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A case study of how African American females obtain and retain administrative positions in community colleges A case study: How do social and academic experiences of African American nontraditional female students on HBCU campuses influence their motivation to graduate? A comparative analysis of factors of success in minority and Caucasian small business owners in North Carolina A comparison study of adult male and female students' perceptions of the glass-ceiling barriers in Alabama A correlational study of childhood religiosity, childhood sport participation, and sport-learned aggression among African American female athletes A cross-sectional analysis of release method as a correlate of recidivism among female prisoners in the state of Georgia A heuristic view of a pastors' wife leading a nontraditional role within a religious organization A mixed-methods study examining the postgraduate career choices of student -athletes on 12 NCAA women's basketball teams A multi-case study of primary circumstances and life experiences contributing to the careers of female presidents in higher educational settings in New England A perceived crisis in leadership: A case study related to women executives A phenomenological perspective on parenting experience among African American mothers living with HIV disease A phenomenological study exploring the mentorship experiences of women managers A phenomenological study of job loss and unemployment among voluntarily childless women A phenomenological study of romantic love for women in later life A phenomenological study of the experience of rivalry among women in the workplace A phenomenological study of the use of psychological capital in the success of the executive woman's journey A phenomenological study that explores career strategies for African American women's advancement into senior leadership positions A qualitative grounded theory study of the immigrant Jewish women's ethnic identity experience in San Antonio, Texas A qualitative inquiry on the experience of mothers of older children diagnosed with severe autism A qualitative study of the characteristics of successful women entrepreneurs through home -based businesses A qualitative study of women of color balancing career and family A qualitative study on the effects of mentoring on the performance of female business owners in metropolitan Atlanta A quantitative examination of gender's impact on the barriers of advancement to senior-level management positions A quantitative study investigating supervisory style, satisfaction with supervision and self-efficacy among female clinical training supervisees A stained glass ceiling for female clergy: An investigation of three churches perspective A study into the relationship between observed and model values of men and women leaders in higher education A study of body image perceptions related to appearance, fitness and health orientation among Black women A study of educational experiences and goal attainment among African American female graduate students A study of the effectiveness of benefits on the job satisfaction of women in manufacturing A study of women leadership styles and the glass ceiling A study of women, career advancement, and mentoring in lumber related industries A study to examine the influence of economic marginalization on adult female recidivism Acculturation of Ethiopian women refugees/immigrants with families in the USA from 1989--2004 Achieving personal and leadership authenticity in the workplace: understanding the lived experiences of African American women leaders Administering change to domestic violence -- A phenomenological study of nonprofit administrators of domestic violence programs in South Carolina Advancing women's careers: A look at mentoring and leadership behaviors African American Women's Perceptions of Stress and Coping Strategies Associated with Collegiate Sports African American female adolescent body image distress: Impact on self -esteem and life satisfaction African American female community college graduates: A phenomenological study of motivation and success strategies for persistence in Minnesota African American female entrepreneurs in Atlanta: A case study of critical success factors African American female entrepreneurs in a southwestern urban area: A qualitative study of significant success factors African American single mothers: Intergenerational transmission, parenting styles, educational, and professional attainment African American women administrators at the community colleges of Illinois: An investigation of obstacles and persistence African American women and mental health: Exploring the perspective of African American women on mental illness who attend predominately black baptist churches African American women and obesity: The lived experience African American women coping with the lived experiences of limited mental healthcare access in rural North Carolina African American women entrepreneurs African American women entrepreneurs' experience obtaining financial capital for business start-up African American women in the urban Black church: The experience of black female clergy African American women wealth builders in the $100k Club: An exploratory qualitative study of the motivation and success strategies African American women with Lupus: A phenomenological study African American women's career advancement: A study of opportunity recognition in career advancement to executive level positions African American women's experience advancing to clergy leadership positions in African American churches: A qualitative exploratory study African American women's experiences/collective barriers in executive leadership at a veteran affairs medical center African American women's perceptions of hospice for end-of-life care African American women's thoughts, emotions, and behavioral experiences with using pedometers to increase physical activity After a late life divorce: A phenomenological exploration into the adjustment process and experiences of ten Latino women living in New York City Against all odds: