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A multistakeholder conflict-resolution framework: A case study of the Tanzanian Higher Education Loan Board conflict An assessment of nongovernmental organization practices in The Gambia: Strategies for economic empowerment of Gambian women Changing lifestyles and risk of hypertension in an African population: The alcohol factor Exploring the experiences of Nigerian immigrants to North Carolina adjustment and settlement issues HIV/AIDS in Cameroon: A quantitative correlational study of knowledge, attitude, and behavior of women regarding unprotected sex Improving the Nigerian film industry through film education: An action research study Living with HIVAIDS: A nutritional support model for rural women in Zimbabwe Nursing students' perceptions of the educational environment in Moshi, Tanzania: The basis for reform Perceptions of differences in leadership styles and economic well being: Do they predict tension between the two Kenyan co-leaders? The experiences of community volunteers in caring for young orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania Transformational leadership in sub-Saharan Africa: An exploratory qualitative study of the application of leadership tenets in Cameroon United States offshoring of information technology: An empirical investigation of factors inhibiting Sub-Saharan Africa White-collar crime trends in Nigeria: a matter of perception