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"Revealed to infants, not to the wise and intelligent": Reader, character, and dialogic interaction---a Bakhtinian reading of the Gospel of Matthew "The Son of Man goes as it is written of him": The figuration of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark "Who Are My Congregants?" Identifying Strategies for Church Growth in our Community "Words that hurt, words that heal" United Methodist worship and gender language 1972-1992 A Study of John Wesley's Social Sanctification based on Christian Worldview: A Curriculum "Spirituality in Daily Lives" Development for Discipleship Training A Study of Worship School as a Context of Adult Faith Education: A Case of Young Adult Ministry of Eunsung Church in Namyangju, Korea A Study of the Influence of Tong/Narraphor Preaching on Congregational Development: A Case Study of Hana Church A Study of the Lord's Supper as a Solution to the [schisma] Situation in the Church Community: With a Focus on the Case of the Heavenly Community Church of the Korean Methodist Church, Gangneung, Korea A Study on Alienation in a Local Church: A Case of Andong Church in Andong, Korea A Study on Bible Tongdok in the Comprehension of Sermon: A Case Study of Moohak Church, Seoul, Korea A Study on Faith Growth through One Year Reading of Tong Bible: A Case Study of Eoyang Church, Jeollabuk-do, Korea A Study on the Bible Listening through the "Tong Bible" Method: With Focus on 48 Hours Chronological Order of the Bible Listening and Listening to the Bible 10 Times in One Year A Study on the Influence of Biblical Faith in Church Building Construction: A Case Study of Dukjang Church, Gyeonggi-do, Korea A Study on the Influence of Tong Bible Reading in the Mobilization of Vocational Mission: A Case Study of Kyeong-Nam Provincial Police Agency Christian Association A calling confirmed: Exploring the spiritual impact of ordination in the United Methodist Church A cross-cultural approach to training of lay pastoral care givers at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, New Jersey A different point of view: Jainism and Christianity in dialogue towards a human attitude about wealth, consumption, work, and rest A few more friends of Christ: The ordination of women in the Pentecostal church A homiletic of spirituality: An analysis of Howard Thurman's theory and praxis of preaching A journey of saying goodbye: Leading a parish from grief to celebration A ministry of comfort: An equipping project to care for the Luso -Brazilian community in Newark -NJ A mission minded church: Identifying mission worthy projects for global missions A mission of people, places and 'altared' spaces: From St. Stephen's on-the-Hill to St. Stephen's off-the-Hill A nurturing presence: Shalom ministry to caregivers of individuals living with Alzheimer's disease and other related dementias A passionate God: Constructing a theology of divine enjoyment A pulpit parable: Crafting and communicating symbol-story for semiotic change A tale of two hallowed buildings: Making God real for new generations A theology of abundance: Fundraising in a multicultural community A trinity of love: The formation of Christian community in worship Akan Christology---an analysis of the Christologies of John Samuel Pobee and Kwame Bediako in conversation with the theology of Karl Barth Ambassadors at work: Deepening congregants' sense of Christ in community ministry An Orthodox Lutheran view of ecclesiology: A doctrinal and practical exchange between Valentin Ernst Loescher (1673--1749) and Joachim Lange (1670--1744) Asset-based community development: Mobilization of the Peki Dzake community in Ghana for school renovation Assist the Widowed Women of Maple Hill African Methodist Episcopal Church Discover Their Gifts and Talents For Active Ministry Maple Hill, North Carolina Becoming Christ's letter: Preaching life's experiences at Estridge Moravian Church, St. Kitts Becoming alive with prayer: Connecting with God through a multi -faceted approach to prayer Becoming one body: Helping your story and my story become our stories Beyond charity and evangelism: A Christian ethical inquiry into the South Korean Protestant churches' socioeconomic and political responses to poverty in South Korea Bitter to better: Engaging American Baptist African-American women clergy to mentor African-American women on the path to ordination Breaking through the plate glass window - A social ethical study of racial profiling and violent innocence in Elizabeth, New Jersey Bridging the gap: Developing an alternative entry point for Christian formation at Church of the Servant United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma C.L.O.W.N. Squad---learning to creatively love our wonderful neighbors Charles Williams: Master in the literary expression of transcendent reality Chosen Generation Community Church: Exploring indispensible factors in living an effective Christian life Christ's gift of congregational life in the mystery of Holy Communion Christology on the via postmoderna: Moltmann, Derrida, process philosophy and postcolonial theory Church renewal through relationships Coming out Christian: A model of four foundational questions from the spiritual lives of LGBT people to clarify Christian identity and deepen spiritual maturity Congregational participation in worship: A study of the Korean Praise and Worship movement in the 1980s as a model for inspiring active participation Constantly Becoming Constructing a new approach for