Exploring the organizational skills of a principal with minimal formal education Air Force single parent mothers and maternal separation anxiety Aleut women's personal identity experiences: An autoethnographic study All men are created equal: The plight of African American female pastors Alternative prison-based educational programs for women: A phenomenological inquiry of Girl Scouts Beyond Bars in a central Midwestern state An analysis of efficacy regarding the integrated use of the Hwa -Chim acupuncture method and expectancy in the treatment of depression in women An analysis of equity perception related to family -friendly work-life balance of female employees without dependents An assessment of nongovernmental organization practices in The Gambia: Strategies for economic empowerment of Gambian women An evaluation of gender leadership preference in the government contracting industry: An examination of the glass cliff phenomenon An examination and analysis of the leadership of Dr. Dolores R. Spikes, president of Southern University, 1988--1996 An examination of a woman's life work: Laura Smith Haviland and the founding of the Raisin Institute An examination of an aspect of the worldview of female college science teachers as revealed by their concepts of nature An examination of mentorship: African American females in school administration positions An examination of the effects of tokenism for female command officers in law enforcement An examination of the relationship between reactive aggression and AD/HD symptomatology among female inmates An examination of the relationship between state of employment, skill set development, and motivation in professional women An examination of the shared challenges that impede success in the lives of single, multi-cultural mothers enrolled at a two-year community college: A case study An experimental study on the effectiveness of a restorative justice intervention on the social aggression, social problem solving skills, and prosocial behaviors of African American adolescent girls An exploration of the academic success and persistence of first-generation, ethnic minority female college students An exploration of the leadership style preferences among African American women administrators of the 1890 Cooperative Extension System An exploration of the perceived experiences of social alienation of non -birth mothers in lesbian parent families An investigation of parental stress among urban grandparents in raising their grandchildren An investigation of the relationship between risk and protective factors for disordered eating among female athletes An investigation on how a brief self-defense training course could change women's attitudes toward being a victim of violent crime An outcome study of seeking safety: A treatment program for co-occurring substance abuse and trauma Analyzing the intersection of leadership practices, emotional intelligence, and coping responses in women -owned small businesses Applicability of health care leadership competence and leadership behaviors for women's achieving health care executive status Are young adult college attending African American women protecting themselves from HIV/AIDS? A study of sexual assertiveness characteristics Asian and Pacific Islander transgender women's experiences leaving sex work from Guam Attachment, religion, and reporting behaviors of Black women who are victims of intimate partner violence Attitudes and preferences in mentoring among African American women in human service leadership Autonomy and coping self-efficacy in female victims in domestic violence shelters Baby Boomers versus Generation X: A study of the unique mentor roles and functions perceived by two generations of women Balancing work, family, and student roles: A phenomenological study of the adult female graduate online learner Barriers to success and positive outcomes of single mothers: A phenomenological study Barriers, motivation, and success strategies of African American women executives in nonprofit organizations: A qualitative phenomenological study Battered women of interpersonal violence Psychological issues of shame, guilt, and self-blame Behind the fence: Examining domestic violence attitudes and behaviors between military and civilian wives Best practices for working with African American adolescent female victims of sex trafficking Beyond Holland's theory: Examining women industrial engineers' career persistence intent using CASI Beyond the glass ceiling---A phenomenological study of senior executive women and their perceived responsibility to mentor other women Black women in the workplace: A perception of how race, gender, and age affect success, fulfillment, job satisfaction, and stress Body image perception of African American women attending an all-female, historically Black college Breaking the glass ceiling in Oklahoma higher education: A case study of Kate Galt Zaneis, the first woman president of a public four-year college or university in the United States Breaking the glass ceiling: A mixed methods study of female superintendents in Georgia and the issues impacting their careers CEO leadership attitudes towards change and gender: An upper echelon perspective Career advancement in higher education: The experiences of female mid-level college administrators Career advancement: A study of Black American women administrators in higher education Career plateau and African American women middle managers in professional organizations Career transitions following childbirth Casino gambling: The lived experiences of women over the age of 40 Charity and women: A study of the philanthropic giving patterns of African American, Asian, and Hispanic women Co-creating alignment between women, organizations, and society to support women's career success: An exploratory case study of transformational change Coloring outside the lines: A heuristic exploration of midlife career change in women Comparison of the level of job satisfaction of women in the non-traditional career of staff accountant to women in the traditional career of K-12 teaching Defining the authentic self: A study of