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A phenomenological approach to grandmothers' experience of parenting their grandchildren A phenomenological study of Caribbean police collaborative efforts A phenomenological study of security awareness of community emergency response team trainers in Haiti A quantitative study of the impact of California's three-strikes sentencing practices on minority offenders A relationship between adolescent males and delinquent or criminal behavior: A discriptive study An examination of strategies to bring awareness to human trafficking in one's community Causal and predictive relationships among race, implicit racial bias, and simulated treatment recommendations Do words harm? The perceptions and attitudes of African American college students to hate speech Erectile dysfunction: A barrier to prostate cancer screening among African American men Examining family member involvement during the domestic violence fatality review process Exploring counselors' perspectives on domestic violence re-victimization among African-American women Exploring relationships between organizational leadership and mental illness stigma: An exploratory quantitative study Factors determining loyalty in retailer's online community among female shoppers: A multiple case study Military spouses: Experience with relocating multiple times Minority male athletes' description of their experiences with controlling aggression in non-sport settings: A case study Predictors of social workers' non-judgmental and supportive attitudes toward teen mothers Significant predictors of forming police-citizen collaborative partnerships: A secondary data analysis Social capital and external resourcing of program services in a donative multisite social service nonprofit organization The Experience of Pursuing a GED among Low-Income Single Mothers: A Generic Qualitative Inquiry The Washington, DC digital divides: A state of digital disparity The effect of fathering skills training on the parental self-efficacy of single African American fathers The effect of modernity on Korean sojourners and Korean non -sojourners: Shift in cultural identity and self -construal and reentry adaptation The experiences of individuals attending counseling after HIV diagnosis The importance of second-language competence in the 21st-century workplace: Perceptions of professors, teachers, college students, employment agents, and administrators The lived experience of caregivers of the developmentally disabled in group homesettings -- A phenomenological approach The lived experiences of obese gay men with weight stigma within the homosexual community: A phenomenological study Transformative impact of childhood sexual trauma among substance abusing women who engage in prostitution Women as leaders in construction in a northwestern U.S. city: A multiple-case study of the effectiveness of motivation practices and success strategies