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911 brings changes: School age children's experience with the Transportation Security Administration's airport passenger screening system, from the parents' perspective A study of Generation X's and Y's perception of the customer experience when purchasing airline travel A survey of the U.S. intermodal freight transportation system to meet future requirements: A case study Air traffic control service quality in the United States and Canada: A comparative analysis using the SERVQUAL model Civilian aviators' attitudes and opinions toward psychological assessment Differences in airport operational efficiencies and environmental impact: An examination of U.S. large and medium hub commercial airports Implications of budget allocations on the advancement of telecommunications within the passenger rail industry Managing the United States airline pilot shortage Maritime piracy in the waters near Somalia: Victimization upon the international merchant fleet 2000-2010 Measuring safety climate at an aircraft maintenance facility: Can training change attitudes? Server virtualization: Understanding the security training issues facing American rail transit agencies Situational considerations in information security: Factors influencing perceived invasiveness toward biometrics The effectiveness of guided mental practice in a computer -based single pilot resource management (SRM) training program The impact of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Airport Watch program on crime at Pennsylvania general aviation airports The relationship between leadership practices and organizational effectiveness outcomes: A public transit agency study Understanding change: An exploratory qualitative inquiry of the approach to change utilized within the transportation industry