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A study evaluating pregnant smokers' attitude toward smoking cessation services: Assessing the impact of a Georgia Tobacco Cessation Program An examination of organizational information protection in the era of social media: A study of social network security and privacy protection Can a combination of financial variables adequately explain firms' market value? Determining the reliability and validity of service quality scores in a public library context: A confirmatory approach Do modality choices affect retention in the business of higher education? Entrepreneurial analysis: A study to identify traits and demographics of practicing entrepreneurs Factors that predict adoption of CoIT: A quantitative study of workers in the US Statistical anxiety in adult learners: Anxiety level in statistics courses and the use of software White noise effects of U.S. crude oil spot prices on stock prices of a publicly traded company: A case study cross-correlation analysis based on green energy management theory Work ethic, education, work experience and statistical practice as factors comprising expertise among statisticians