health Care Essays on Social and Economic Disadvantage Essays on Stock Investing and Investor Behavior Essays on Strategy, Institutions, and Multinationals in Global Supply Chains Essays on Time-Varying Discount Rates Essays on consumer behavior in health care Essays on consumption, borrowing, and behavioral economics Essays on corporate finance Essays on developing country markets in environment and health Essays on economic development Essays on environmental and natural resource economics Essays on environmental tax *policy analysis: Dynamic computable general equilibrium approaches applied to China Essays on finance, international economics, and national security Essays on firms, investment and credit in emerging markets Essays on governance, *population and political stability Essays on historical labor market institutions Essays on household saving behavior and fiscal policy Essays on industrial organization Essays on information in emerging financial markets Essays on information, competition and quality in health care provider markets Essays on innovation and finance Essays on international trade and foreign direct investment Essays on international trade and macroeconomic dynamics Essays on labor economics Essays on lobbying and corruption Essays on monetary economics Essays on networks and markets Essays on partial identification in econometrics and finance Essays on platform competition and two -sided markets Essays on political economy Essays on poverty dynamics and social policy Essays on public goods provision Essays on retirement, savings and health Essays on social factors related to U.S. income inequality Essays on social preferences Essays on tax policy and tax compliance Essays on technological change in health care markets Essays on the Activities of the Public Sector Essays on the Chilean school system and labor market Essays on the Economics of Climate Change Essays on the Economics of Risk and Financial Markets Essays on the Economics of the Family Essays on the Industrial Organization of Health Care Essays on the Role of Banks in the Macroeconomy Essays on the causes and consequences of income inequality Essays on the economics of *education in developing countries Essays on the economics of crime and criminal justice Essays on the impact of residential location on networks, attitudes and cooperation: Experimental evidence from India Essays on the impacts of educational policies Essays on the industrial organization of health care Essays on the lending and underwriting industries Essays on the political economy of inequality and redistribution Essays on the political economy of public good provision in developing countries Essays on unemployment and expectations in macroeconomic models Estimation and *inference under non-stationarity Examining the scope of multibusiness health care firms: Implications for corporate strategy, management control systems and performance Federal policy and the mid-century transformation in U.S. housing markets Finance Implications of the Great Recession Financial Incentives in Health Care Reform: Evaluating Payment Reform in Accountable Care Organizations and Competitive Bidding in Medicare Financial choices and the decision-making context Government policy and the economics of policymaking Gradualism in Coordination and Trust Building Group differences in preferences, beliefs, and perceptions Hidden Markets: Designing Efficient but Usable Market-based Systems Influencing health systems: Priorities, policies, and providers Institutions and Offending: Three Essays in the Economics of Crime and Punishment International trade and labor markets: Unemployment, inequality and redistribution Land, labor and technology: Essays in development economics Liquidity and traders' behaviors in financial markets Long -term impacts of educational interventions Malnutrition, infectious disease and economic *development Market dynamics and health care for the uninsured Matching Models of Markets Mathematical Modeling to Evaluate Disease Control Policy Mean Reversion in Housing Markets On the waterfront: An empirical study of corruption in ports Pathologies in American democracy: The partisan politics of medical care Political economy of media capture Prejudice and Protectionism: Essays at the Intersection of International Political Economy and Psychology Price adjustment, pass-through and monetary policy Prices and exchange rates in general equilibrium Product differentiation and firm heterogeneity in international trade Quality-based payment in health care: Theory and practice Rationally motivated failure in distributed systems Scraped data and prices in macroeconomics Social Forces and Public Good Provision The Evolving Dynamics of Health Insurance Under State and Federal Reform The Industrial Organization of Health Insurance Markets The Macroeconomic Consequences of Microeconomic Phenomena in the Housing and Labor Markets The Power of a Practical Conclusion and Essays in the Economic Analysis of Legal Systems The Role Polysemy can Play in Evoking Action: The Case of " recovery" in Economic Discourse The Value of Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer The Welfare Functions of Credit and Debt in an Era of Rising Inequality The clash of brothers: Wars to avoid diffusion in a contagious world The health -related quality of life of children ages 7--10 years with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the cost-effectiveness of treating ADHD in these children The role of beliefs in financial markets: Three essays on violence, trust, and religion The role of credit constraints in international trade and *growth Three Essays in Political Economy and Public Finance Three Essays on Local Economic Development in India Three empirical essays on industries with creative content Three essays in applied economics Three essays in environmental economics Three essays in ethnicity, conflict and the political economy of *development Three essays in public economics Three essays on development economics and political economy Three essays on macroeconomic consequences of stock market volatility Three essays on the effects of health shocks Topics in international economics Topics in the economics of health and aging Trading spaces: The political economy of foreign direct investment regulation Transformations in Health Policy: An Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease Testing, Medicaid Enrollment, and Insurance Market Concentration Uniform inferences in econometrics Wealth, Welfare, and Well-being: Essays on Indebtedness and Normative Analysis Why and when do political parties adopt primary elections? A theoretical and comparative study