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"To teach me, you have to know me": Illuminating successful teaching strategies for at-risk Latino students at the secondary level "Turn it up": A diversity workshop to prepare preservice teacher candidates for multicultural classrooms A case study of career change professionals in middle school teaching A case study: The challenges encountered by four high school special education teachers on the journey to become highly qualified in Georgia A causal-comparative study on teacher morale between K-12 school and residential treatment facility teachers A comparative study of traditional/constructivist teaching methods used in algebra classes for preservice elementary teachers A comparison of novice and experienced charter school teacher beliefs regarding professional development, collaboration, and administrative support A comparison of reading comprehension performance and student success of special education fourth grade students with moderate disabilities who received direct instruction and those who did not receive direct instruction A correlational study of professional development and implementation of character education in elementary schools A crucial crossover: Efficacy of strategies for teaching English language learners and other struggling students A multi-method qualitative study of a new teacher inservice training program to improve teaching in a primary school A presentation of teachers' perceptions regarding literacy coaching A qualitative case study exploring an early childhood educator professional development program linking teacher efficacy, engagement, and retention A qualitative case study illustrating the benefits of discussion roles in online asynchronous discussion A qualitative study of barriers to participation in Web-based environments among learners at the community college level A quantitative study of the perceived professional development needs of foreign language teachers employed in rural school districts within the state of South Carolina A study of classroom management, student on-task behavior, and teacher retention: A beginning teacher action science intervention A study of job satisfaction among teachers in the Florida League of Christian Schools A study of personal and professional views of professional learning communities A study of problem-based learning content acquisition and academic achievement in career and technical education courses at the middle-school level. A study of professional learning communities and the effect on teacher practice A study of teacher efficacy in secondary American Sign Language-English teaching A study of the experiences of alternatively certified special education teachers related to the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 A study of the group assessment procedure for the selection of teacher education candidates at a small, private university in the Midwest A study of the relationship between multicultural teaching training methods and teacher attitudes about diversity in rural schools A study of the strength of an art infused instructional approach of fifth grade map testing scores in reading achievement A study of the transfer impact of online course participation on constructivist practices in preservice teacher performance A study to determine the relationship between the new teacher induction program GROW and teacher retention A study to discuss best practices for training teachers to integrate technology across the curriculum A thematic analysis of self-directed learning in Shelley's "Frankenstein" Action research study to assess the efficacy of a federal law enforcement faculty development program on the instructors Addressing the learning styles of adult online learners and teaching styles of online faculty Adjunct faculty perceptions of needs in preparation to teach online Altering negative teacher perceptions towards African American Vernacular English speakers An action research of teachers' perceptions and attitudes of professional development: Integrating music into mathematics An analysis of how data-driven instruction and teacher collaboration affect student learning and teacher effectiveness An analysis of the differences in ELA, math, and science student achievement among elementary students based on teacher preparation models: A quantitative study An evaluation of professional development to improve teachers' perspectives and behaviors: An action research study An evaluation study of a training program to prepare community college faculty for online teaching An examination of teacher effectiveness in business education: Implications for business education teacher preparation programs An examination of the influence of self efficacy, locus of control, and perceptions of parent involvement on academic achievement of urban high school students An exploration of best practices in collaborative learning in one online literacy education course An implementation of a Twitter-supported personal learning network to individualize teacher professional development An investigation of Hispanic Millennials enrolled in a teacher preparation program An investigation of contributing factors for retention and attrition for a Florida school district's alternatively certified teachers An investigation of instructors' cultural competence and its impact on teaching and learning in diverse classrooms An investigation of perceptions about smart mobile phone usage as an instructional tool in a high school classroom An investigation of reading strategies taught by university faculty, demonstrated by cooperating teachers, and perceived by teacher candidates Applying collaborative journaling horizontally to impact teacher practice Are future teachers in North Carolina colleges being trained to use formative assessment, and how is that training demonstrated in public schools? Are secondary special education teachers prepared to guide student to adult life: A study of secondary special education teachers felt preparedness Are special education teachers satisfied employees? A predictive correlation study examining the variables that may predict special education teacher job satisfaction Are teachers always right? A study of the accuracy of teacher recognition of students' multiple intelligences Are we there yet? An analysis of multicultural content in the early childhood education specialization textbooks used by one university's teacher preparation program Assessing graduate adjunct faculty professional development for classroom and online instruction: A survey analysis Assessing professional development using culturally relevant teaching: An action research study