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Beyond compliance: Three essays on voluntary corporate environmentalism Combinatorial Markets in Theory and Practice: Mitigating Incentives and Facilitating Elicitation Disasters and the Lucas orchard: Essays in finance and macroeconomics Essays at the Intersection of Environment and Development Economics Essays in Applied Econometrics and Education Essays in Behavioral Economics and Innovation Essays in Economic Geography Essays in Financial Economics Essays in Industrial Organization and Finance Essays in International Finance and Macroeconomics Essays in applied microeconomics Essays in applied microeconomics and applied econometrics Essays in development economics Essays in empirical contracting and development Essays in experimental and labor economics Essays in financial economics and contract theory Essays in industrial organization Essays in international trade Essays in law and economics Essays in organizational economics Essays in political economy Essays in the industrial organization of Internet markets Essays on *matching and market design Essays on Applied Microeconomics Essays on Asset Pricing and Econometrics Essays on Health Insurance and Annuities Essays on Industrial Organization and Game Theory Essays on Industry Response to Energy and Environmental Policy Essays on Microeconomic Theory Essays on Platforms: Asymmetric Information, Search, and Policy Essays on Random Choice Essays on economic development Essays on environmental and natural resource economics Essays on game theory Essays on indices and matching Essays on industrial policy and communication Essays on international trade and foreign direct investment Essays on market design Essays on mobile advertising and commerce Essays on networks and markets Essays on networks, bargaining and matching Essays on real -life allocation problems Essays on the Transmission and Diffusion of Productive Knowledge in International Economics Essays on the economics of crime and criminal justice Essays on the theory of liquidity Estimation and *inference under non-stationarity Expressiveness and optimization under incentive compatibility constraints in dynamic auctions Incentives in Social Computing Information aggregation in financial markets International trade and labor markets: Unemployment, inequality and redistribution Matching Models of Markets Mean Reversion in Housing Markets Measuring Health Care Quality and Value: Theory and Empirics Open mechanism design: Ensuring and verifying the strategyproofness of mechanisms in open environments Political Economy of Committee Voting and its Application Political agency in democracies and dictatorships Prediction Markets: Theory and Applications Strategies to Grow Network Goods Three empirical essays on industries with creative content Three essays in applied economics Three essays in public economics Three essays on development economics and political economy Three essays on macroeconomic consequences of stock market volatility Topics in the economics of health and aging Truthful and fair resource allocation