contemporary Pentecostal theology: A study of ecstasy and spiritual presence as a Divine--Human encounter Conversations in Holy Listening: Community development as a strategy for congregational growth Creating a shared vision for ministerial accountability at Fountain Baptist Church in Summit, New Jersey Creative collaboration as a catalyst for postmodern preaching and worship Cross-departmental team building to support the co-curricular spiritual formation program at Seattle Pacific University Dare to Pray, Dare to Be Church: The Impact of Liturgy on Ecclesiology Since Vatican II Deepening relationships with the manipulative psychiatric patient: How a pastoral staff reassesses their effectiveness Developing a community experience to include an alternative worship service to reconnect and retain millennials' participation within Grace United Methodist Church, St. Albans, New York Developing a governing document (constitution/by-laws) which connects us to our Christian vision and also keep us connected to our Baptist roots (congregational-governance) at Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church in Winston Salem, North Carolina Developing a mentoring ministry to integrate previously incarcerated females into the Sanderford Road community -- Raleigh, North Carolina Developing a model for bereavement support for churches based on the pastoral services of Isabella Geriatric Center Developing a servant leadership program for a congregation in transition Dispelling the last taboo: Helping clergy and congregations to care for persons and families who are living with mental illness Double talk: The duality of liberative and constrictive messages about social power and moral authority conveyed through black preaching EPIC worship for the Salvation Army Korean Community Church in London, United Kingdom Effective membership assimilation: Developing a process by which adult new members are purposefully integrated into the full life of the congregation Emerging churches leading with empathy. From people needs to God's mission at RETROchurch: Relate, Experience, Transmit, Respond, and Oxygenate, including a "Hope in Film" video experience for small groups Engaging young adults: Reigniting a passion and curiosity about God Establishing a biblically and theologically based social justice ministry to address the issues of Liberian immigration and acculturation in the United States Every member a minister? (Re)claiming the priesthood of all believers Expanding Their Borders Exploring a new leadership approach for Ottawa Korean Methodist Church Exploring narratives in supernatural healing at Grace Church of God, Brooklyn, NY Exploring the Puritan methodology of church growth as a biblical model of church growth with the congregation of Second Reformed Church, Irvington, NJ Faith in daily life: Strengthening the spiritual lives of men at Christ the King Lutheran Church Family Night at home: Parental mobilization through worship and spiritual fellowship in transforming Korean-American families Finding healing with the angel of the church Finding the formula for connecting the church in the lives of teenagers/young adults For all generations: The experience and expression of intergenerational worship For the spiritual journey of the Korean immigrant church: From the Christian spirituality of Chaoskampf through the hopeful practice of liberation, to the peaceful fellowship of Sabbath rest--- Shim Forgiveness of sin outside of the Sacraments of Penance and Baptism in the Eastern and Western Churches Fortress, frontier and in-between: The art of honoring everyone in the journey From crisis to opportunity: Development of a church-community collaboration model at the United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor, New Jersey From sameness to multicultural: Lessons from the journey From the hexaemeral to the physico -theological: A study of Thomas Traherne's Meditations on the Six Days of the Creation and The Kingdom of God focusing upon the cosmological controversy Gathered for worship and word: Scattered to witness to the world Generative preaching: The role of preaching in communal identity formation in an emerging church context Hear 2 heal: Embrace new vision Heart, soul, mind and strength: An authentic encounter with the Bible in its original languages How can we grow?: Creating an intentionally welcoming and relational community How to effectively engage in ministry with the millennial generation: Developing a contextualized intergenerational church through millennial outreach I Have Called You Friends: Toward relational ministry in a postmodern world: Practicing authentic Christian friendship Im-possible glory: The cross and the abyss In the beginning was the body: Reclaiming the corporeal ground of spirituality In the horizon of the infinite: Paul Tillich and the dialectic of the sacred Incarnational creativity: A pneumatology of improvisation Increasing stability and effectiveness of professional youth ministry in the local church Inhabiting God's wounds: Reimagining the wisdom of vulnerability Initiation process of the marginalized in Asia: A historical and theological study in discourse with contemporary Asian theological perspectives Intentional discipleship through small group ministry at Union Village United Methodist Church Intergenerational sharing in the African American church: Re-establishing the connection between the elders and the middle generation It's all about language: Towards and intercultural youth ministry Jerome