how young adult women develop authentically and the role of their religious/spiritual experiences and sexual development Demyelinated: The workplace experience of women living with multiple sclerosis Deployment experiences among enlisted female veteran sailors with children: A generic inquiry Developing 21st century small business leaders through formal mentoring Dietary supplementation for middle -aged women: A descriptive study utilizing a well-being scale survey Disordered eating attitudes and behaviors in undergraduate dance majors: A study of female modern dance and ballet students Diversity practice versus public expression within organizations: A phenomenological exploration of women managers' perceptions of organizational congruence Do attitudes towards seeking psychological help influence preference of counseling modality in postparental women? Does workplace bullying matter? A descriptive study of the lived experience of the female professional target Domestic violence and trauma: An examination of how licensed mental health professionals assess, diagnose, and treat victims of domestic violence Domestic violence and working women: The relationship between employment status and women who seek assistance Double-edged sword: A comparative case study of leadership styles among women CEOs in the faith-based nonprofit sector Driven to succeed: Caucasian female nontraditional college graduates explore characteristics that helped them overcome barriers E -mentoring program for the women of Iraq and Afghanistan: An exploratory study Economic self-sufficiency and resiliency among U.S. Virgin Islands TANF leavers Effective recruitment and retention of women in the aerospace industry Effects of California community college students' gender, self-efficacy, and attitudes and beliefs toward physics on conceptual understanding of Newtonian mechanics Emergence of a purposeful career among mid-life women: A phenomenological case study Empowerment of African American women leaders in higher education: A multiple case study End the silence: African American women's challenge to reconnect after a cancer diagnosis Enrollment and persistence factors among single mothers in online learning Equine therapy: what impact does owning or riding a horse have on the emotional well-being of women? Equity sensitivity theory: Exploring gender differences in a collectivistic culture Evaluating treatment experiences of peer mentors in recovery to inform best practices Examining how African American women interpret their skin tone within their culture Examining the relationship between self-initiated expatriation and cross-cultural adjustment among expatriate spouses within nonprofit organizations: A quantitative causal-comparative study Executive-level advancement: A qualitative study of the experiences of African American women Experiences of women living in Section 8 housing after leaving an abusive partner Exploratory study of Asian Pacific American female leaders in higher education Exploring advocates' work experiences with female victims of domestic violence from the Afro-caribbean community Exploring counselors' perspectives on domestic violence re-victimization among African-American women Exploring how women's family-work enrichment experiences contribute to organizational cultural and success in the workplace: An exploratory qualitative inquiry Exploring success factors of executive women moving beyond the corporate glass ceiling: A qualitative exploratory study of American female executives Exploring the decision to return to school: The experiences and reflections of African American women who attained a master's degree during middle age Exploring the feminine journey of gifted women regarding career self-efficacy and emotional well-being Exploring the lived experiences of first and second-generation undergraduate Black female students at a predominantly White university Exploring the lived experiences of native american women of the northern plains who have lost a loved one to suicide: mental health implications Exploring the perceptions of intimate partner violence among African-American women in rural communities Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in the addiction continuing care: A phenomenological study of women treated in early recovery Facilitating the adolescent mother's transition to motherhood: A hermeneutical approach Factors influencing the infant feeding decision among African American mothers: A qualitative analysis Factors that affect the advancement of African American women to CEO-level positions in banking within the Chicago metro central district Factors that impact help -seeking among battered African American women: Application of critical and survivor theories Fathers and daughters: Using a multivariate analysis through multiple regression to help predict a daughter's self -esteem as experienced by college-age women in rural Nebraska Fear within the workplace: A phenomenological investigation of the experience of female leaders Female entrepreneurial self-efficacy among three ethnicities Female entrepreneurs making connections: Networking by women small business owners Female graduate students' experiences in an online doctoral degree program: A heuristic inquiry Female leaders' 360-degree self -perception accuracy for leadership competencies and skills Female students in postgraduate education: Motivations for academic success Female students' descriptions of pursuing previous education goals in midlife Female therapists' experiences of the management of counter-transference during treatment with binge eating disordered female clients: A qualitative study Female transformational leader characteristics: An exploratory investigation Female, hatha yoga students' lived experience of body image: A phenomenological study Fighting through resistance: Challenges faced by African American women principals in predominately White school settings Forgotten victims: Mothers of sexually abused girls From access to engagement: African American female students' engagement at a predominantly White university in the South Gender differences in court