Assistive technology for students with visual impairments: In-service teacher training and its relationship to student access and usage across academic subject areas Attitudes and opinions toward collaboration to support inclusion in the mainstream setting: A comparison of general education and special education teachers Attitudes of preservice teachers toward individuals with disabilities and inclusion Behind closed doors: A case study of the impact of peer visits to combat isolation and develop reflective practice in high school teachers Beyond the razorwire: Teacher preparation for correctional educators Brain-based learning: A study on how teachers implement strategies in the traditional classroom Case study: Investigating the impact of the child development associate credentialing process on child care provider performance Certified School Improvement Specialist (CSIS) certification as a tool for job performance effectiveness for professional education leaders Challenges in education: A study of safety in service -learning Changed by design: Using instructional strategies to influence teachers' attitudes Clinical nursing instructor perception of the influence of engagement in bedside nursing practice on clinical teaching Closing the loop: Engaging community college faculty and staff leaders through professional development Collaborative professional development in schools: Evaluation through teacher self -reports Conceptual elaboration sequencing: An external validation study in nursing education Conditions, materials, and supports of elementary autism programs: Are schools educating students with autism in similar ways? Connecting teaching and learning: High school teachers' application of professional knowledge Correlation between teachers' perceptions of students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and use of supportive instructional strategies Creating and sustaining a professional learning community to impact student achievement on a high school campus: An action research project Creating passion in the classroom: Using professional development to create behavioral changes in adjunct college faculty Creating quality special educators: An analysis of professional development for teachers of students with disabilities Critical friends groups: A learning community's journey Critical thinking in teacher education: Perceptions and practices of teacher candidates and college faculty Current characteristics of faculty development in public two-year colleges in Arkansas Data-driven decision making: A study of the collaboration between literacy coach and teacher to inform instructional decisions in the classroom Deaf interpreters: Exploring their processes of interpreting Descriptive case analysis of collaborative experiences within bounded communities of practice for online faculty development Descriptive comparative study of nursing faculty self-efficacy in the simulation setting Designing a phase-based professional development program to improve andragogical effectiveness of faculty teaching online Developing urban elementary teacher leaders using Danielson's framework: An action research study Differentiated instruction: An implementation review Diversity preparedness: A reflection on pre-service teacher preparation in private, faith-based colleges Do teacher efficacy, teacher understanding, and professional development influence the implementation of a character education program? Does teaching experience matter? Relationship between length of teaching experience and course achievement in Early Childhood Education courses ELA teachers' experiences of participating in a Professional Learning Community while implementing Common Core State Standards Ecological factors as predictors of teachers' self-efficacy beliefs of instructing Educators in a strange land: The experience of traditional educators when immersed into the virtual environment of Second Life Educators' experiences with the integration of instructional technology into their classroom practices Effectively preparing secondary foreign language students: A study on the effectiveness of the teacher -centered and the student -centered approach Effectiveness of mentoring on the retention of urban middle school teachers Effectiveness of teacher preparation: From theory to practice Effects of consistent observational feedback on teachers' efficacy and motivation to improve instructional delivery Effects of online problem-based learning on teachers' technology perceptions and planning Effects of using weekly external goal planning forms in developing learners' self-regulated learning skills in an online course Efficacy of problem-based learning in promotion of critical thinking in online graduate courses Embracing the math crisis: The impact of learning communities on student achievement and teaching practices in algebra I classrooms in a large urban school Enhancing critical thinking skills in alternative teacher certification programs through authentic learning experiences Enhancing critical thinking, writing and disposition preparedness amongst four-year university teacher education students Evaluating readiness for implementation of mentor training at a mentoring program: An action research study Evaluating the effects of a professional development workshop on the teaching practices of elementary teachers: An action research study Evaluating the impacts of professional development: A mixed method study of adult education learning communities Evaluating the relationship of an online professional learning community, and the frequency of collaboration among elementary differentiation coaches Evaluation of self-reported teacher efficacy and minority achievement in middle school Examining philosophical perspectives of Soka educators in liberal arts settings for value-creating professional development approaches Examining pre-k professional development programs: Discovering the road to exceptional instructional practices Examining the effectiveness of a professional learning opportunity focused on student-centered coaching: Perceptions from instructional coaches Experiential learning to influence faculty resistance and motivation when developing science-with-lab online courses Exploring dissonance in demonstrated teaching dispositions as self -reported by cooperating teachers and perceived by teacher candidates Exploring effective vocabulary instructional strategies for ELLs through online professional development Exploring the benefits of teacher-modeling strategies integrated into career and technical education Exploring the effect of professional learning communities on teachers' competency in the classroom Factors influencing