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A Grounded Theory Study of the Experiences of Mental Health Professionals which May Lead Them to Make Referrals for Exorcism A correlational study of the relationship of spirituality on college students' academic performance and demographic characteristics A phenomenological study of spiritual values in secular-based marriage and family therapists A qualitative study of nursing faculty experiences of spirituality in nursing education A study of religious commitment and resilience among Seventh-day Adventists victims of workplace religious discrimination A transcendental phenomenological study on Hawai`i tourism's impact on N? Kumu Addressing spirituality in clinical supervisory practice Alumni foster children's lived experience of living in faith-based foster-care placements Attitudes of African American clergy regarding the postvention needs of African American suicide survivors Baha'i faith members' experiences contributing to long-term substance abuse recovery Barriers to formal care utilization among African American primary caregivers: Perceived stigma, discriminatory beliefs, religious commitment, and distrust Building boys into men: The relationship between discipline and spirituality in high school males Conversations with senior adults about spirituality, death, and dying Customer service and spiritual leadership Displaced African American workers in New York: Phenomenological study of the role of Christian spirituality in their transformative learning journey Dual diagnosis and spirituality: A study of recovering persons' experiences Exploring the perception of spirituality and sense of life satisfaction in adult men and women in rural southern U.S. Exploring the perceptions of African Americans who used pastoral care in their places of worship for life issues Exploring the role of spirituality among African American couples who have experienced infidelity Female sexual assault survivors' perceived God-image and identified psychological distress First-generation female higher education student affairs personnel: The significance of personality and spirituality Flow and spirituality: The relationship within undergraduate male and female varsity athletic participants In what ways does prayer create integration between intuitive and logical decision-making processes for the Christian business leader? A Grounded Delphi Method exploration Locus of Control, God Image, Task Value, Self-Efficacy and Instrumentality as Predictors of Willingness to Use Faithbased Health Coaching Measures of perceived religion and spirituality of undergraduate SWEs and their use of religion and spirituality in social work curriculum Participatory action research on emerging practice in psychosocial interventions for survivors of religious persecution Personal spirituality and organizational citizenship behavior: Does personal spirituality affect organizational citizenship behavior Perspective of spirituality: Influences on K--12 leadership Perspectives of spirituality, aging and caregiver stress among adult caregivers Redemption of pseudotransformational leaders: A narrative study Reducing recidivism in repeat offenders: A phenomenological focus group study Relationship of spirituality and emotional intelligence to job satisfaction for managers in pharmaceutical and health care business sectors Religious involvement, life satisfaction, and spiritual well-being among young adults in a Black church Religiousness, spirituality and scriptural literalism as predictors of attitude toward psychotherapy among pastors from the Church of God in Christ and the Assemblies of God churches Self esteem issues among Black women in Pentecostal Churches Self-forgiveness: A heuristic study of the lived experience of forgiving one's self Spiritual intelligence: Is it related to a leader's level of ethical development? Spirituality and learning: An exploration into the understanding of spirituality in adult education Spirituality as a coping resource in adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse Spirituality in a healthcare organization: An exploratory qualitative inquiry Spirituality in counselor education: An investigation of trainees' spiritual beliefs, preparation, and competence Spirituality in the nonprofit organization: How does it affect volunteers' attitude and service? Spirituality in the workplace: Differences in employee well-being and job satisfaction across spiritual and secular learning institutes The Lived Experience of Spirituality of Custodial Grandparents: A Phenomenological Study The Role of Spirituality in the Leadership Style of Organizational Leaders The experience of active membership in Addictions Victorious: A multifocus addiction twelve-step self-help group The impact of religion and spirituality in the lives of African American women: A generic qualitative study The lived experience of a spiritual transformation in the everyday lives of alcoholic men new to recovery: A phenomenological study The lived experience of being raised in Quaker silent meeting: A heuristic inquiry The lived experience of being spiritual for an atheist: A heuristic inquiry The lived experience of contemplating purpose and meaning in life The lived-experience of spiritual awakening for members of alcoholics anonymous with long-term sobriety: A phenomenological study The process of developing spirituality for women in recovery from substance use disorder: A grounded theory study The relationship between leadership spirituality and ethical behavior: An explanatory model The relationship between leadership styles and perceived workplace spirituality The relationship between prayer and individual workplace attitudes The relationship between spirituality and marital satisfaction in Christian heterosexual marriages The role of religion or spirituality in the lives of aging persons residing in independent senior living facilities The role of spiritual wellness as a predictor of employment satisfaction in addiction treatment professionals The role religion plays in Christian women's decisions to remain or leave an abusive relationship The spiritual intelligence differences between internal and external locus of control of working adults Transcendental leadership in action: An exploration of how self-identified transcendental leaders build a culture of workplace spirituality Transformative learning and spirituality: A heuristic inquiry into the experience of spiritual learning Underutilized mental health services: A grounded theory study examining African American perspectives Veterans' experience of posttraumatic growth through Christian spirituality: A heuristics study Women and spirituality: A phenomenological study Workplace spirituality and ethical decision making: A case study of federal government executive women Workplace spirituality and the motivational power of meaningful work: An experimental study Workplace spirituality, workaholism, and gender: A quantitative study of higher education employees at a small, private college in the northeastern United States Young adults' spirituality: Exploring recurrent themes of inner strength & survival of Seventh Day Adventists