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"She who did this thing was born to do it": Nineteenth-century women poets and the dramatic monologue "Words that hurt, words that heal" United Methodist worship and gender language 1972-1992 A few more friends of Christ: The ordination of women in the Pentecostal church A tale of two women: Re-envisioning Zeena Frome and Myra Henshawe Assist the Widowed Women of Maple Hill African Methodist Episcopal Church Discover Their Gifts and Talents For Active Ministry Maple Hill, North Carolina Bridging the Charles: The first women graduates of the Harvard Business School, 1960--1965 Civilizing mission for women: American Methodist missionary women and social change in Korea, 1885--1940 Devaluing the earth: Salvation, immortality and the status of women in religion: A depth psychology approach Developing a mentoring ministry to integrate previously incarcerated females into the Sanderford Road community -- Raleigh, North Carolina Drama queen or trauma queen: Does elevating self-awareness impact the colonized consciousness of female clergy? Empire, gender, and ambiveilence: Toward a postcolonial womanist interpretation of the woman Babylon in the Book of Revelation Empowering the single women of Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church ages 25 to 50 to identify their spiritual gifts for use in the congregation Her body speaks: Dance movement therapy for African American women survivors of sexual victimization How women are portrayed in the romantic comedies Pillow Talk (1959) and When Harry Met Sally (1989) In the horizon of the infinite: Paul Tillich and the dialectic of the sacred Liberation beyond borders: Dalit feminist hermeneutics and four gospel women Made in His Image: The Origins of African American Women's Jeremiad Mnemosyne: Remembering and recovering the self through identification with The Great Mother and her daughters, Athena, Artemis and Hestia Morphing the Gothic: The new voice of Gothic literature among contemporary women writers Mother may I? Clergywomen's experience of mother and ministry Muses, scapegoats, and transgressions: An analysis of Wes Anderson's construction of female characters Passionate Christ: Kenosis, feminism, and desire Paul and politics: Ekklesia, household, and empire in 1 Corinthians 1-7 Politics or piety, the women of Pakistan Promoting pawns to queens: Maneuvering mothers in Middleton's drama Queen's daughters: African American women, Christian mission and racial change, 1940--1960 Racial and ethnic disparity in the screening of African -American women for osteoporosis Re-imagining the late-colonial Anglo-Indian woman's romance: Reading Maud Diver Recovering voices from the margins: How female physicians experience issues of addiction and impairment Rites of passage for women in Evangelical Christianity: A theological and ritual analysis Sankofa, Aggiornamento and jubilee: Recalling yesterday, envisioning today and imagining tomorrow: Black Catholic lay women evangelizing the church Telling the deep stories freeing the soul and releasing the spirit The Sibyl: A voice in the borderlands The anchorhold: Sovereignty in solitary The great divorce: Love and marriage in Great War literature The silence continues no more: Domestic violence Transcending stereotyped motherhood: The social construction of mothers under duress in Toni Morrison's "Beloved" and "Song of Solomon" and Cynthia Ozick's "The Shawl" and "The Cannibal Galaxy" Veils, masks, and mannequins: The art of dressing character and scene in Willa Cather's theatre of fiction Violent love, oppressive liberation: Reading Mary in the infancy narratives of Matthew and Luke alongside surrogate Indian mothers Zona Gale: Pulitzer playwright, social activist, 20th century literary comet