the recruitment and retention of special education teachers: An evaluation of teacher retention in a southeastern metropolitan school district Factors that affect job satisfaction among teachers in two selected Milwaukee charter schools Faculty and administrator perceptions of teaching, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and culture at a teaching university Faculty burnout and disempowerment in nurse educators and their relationship to creativity in teaching Faculty designers and instructional design skills for developing learning opportunities in K-12 environments Faculty mentoring in higher education: How can the institution benefit? Faculty perceptions of andragogy in faculty development for online teaching Faculty perceptions toward the scholarship of teaching Fortressing faculty: Improving online faculty training programs From sojourners to global educators: Teachers and the international immersion experience Great expectations: The lived experiences of high-achieving college graduates with faculty expectations as self-fulfilling prophecy Help needed: A hermeneutic phenomenology study of the experience of Teach for America participants Highly qualified teachers and the impact on academic achievement: A descriptive research study How does staff development affect student performance on high stakes testing? How educators conduct formative assessment with middle school student in order to improve student achievement How educators describe making the choice to teach How global education fosters global identity How professional development can enhance teacher effectiveness and student success How teacher training affects the implementation of differentiated instruction at the elementary level Identifying key strategies and practices to effectively teach critical service learning Impact of content instructional reading strategies on African American and Latino male students in the secondary school setting Impact of professional development on level of technology integration in the elementary classroom Impact of teacher efficacy on teacher attitudes toward classroom inclusion Impact of teacher supports and workplace settings on retaining teachers in New Jersey schools Impacts of faculty professional development on online course design in community colleges in three northeastern states Implementation of response to intervention among effective high school core academic teachers Improving assessment strategies: An action research study of teacher performance reviews Improving faculty professional development in higher education high-tech programs: An action science research study of self-directed professional development Improving support provider quality through coaching on coaching: An action research study Improving teacher efficacy through peer observations: An action research study Improving teacher practices through professional development in a low-performing city school: An action research study In search of more productive partnerships and effective professional development in the university and K--12 learning communities Increasing support for novice teachers working in urban, low -income schools Influence of faculty interaction on student satisfaction in online undergraduate courses Influencing teacher efficacy through action research: The implementation of an embedded, standards-based professional development approach Initial teacher certification in a virtual environment: Student dispositions and program implications Instructional design for online learning: Are pre-service teachers prepared? Investigating How Teachers' Dominant Multiple Intelligence Influences Implementation of Differentiated Instruction in Secondary Science Job-embedded school-based staff development: Title I middle school teachers' perceptions Keeping new teachers: Induction components and retention Leaders of learning: A multiple case study of the future role of faculty in higher education Leadership styles of a multigenerational leader Leading a learning school: Perspectives on implementing a learning community Leading adults through change: An action research study of the use of adult and transformational learning theory to guide professional development for teachers Learning to teach online: An interpretive study of high school teachers' experiences in developing online pedagogy Learning to teach with technology: New teachers' perspectives on using educational technology after participating in a PT3 Grant initiative Lecturing and the Samoan student: The Samoan culture's influence on delivery methods and its effectiveness on student learning Lesson study as professional development for elementary school teachers Master's degree learners' use of theory in designing instructional materials Mathematics teaching self-efficacy: A descriptive comparative study of teacher preparation and self-efficacy at low- and high-achieving schools Measuring self -efficacy of teachers using Multiple Intelligences teacher training Measuring self -perceived change of adult Bible teachers as they incorporate the three learning domains into their teaching environments Meeting the needs of english learner students in the mainstream classroom: A discovery of practices of effective teachers Mentoring and retention in first-year teachers: A mixed-methods study Mentoring's critical components: Four traditional teachers', four alternate -route teachers', and four mentors' perspectives Middle school teachers' conception of college readiness Moving the needle: The effect of faculty development on part-time teachers at a technical college New teachers' sense of instructional self-efficacy: A case study of competency-based student teaching Next generation instructional design: Modifying a transformative education workshop for online delivery Novice teachers' perceptions of their ability to transfer teacher education program knowledge to performance in the classroom Nurse educators' preceptions of preparedness to guide clinical learning Nursing faculty perceptions on teaching critical thinking Object-oriented faculty development: Training teachers with learning objects Observing online instruction: A formative practice toward awareness and readiness in online instructional design strategies On the job: A study of resilience, teacher burnout, and coping styles One size does not fit all: The effects of training in universal design for learning on lesson plan development in public schools Online faculty's electronic emotional and interpersonal competence and its relationship to student success Online teacher professional development: Knowledge construction and knowledge transfer Pathways transition: Professional development and teacher