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A case study of citizens' experience with social media as a communication tool with 311 for citizen interaction, service demands, and quality of life A correlational study on the absence of incentives to share knowledge in a virtual community A mixed method case study investigation of the digital divide in West Virginia: Residential broadband saturation levels and obstacles to adoption A relational quantitative study of collaborative technology influence on information technology project management An active reading intervention for the Electronic Career Development Course (eCDC) program An exploratory study of changes in tone and context in electronic communication Counseling in a technical world: Student counselors' technical skills, motivation, and self-efficacy Critical knowledge-sharing relationship on benchmark performances of new product development Design science research toward designing/prototyping a repeatable model for testing location management (LM) algorithms for wireless networking Doc-assist: A case study of developing an effective policy document using usability precepts and methodology for assisting healthcare professionals comply with HIPAA Effective communication techniques for eliciting information technology requirements Employees' perception of learning new software from customized training materials Enablers, barriers, and the influence of organizational environmental factors on computerized clinical documentation training developed and delivered by nursing informaticists Implications of budget allocations on the advancement of telecommunications within the passenger rail industry Learning and doing through software documentation Managing IT projects in a virtual environment: The challenges of a virtual leader-follower relationship and effect on change management strategy Online communities of practice: Factors that affect usage from a multiple stakeholder perspective Predictors of technological anxiety and self-efficacy and its implications for nonprofit agencies targeting older adults Socioeconomics, demographics, and cyberbullying: A quantitative study The essence of using collaborative technology for virtual team members: A study using interpretative phenomenology The influence of smart technology adoption on the decline in the use of real estate agents The technology acceptance model and the communications interoperability problem: A correlational study Write how? Do writers have the instructional design skills they need to develop effective corporate communications?