responses to requests for protective orders Gender differences in entrepreneurship: A study of entrepreneurship in two Midwestern counties Gender differences in the field of information security technology management: A qualitative, phenomenological study Gender inequality in role leadership in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) denomination: A phenomenological research study Gendered racism in the workplace as experienced by women of color managers Happiness in general and at work: A phenomenological study with U.S. southern professional African American women Health disparities: A focus on race/ethnicity in the primary care setting among African American women with HIV/AIDS Homelessness: Women veterans' perspective How African American women who have sustained full remission describe the process of recovery from illicit drug use: A grounded theory study How women overcome workplace bullying: A grounded theory study How young women describe the process of understanding their life plans after college: An exploration using grounded theory I did it my way: The perspective of self-guided weight management among obese-reduced individuals Identifying and overcoming barriers domestic violence victims face: A victim advocate perspective Identifying life challenges of women at a branch campus through life course interviews: Implications for service delivery Impact of internal and external factors on working women's successful completion of online college level courses Impact of personal influence on the success of entrepreneurial women: A case study In God we trust: The experiences of African American women administrators at Council for Christian Colleges and Universities member schools In search of leadership: A look at women presidents in Georgia's two-year colleges and technical colleges Informal networks and mentoring: A phenomenological study exploring career advancement strategies of women leaders in the defense industry Inspiring leadership through networking: Narrative study of women in middle management roles Integrating mental health services into routine healthcare for women of childbearing potential Internalized homophobia, self-esteem, education, income, and the use of partner violence in a group of self-identified bisexual and lesbian women International assignment management in Asia: A study of the relation between social support mechanisms and assignment success among Western females Interpersonal needs and job satisfaction of nonprofit female executives: A correlational study Interpreting the relationships between single gender science classes and girls' academic motivation and interest Intimate partner violence in Appalachia: Examining women's experiences with community support Intimate relationships of adult women who were abandoned by their fathers: A phenomenological investigation Investigating career barriers of women of color in the 21st century Investigating the relationship between sources and strength of social supports, self-esteem, and exhaustion and disengagement in female mental health professionals Keeping women silent: A study of female leadership in faith-based institutions Labor participation of single mothers: A comparison of economic stability factors of Black and White American single mothers in metropolitan areas in northeastern America from 1976 to 2005 Ladies sing the blues: How depressed African American women describe what they learned during psychotherapy, a phenomenological study Leadership development: The relationship between successful mentoring relationships and exemplary leadership practices among women proteges within the United States Navy Leadership practices of female principals Leadership styles of female healthcare executives: Comparison of transformational, transactional, and passive-avoidant leadership styles Leading through influence as ideas: A narrative study of authenticity's effect on academic women's work Lived experiences of Batswana women in national leadership positions Lives in transition: Examining transformational learning processes in ethnically diverse women Living near sexual offenders and fear of victimization: A qualitative analysis Living with HIVAIDS: A nutritional support model for rural women in Zimbabwe Male and female perspectives on women's success strategies and cultural experiences for achieving leadership positions in a male-dominated field in guam Measuring perceptions and attitudes towards rape victims of military members who had sexual assault training Menopause and health-promotion behaviors of English-speaking Caribbean women in New York City Mentoring among African American women: A quantitative study Mentoring and career mobility: A case study of United States Air Force African American women Mentoring and career mobility: A comparative study of African American women in the United States healthcare industry Mentoring minority women: A case study Mentoring relationships among African -American women in accredited graduate degree programs: A qualitative study Mentoring relationships among African American women in the Senior Executive Service Mentoring, leadership behaviors, and career success, of African American female faculty and administrators in higher education Minority women teachers' quest for upward mobility: An investigation of minority women's preparation for leadership Minority women's perspectives on career advancement in upper management positions in the nonprofit sector Missing in leadership: Mentoring African American women in higher education Mother-daughter conversations on pre- and post-menarche: A phenomenology Multiple role balance, professional quality of life, and wellness among women employed as professional counselors Never too late to be: Women's yearnings for self -realization Nontraditional female students in rural communities: Motivational factors that contribute to re-entry and success in baccalaureate programs Nontraditional female students' perceptions of factors influencing retention in a New England community college On the homefront: The experiences of active duty army wives during an Afghanistan deployment Partner