of Stridon: Innovative Christian supersessionist John Wesley's reactions to the Lisbon earthquake of 1755 Keeping balance: The role of Sabbath in the lives of New York City pastors Keeping the fire burning (without getting burnt): Helping worship leaders maintain their passion for ministry through resiliency training Korean Pentecostalism and the reconstruction of the Holy Spirit Movement Lessons from a Church Merger Lex Liturgiae Inculturationis: A study of the Korean traditional rite of ancestral veneration and Korean Christian memorial rites Like other people's children: The Danish West Indies Lutheran mission. A Caribbean prototype of liturgical inculturation Listening to the cultural other: Toward a Christian ethics of transformative listening Liturgical language: An Anglican perspective Living in Holy Saturday: Keeping balance of death and resurrection in United Methodist funerals Losing the lost generation: Exploring the relationship between Mt. Zion Baptist Church (MZBC) and young adults ages 18-30 within a two-mile radius surrounding MZBC in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Managing conflict in the life of a congregation at a Seventh-day Adventist church Mentoring: Discussion starters for pastoral interns in Grace Communion International Ministering with the Earth: Towards an ecologically liberating Christianity in Latin America Mother may I? Clergywomen's experience of mother and ministry Moving beyond a donut ministry: Enacting the law of hospitality Native American ministry at the end of life: A community of hope Non homiletical direction in the narrative tradition: A challenge of the postliberal theology of Hans Frei to the contemporary Korean church None of the lines outside apply: Strengthening community using online means of connectivity Open -source discipleship: Collaboration in youth ministry Opportunities in the vineyard for the laos theou Passion for gift: The asymmetrical reciprocity between divine presence and human freedom in Barth's doctrine of revelation Passionate Christ: Kenosis, feminism, and desire Passionate non-attachment: Practices of longing in Mirabai and Hadewijch; A comparative study of desirous mysticism Pastors and musicians: Utilizing the Psalms for relational ministry and moving from dissonance to dialogue at First Presbyterian Church, OKC Perspectives from a theological workshop using arts and humanities: Interventional aids to assist older Christians with death anxiety Petition for peace: A theological analysis of Richard Baxter's "Reformed Liturgy" in its ecclesiological context Preaching as "testimony, publication, prophesying": A study of Horace Bushnell's preaching and homiletics in light of his religious experience, 1833--1876 Preparing for the harvest: Growing a vision of community within Bethel A.M.E. Church in Boonton, New Jersey Project reconciliation: Building stronger and healthier relationships in the Christian community Race-Based Medicine: A Case for Competency and Solidarity in Minority Communities Re-encountering the Apostles' Creed in an emerging church context Re-envisioning the mission and vision of Anderson Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Reaching spiritual maturity through the teaching of sound doctrine of salvation using John Wesley as a model Recasting the vision of Virginia Hills Baptist Church through the utilization of property Rediscovering the New Testament Church: Exploring the concept of call at West Side Baptist Church, Wichita Kansas Resignation, denial, and hope: Shifting attitudes and practices in Protestant funeral liturgy and pastoral care in the United States 1899--1959 Responding to the voices of sweatshop workers: An ethical model for justice in the era of globalization Returning to our roots: Rediscovering the Methodist beliefs of covenant discipleship and sanctification Revelation and phenomenology in the christologies of Karl Barth and Jean-Luc Marion: A case study in theological method Rites of passage for women in Evangelical Christianity: A theological and ritual analysis Ritual and congregational healing Salim, process of life: An Asian postcolonial ecofeminist theology Samuel Taylor Coleridge and John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress": Symbol and allegory as literary representations of redemption Sankofa, Aggiornamento and jubilee: Recalling yesterday, envisioning today and imagining tomorrow: Black Catholic lay women evangelizing the church Sarah laughed: Moving from a culture of survival to a culture of new life Science in the sanctuary, scientists at the table: Pacific Beach UMC pursues the shalom of science and faith Seeking sustainability for the St. Paul and Mountain Grove United Methodist churches utilizing a rural/agricultural model Shalom at Centre Square: The efficacy of prayer and its effectiveness in transforming a community Shame in the Korean uri culture: An interpretation of self psychology and Korean indigenous psychology Shared narrative: Story brokering as an approach to contextual learning at seminary Singing the Eucharist---reflecting and forming theology: Communion hymns of the LCMS and ELCA service books Smashing silos and creating synergy: A journey toward collaboration Social Justice and the Church and Senior Pastor's Role in Providing Ministry to Meet Community Need Social transformation in the Philippines: Three Methodist contributions Soul Food theology: The proclamation of health and wellness Spiritlunking biblical caves: Probing the depths of context for narraphors