practice first year implementation in Southwestern Union Conference Pedagogical professional development needs of postsecondary faculty who teach online Perceptions of change: A survey of regular education teachers' inclusive practices in the intermediate grades Perceptions of change: In-service teachers' reflections on multicultural education, culturally responsive teaching, and transformative learning Perceptions of high -quality professional development Personality styles of pre-service teachers: A quantitative study of differences between individuals who aspire to teach at varying levels Perspectives of disciplinary problems and practices in elementary schools Practitioner perceptions related to disproportionality in the most restrictive educational environment Preparation and support for working with student diversity: Adding the voice of rural educators Preparing teachers for prison schools: A case study of the challenges, attitudes, and motivations of correctional educators Preschool teachers' experiences teaching coping skills: A qualitative inquiry into non-cognitive skill formation Preservice teacher preparedness: Deficiencies and strengths Principals' processes of creating successful professional learning communities in high-performing elementary schools Professional development and instruction for teachers of ESL students Professional development and teacher leadership in the era of NCLB: A study exploring elementary music teacher preferences Professional development for generalist teachers to meet the demands of 21st century instruction: A qualitative study of high school alternative education Professional development in cyberspace: A descriptive case study analyzing the professional learning community culture within one virtual charter elementary school Professional development in language arts: Triggering the levers for teacher learning and student achievement Professional development planned by K-12 public schools to increase academic performance: Coherence counts Professional engagement, critical thinking, and self-efficacy beliefs among early career K-12 school teachers Professional reading and high quality professional development Prototypical thinking of teachers regarding students labeled with a disability Providing a new approach to behavior management training for faculty and staff in a private daycare setting Reading and middle school students: A qualitative study of reading programs in middle schools Reading in the 21st century: Perceptions of current faculty and students Reading in the content areas: The instructional practices of high school English and history teachers Reasons career changers choose public education: A profile Reassessing teacher technology integration: A case study Relationship between facilitation technique and performance in technical courses delivered through synchronous online instruction Relationship between professional development and teacher efficacy in teachers of international schools in Switzerland Relationship between teacher efficacy and professional development in international schools Response to intervention: A study of teacher efficacy in response to intervention implementation in elementary schools in two southeast Georgia school districts Same subject mentors: Creating strong beginnings for novice special educators School counselors and advisors using data-driven decision-making: Identification and analysis of barriers and enablers Secondary teachers' perceptions of an underlying framework of character education Seeking Nirvana: The nature of teachers' spiritual growth through professional development Shaping the quality of public education teachers in the United States of America; 1830s--1950s Smart boards to chalkboards: Professional development for early childhood teachers in rural East Africa Special education teacher retention: An examination of selected veteran teachers Start Today Achieving Results (S.T.A.R): A synthesis of the essential elements of new teacher induction and mentoring program models Stories teachers tell: An analysis of published teacher narratives Supervisors' perceptions on using course management software during business education student teaching experiences Teacher candidates' attitudes toward placement with diverse populations and perceptions of their cultural competence to teach Teacher education program accountability: In search of meaningful outcomes evidence Teacher education programs' development of preservice teachers for instruction of students with disabilities Teacher efficacy, teacher attitudes towards inclusion and teachers' perspectives of training needed for successful inclusion Teacher implementation of professional learning: A description of teacher experiences of their implementation of required, weekly professional learning Teacher knowledge of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and teacher perceived effectiveness Teacher layoffs: Teachers' experiences surviving a reduction-in-force Teacher leadership: Providing needed support to improve teacher retention Teacher perceptions of gifted and talented certification in a southern California school district Teacher perceptions of inclusion of students with exceptionalities in general education classrooms: A school district case study Teacher perceptions of their training to teach online within community colleges in one region in California Teacher preparation through an expeditionary learning model: Alumni experiences and perceptions Teacher recruitment and retention in a hard-to-staff, at-risk, rural school district in Southeast South Carolina that serves high populations of children of poverty Teacher-efficacy exploring preservice and beginning teachers' perceptions of preparedness to teach Teacher-to-parent communication techniques after a one-hour training session: An action science project Teachers of students with visual impairments: Highly qualified and highly satisfied? Teachers' beliefs and practices regarding neuromyths Teachers' knowledge of Asperger's disorder: What every educator should know. A replication study Teachers' perception of bullying in Kentucky, grades K--12 Teachers' perception of the role of the principal regarding teacher retention in Title I elementary school in selected counties in West Georgia Teachers' perceptions and implementation of professional learning communities in a large suburban high school Teachers' perceptions of leadership effectiveness based on gender Teachers' understanding of differentiated instruction in Swiss elementary schools Teaching novice teachers: Evaluating the effect of mentoring on the retention of first -year teachers Teaching online: Learning needs perceived by college