violence, help-seeking, and coping: Perceptions of African immigrant women survivors Passing the torch: How successful female entrepreneurs of the baby boomer generation communicate their legacy and what they convey to the new generation of women entrepreneurs Perceive to believe: The relationship between body image, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and age in women Perceived stress levels in relationship to win/loss records: A large urban public school district in Florida Perceptions of retirement and aging as experienced by self-identified lesbians ages 51 through 60 Perceptions of therapy prior to 1986 by self-identified lesbians Persistence factors among single mothers in two -year colleges Perspectives of Nepalese women on the economic development of their country Plea bargaining: The lived experience of female prosecutorial discretion and decision-making Postpartum depression through the eyes of first-time mothers: A phenomenological study Predictors of reactivation and gender differences at a physician health program by age, marital status, primary presenting problem, referral source, and referral status Pregnancy resource centers and the woman's choice: A quantitative correlational study Presenting for an eating disorder evaluation: A comparison of identified athletes and non-athletic females Prevalence of STDs in Alabama black adolescent females compared to other ethnicities Priorities of the Latter-Day Saint woman: Stay-at-home mother or higher education? Prisoner reentry: Examining the lived experiences of wives of ex-offenders Professionals' Experiences When Treating Women with Vulvodynia Psychosocial conditioning as it reflects on the current progression of women attaining leadership positions Quantitative analysis of the gender differences in learning styles of IT professionals and the impact on leadership outcomes: Implications for STEM Reconciling the experiences of Christian and lesbian women: Generic qualitative research Redefined success: A study of the motivation, success strategies, and leadership practices of African American female entrepreneurs in urban North Carolina Relationship between gender roles, parental attachment, and life satisfaction in young adulthood Relationship of financial literacy to retirement preparedness among female baby-boomer cohorts Resilience traits of African American women survivors of intimate partner violence (ipv): Mental health practitioner perspectives Retention and ethnic diversity: An historical study of Filipino nurse migration to America during 1965--1985 Rites of passage: The African American women's journey to educational leadership Role accumulation rewards: A phenomenological study of women high school athletic coaches in selected Kane and McHenry County, Illinois schools Self -esteem in preoperative Roux-en-Y gastric bypass White women and their postoperative counterparts Self perception among young Jewish women relative to exposure to sexualizing visual media Self-efficacy and entrepreneurship: A generic qualitative study of the self-perceived attitudes and behaviors of successful online women entrepreneurs Self-efficacy as the primary success factor for nontraditional African American female students pursuing college degrees Sexual negotiations and satisfaction in midlife marriages: When she earns more Sister to sister: Dynamics of mentoring relationships among African American women in leadership and nonleadership positions within higher education Social dominance orientation and attitudes toward women: Modern hiring discrimination in the workplace Soy mujer!: A case study for understanding Latina achievement in higher education Sr. Margaret Carney, OSF: The first fulltime woman president of Saint Bonaventure University. A case study of Franciscan leadership in higher education Strategies female leaders use to address work challenges: A qualitative explorative inquiry of female accountants in a West African country Surviving sexual abuse: A phenomenological study of the lived experiences of adult females who were sexually abused in childhood by their biological fathers The African American female superintendent: Barriers and facilitators to success The African American woman in higher education administration: Exploring the challenges and experiences in colleges and universities The California female superintendent as instructional leader: Reported practices and self-perceived capabilities The Career Experiences of the Hispanic Female Faculty in Higher Education: An Exploratory Qualitative Inquiry The Essence of the Experience of a Single Woman Living With and Caring for an Elderly Widowed Parent The Puerto Rican mother's experience of the coming out process of her homosexual child The analysis of self-esteem, body image and sexual knowledge in single women 30--50 years of age: The study of their sexual satisfaction The ascent of women to senior leadership positions in the financial services industry: A phenomenological study The beliefs and behaviors of female authentic leaders: A generic qualitative study The career paths of executive women in healthcare leadership: A phenomenological study The challenges and factors that determine female career choices in information technology professions: An exploratory investigation The complex impact of secondary victimization on rape victims The contribution of mentoring to the retention of women in an American aerospace corporation The corner office: A study of the success strategies of executive women leaders in the financial services industry The differences in African American women and their gender role identity The effect of female physical attractiveness when managers rank candidate resumes for a traditional male-oriented manufacturing role The effect of gender and race on career advancement: A study of minority women in executive-level positions within nonprofit organizations The effect of racism and sexism experienced by black women in America: Understanding the relationship between self-determination and resiliancy The effects of an 18-hour prenatal attachment program on maternal emotional attachment The effects of