that support transformation and the practice of doing small things with great love Spiritual formation in family/intimate groups through exploring---Where is God in the midst...? Stories of faith: Evangelization through narrative Story to synergy: Using the Narrative Approach as a conceptual tool in developing interfaith ministry Street vendors: Meeting the spiritual needs of people outside of the church through gatherings of friends Study on Biblical Relationship Prayer for Church Renewal: A Case of Hwikyung Church in Seoul, Korea Sunday dinner with Jesus: Toward a more sacramental spirituality Surviving the storm: Church online 24/7 Tangible expressions of the Lord's Love (TELL) project: Creating opportunities to build relationships with digital women to encourage a sense of belonging Telling our stories: people in a rural community uncovering spiritual strength Telling the deep stories freeing the soul and releasing the spirit The 1979 Book of Common Prayer and the practice of Open Table in the Episcopal Church The Acts 15 Initiative The Benefits of Tong Bible Quiet Time in Congregational Development: A Case Study of Tong Church, Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea The Christian Center for Senior Citizens of East Harlem, N.Y. (the Spanish Harlem) The Impact of "Narraphor Preaching" with the "Tong Bible Formula" on the Congregational Development: A Case Study of Haman Jungang Methodist Church The Packanack Model: A collective leadership process The Utilization of "Tong Bible Guide" for Small Group Bible Reading: A Case Study of the Methodist Church with Vision, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea The apple didn't fall far from the tree: Meeting the woman who formed the lord The audible sacrament: The sacramentality of Gardner C. Taylor's preaching The blood of goats and bulls: An eco-spiritual response to the sacrifice of creation The cedar ministry at Bluestone Missionary Baptist Church The concept of Self and its implication for salvation in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity The culto Pentecostal story: Holiness revivalism and the making of Philippine Methodist identity, 1899-1965 The development of Babsang worship for the Korean Methodist Church of Queens The development of: Traditional, contemporary and blended styles of worship services The formation of Christian initiation in the Korean Methodist Church 1885-1939 The local church as village: Gathering, sharing, and embracing our contemporary African American living proverbs and faith stories The millennial generation: Building a legacy in the African American rural faith community through connectional relationship The non -knowing self and 'the impossible' other: The deconstruction and apophasis of the Western subjectivity in theological discourses The one thing needful: The development of Charles Wesley's theology of the restoration of the image of God The powerless power of God: Theology of the cross in Jurgen Moltmann, Jacques Derrida and John Caputo The reformation of the household church worship: Finding effective ways of leaving spiritual legacies to the next generation The restoration of the adult catechumenate in the Episcopal Church in the 20th century The ritualization of remembering the dead among the Christian Javanese: A study of liturgical contextualization in a Reformed church in Indonesia The theology of sacrifice of Bishop Edir Macedo: A theological critique The theology post: An experiment in online local public theology The time of ecology: Theological cosmology for a postmodern Earth The writing of prayers in the African American church Thriving in ministry: Investigating the impact of participation in wholistic clergy wellness incubator groups on clergy self-evaluation of wellness Too busy to pray: Using application technology to connect those in need with those ready to pray Toward a theology of the reciprocal relations between the word and the Holy Spirit in the ecumenical church Toward an Asian ecclesiology based on the Asian Liberation Theology and Minjung Theology Toward articulating a preferred story: The Fort Gibson United Methodist Church in film Towards an ethics of Korean reunification Transformational leadership: Cultivating an ethos of spiritual germination for fruitful discipleship Transforming Congregations to Engage Community from the Inside Out Transforming worship: The training of Worship Team for worship design Transitioning from a revivalist pattern to a liturgical pattern of worship at Bethlehem United Methodist Church for the season of Lent 2011 Voyage of discovery: Discerning God's vision Walking the labyrinth of our faith: From the frontier to the future Walking together: A narrative/pastoral approach to the ACPE accreditation site visit Ways to create a process to develop a denominational profile of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Puerto Rico We've been through hell; now what? Congregational conflict, renewal and hope Weaving the net: Missional synergy through cordic connectivity Who do they say that I am? Naming God in the experience and ministry of laying on of hands: Mandate for mission Witnessing in modern Antioch: Beginning the process of transforming a secularized multi-ethnic liberal arts college for Christ through a biblical postmodern model You got peanut butter on my chocolate: Keeping postmodern clergy in a modern church You jes' wait a little: A comparison of the motif of hope in African American preaching during the slave and post-Civil War periods