faculty in Argentina Teaching teachers: A study of teacher educators' perceptions of the effect of meeting mandated NCATE standards Technology skills sparks success: A study of best practices for teachers and the effective integration of technology in the K--12 classroom environment Tell me a story: A study of content learning integrated with fictional literature in the elementary classroom The adverse effects of stressors on novice teachers in an urban public elementary school: An action research study The algebra content knowledge of beginning teachers in California The components of a new-teacher support system: Exploring the experiences of novice teachers and mentors who participate in a school-based mentoring program The confident online teacher: Understanding and encouraging virtual high school teacher efficacy The core reading standards: A basic qualitative study of elementary teachers' perceptions The credentials of Clear Creek Independent School District high school educators and the use of selected 21st -century skills in assignments The diffusion of a teaching practice: How secondary teachers describe adopting process drama to teach reading comprehension The effect of brain -based learning with teacher training in division and fractions in fifth grade students of a private school The effect of race on retention rates of elementary education students at Liberty University The effects of high -stakes testing on teacher accountability The effects of new teacher participation in high quality induction programs on student achievement The effects of the highly qualified component of the No Child Left Behind Act on the Florida educational system The effects of therapeutic massage on stress and quality of life of female faculty working in the teacher educations program at a small north central, North Dakota university The evaluation of professional development on improving teachers' self-efficacy at a middle school: An action research project The experience of transitioning to a co-teaching model supporting deaf and hearing students The experiences of gifted education teachers' working with gifted students: A case study The impact of an online professional development training module on adjunct higher education faculty and institutions The impact of inquiry-based instructional professional development upon instructional practice: An action research study The impact of the least restrictive environment for American Indian high school students on an IEP The impact that improving teacher morale has on school culture: Action research The importance of assessments: How portfolios can impact students' self-efficacy and comprehension in an online graphic design course The influence of culture on learning styles The influence of in-situational coaching on the reading success of English Language Learners The integration of children's literature, into the Tri-Fold Curriculum: An action research study The investigation of faculty training needs for instructing adult nonstandard English speakers The lack of instructional coaches: A qualitative study The learner-centered instructional design model: A modified Delphi study The lived experience of professional learning community feedback and its impact on the instructional practice of elementary school teachers The lived experiences of teachers as they describe their values and ethics within the educational school system The marriage of neuroscience and instruction: A case study in teaching a student with significant disabilities The next generation of teachers: A phenomenological study of brain-based professional development for the new middle school teacher The perils of preschool: Teacher burnout, perceived efficacy and attitudes towards children with behavioral challenges The relationship of a dominant teaching perspective and student perception of the classroom learning environment The relationships between locus of control, technology usage, and grades among graduate students The role of reflection: Preschool teachers' use of reflective thinking to translate higher education learning into teaching practice The scientifically substantiated art of teaching: A study in the development of standards in the new academic field of neuroeducation (mind, brain, and education science) The six federal individual education plan goals and the effectiveness of their implementation in preparing for transition The student teachers' description of pivotal moments during the process of the student teaching experience: A grounded theory study The superintendent/principal in a professional learning network for teacher professional development The virtual campus: An analysis of faculty development program design for online learning Thinking on their feet: Guiding teacher candidates to intuitive action Title I schools: A qualitative study of the experiences of effective instructional coaching Training Health Service Technicians as Teacher Assistants in an inpatient residential emotional/behavior disorder classroom setting Training elementary teachers about childhood anxiety: Perception and self-efficacy Transfer teacher learning to student outcomes: Using the performance improvement /Human Performance Technology (HPT) model to improve school performance Transformational leadership and teacher motivation in Southwestern Arizona high schools Transformative learning: Its role in the collaboration of elementary school teachers Trends in mobile learning: A study of the adoption of podcasting as a learning tool at a community college Troops to teachers: Turning Kentucky soldiers to scholars Undergraduate preservice teachers' educational philosophy and opinions toward inclusion of K--12 students with disabilities Use of online assessment tools by Instructional Designers-By-Assignment: Necessary features and functionalities Using an evaluative case study to determine the impact of a learning intervention for newly promoted supervisors using the CORE Feedback Model Using peer-to-peer observation to improve teacher collaboration Using school improvement planning to improve teacher practice: A qualitative case study in evaluating school improvement planning in one elementary school Using teacher-participatory action research to improve the performance of high school teachers of students with limited English Utilizing functional behavior assessments for classroom management: An action research study What is the impact of faculty development workshops in multicultural education for teachers? When knowledge is power: An assessment of gang awareness and safety within a Long Island school district Working and learning together: How teachers use collaboration to improve classroom practice