deployment on partner harmony through a feminist perspective The effects of gender, age, and education on cloud computing adoption: A correlational study The effects of media messages on body image satisfaction in introverted and extroverted women The effects of social skills curriculum on female bullying with third through sixth grade school girls in an elementary school setting The emerging leader: A phenomenological study of the woman of color mental health nonprofit leader The entrepreneurial experience of successful black females The essence of the lived experiences of female octogenarians: A phenomenological study The experience of aftercare for women diagnosed with breast cancer and are in remission for at least six months: A qualitative inquiry The experience of enlisted female veterans transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce The experience of jealousy among women in the workplace: A phenomenological study The experience of mothers who are raising adopted children with the diagnosis of reactive attachment disorder: A case study The experience of providing therapy services to victims of domestic violence: A case study The experience of women aspiring to and holding executive leadership positions in the public sector: A generic qualitative study The experience of women who have obtained their PhDs: A qualitative inductive analysis The experiences of divorce among African American women with an absent mother The experiences of female Black mentees in a graduate-level degree program while enrolled at a predominantly white institution The experiences of female managers in law enforcement: A qualitative study The experiences of women engineers who have completed one to five years of professional engineering employment: A phenomenological study The exploration of African American military service women's attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge regarding HIV: A generic qualitative inquiry The female entrepreneur: An exploration of mentoring and perceived general self -efficacy The four-factor model attitudes of women toward the glass ceiling The glass ceiling: Does perception have any impact in keeping it in place or removing it? The impact of cognitive behavioral treatment dosages on recidivism rates in women The impact of executive coaching on job performance from the perspective of executive women The impact of executive coaching on the job satisfaction and leadership self-efficacy for women The impact of gender on global leadership effectiveness: Building a model for female global leaders The impact of income on African American women's decisions to leave abusive relationships The impact of natural supports on employment retention for TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) women with substance abuse The impact of prison-based substance abuse treatment on rates of recidivism among female offenders The impact of religion and spirituality in the lives of African American women: A generic qualitative study The impact of workplace factors on the underrepresentation of women in information technology project management The importance of mentoring African American women administrators at selected historically Black institutions in the state of Mississippi The influence of polycystic ovary syndrome on sexual satisfaction of heterosexual married women The influence of religiosity on risky sexual behavior in African American women ages 18--25 The influence of the African American father on level of self-efficacy, career achievement, and aspirations of his African American daughter The influence of university culture on women with young children achieving tenure The inside of aging: A heuristic study of older adult women's internal experience of aging The journey from homelessness to housing: The lived experiences of married African American women with children residing in supportive housing The lack of mentoring of women for managerial positions The lack of mentoring of women for managerial positions The leadership practices of African American women working in the defense international contracting industry in a deployed status: A quantitative study The leadership style of Dr. Mable Parker McLean: First female president of Barber -Scotia College and first female president of the Presidents Council of the United Negro College Fund The lived career development experiences of African American lesbian managers: A phenomenological study of professional advancement The lived experience of African American women, ages 45-65, whose mothers have died The lived experience of courage in women leaders: A heuristic study The lived experience of honor among first generation Levantine Arab American women: A heuristic study The lived experience of leadership for female pastors in religious organizations The lived experience of math anxiety for female elementary school teachers The lived experience of the adult African American female who has lived in multiple foster care placements The lived experiences of African American women during the decision-making process to leave abusive intimate partners The lived experiences of African American women who attained high level positions in law enforcement The lived experiences of Black American women who experienced domestic abuse and who had encountered help seeking barriers: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of alcoholism in older women The lived experiences of female sex traffickers reintegrating back into mainstream society The lived experiences of grandmother guardians The lived experiences of relapse episodes of chemically dependent women: The impact of *environmental and gender factors The mentoring culture: A study of emergent organizational transformation The outcomes for African American Christian women raised without their biological father: A phenomenological study The path to leadership for Native American women at North Dakota tribal colleges The perception of women contending for first place in the information technology world: A qualitative case study The perceptions and experiences of Native American women enrolled in two-year tribal and nontribal