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A Topical Study of Planetary Magnetic Fields An information theoretic approach to compressed sensing and its utility in magnetic resonance imaging Approximation of Positive Semidefinite Matrices Using the Nystrom Method Computations and algorithms in physical and biological problems Discrete Differential Geometry and Physics of Elastic Curves Dynamics at Soft Interfaces Dynamics of infection, mutation, and eradication, in HIV and other evolving populations High-resolution geomagnetic field modeling and forecasting Magnetic spheres in viscous flows and at interfaces: Sorting, coating, and interfacial deformation Mapping class groups, homology and finite covers of surfaces Matching Models of Markets Mechanics and neurobiology of undulatory locomotion Moduli of Galois Representations Multi-Agent Systems with Reciprocal Interaction Laws Nonstationary time series modeling with applications to speech signal processing On Elliptic Curves, the ABC Conjecture, and Polynomial Threshold Functions Optimal Control of Active Sensing Systems Organization and diffusion in biological and material fabrication problems Pencils of quadrics and Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves Periodic Pulsed Controllability with Applications to NMR Quasi-local energy in General Relativity Restrictions of Steiner bundles and divisors on the Hilbert scheme of points in the plane Spatial and Temporal Regulation of Vascular Network Formation Studies in discrete and continuum mechanics The convexity of quadratic maps and the controllability of coupled systems The near and far of pore pressure during landslide and earthquake ruptures Theoretical Models of Self-assembly / Search for Euler Singularity