community colleges The perspective of middle-aged African American women toward being obese: A generic qualitative approach The perspectives of women leaders within the Department of Defense: Insights from their lived experiences The prevalence of traumatic life experiences in homeless women: A phenomenological study The process of developing spirituality for women in recovery from substance use disorder: A grounded theory study The progression of female aggression: An integration of theories on female aggression The promotion of women to field grade officer ranks in the U.S. Army: A phenomenological study The relationship between Latina attorneys' family responsibilities and career success in law firms The relationship between age, retention, and transformational leadership: A study of female principals in K--12 Illinois public schools The relationship between emotional intelligence and a voluntary midlife career change among women The relationship between labor markets and transformational leadership behaviors among middle and senior level women managers The relationship between self-efficacy and perceived effectiveness of female coaches among female athletes The relationships between personality characteristics, age, number of years trying to conceive and posttraumatic growth in infertile women The role of family cohesiveness helping adult female offenders prevent recidivism The role of networking in the success of women-owned businesses in Virginia: An exploratory qualitative study The role of transformational learning in women's leadership development The role religion plays in Christian women's decisions to remain or leave an abusive relationship The senior Human Resource leader as a strategic business partner: A story of voice The study of parenting stress and social support among African American mothers The success and persistence of African American female college students The three-phase journey of women expatriates: A relativistic qualitative research study The ties that bind us in sisterhood The transition of women from the classroom setting to the educational administration setting The underrepresentation of female executives in the beauty industry: Does mentoring, networking, and advanced training help with career advancement? The underrepresentation of women in athletics leadership: A qualitative study of NCAA Division II women coaches and administrators Three shifts, one life: Personal and professional experiences of female student affairs administrators Through Black eyes: A qualitative look into the rise of incarceration among African American adult females Trailblazers: An examination of community college Black women in senior level administrator roles---their stories through their eyes Transcendental leadership: The impact of spirituality on the effectiveness of women small business owners Transformative learning in nonformal education: An action research study examining epistemological differences among women in an addiction recovery support program Treatment experiences of adult substance dependent females: A qualitative study Triple jeopardy---homeless, Black, and female: Pathways to and from crime and homelessness Uncovering risky sexual behaviors: HIV-postive female baby boomers speak out Understanding help-seeking behavior of abused women: A quantitative analysis of domestic violence shelter archives Understanding well-being in appalachian women: A qualitative study of health perceptions Well-being of mothers when an adult child is incarcerated What are the Perspectives of Mothers Whose Adolescent Sons are Engaging in Prolonged Video Game Play? When Eros meets autos: Marriage to someone with autism spectrum disorder Winning in business: A study of the motivations and success strategies of Black women business owners Women and engineering: A case study of a biological and environmental engineering program Women and leadership in corporate America: A qualitative study of role congruity and female leaders Women and spirituality: A phenomenological study Women and the organizational chess game: A qualitative study of gender, discourse, power, and strategy Women as leaders in construction in a northwestern U.S. city: A multiple-case study of the effectiveness of motivation practices and success strategies Women athletes and entrepreneurs: An exploratory, comparative study between women barrel racers and women who own their own businesses Women being coached to advance their careers to positions of power and influence: A narrative inquiry Women engineers: Stories of persistence Women entrepreneurs: Integrating family and organizational commitments Women in the c-suite: A study of how succession planning may best be utilized for career advancement of medical college executives Women in the senior executive service of the United States federal government: An exploratory quantitative investigation Women leaders in the mortgage industry: Creating a leadership profile Women leading men: A look into the phenomenon of leadership from the perspective of women officers in the military Women of color in higher education administration: An exploration of barriers to advancement Women scientists and engineers managing national security federal research programs Women trailblazers: Strategies to secure top ranking positions often dominated by men Women who endure: A grounded theory study of Black female former student -athletes Women who lead: An examination of effective leadership in high poverty inner -city schools Women who witnessed intimate partner violence in their youth: An exploratory study Women's leadership within the YWCA: After implementation of Steps to Absolute Change Women's learning styles: Epistemological stages and online delivery Women's spirituality and resilience Women, minorities, and tenure barriers: A sampling of the experiences of women and minority faculty in pursuit of tenure at a public university in the United States Workplace spirituality and ethical decision making: A case study of federal government executive women Yoga and emotional well-being: A heuristic inquiry into the experience of women with a yoga practice