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A multidisciplinary approach to cyberbullying: An action research study A phenomenological study exploring clinical supervision experiences involving refugee clients A phenomenological study of African American mothers whose sons are incarcerated A phenomenological study on feelings of competence among counselors of deaf students with emotional challenges A phenomenology study: Caseworker engagement for incarcerated parents and their children activity: Receiving services A qualitative analysis of cross -cultural mentoring relationships: Examining elements of status and race in a university social work program A quantitative study of Michigan high school students' perception of parents' role in their academic success A quantitative study of nonprofit and grassroots coalition factors that influence success in advancing advocacy A study of body image perceptions related to appearance, fitness and health orientation among Black women A study of homeless children and the implementation of the McKinney-Vento education for homeless children and youth program A willingness to donate organs among members of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation in central Oklahoma Accepting me as I am: Examining the coming-out experiences OF LGBT adults Action research evaluation of bystander intervention training created by Munche, Stern, and O'Brien Action research to expand HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response (AACR) teams in the United States Action research: Barriers faced by emancipating foster youth in their transition into adulthood Addressing federal welfare-to-work requirements through soft skill development: A return on investment study of employment zone Addressing key factors to increase quality of life in individuals with MS: An action research Addressing teen dating violence within a rural community: A participatory action research study Advocates' experiences with victims of domestic violence: An examination of personal biases and attitudes and their impact on service delivery Alumni foster children's lived experience of living in faith-based foster-care placements An Action Research of the Cadre's Perceptions and Experiences of the Resilience Training at a Warrior Transition Unit An action research study of collaborative relationhips between psychotherapists and medical doctors An action research study of truancy intervention practices at a law enforcement agency An action research study to examine the health and social care programs for gay, lesbian, and bisexual older adults An analysis of nursing home discharge planners' leadership abilities, decision-making styles, and geriatric community referrals: A quantitative study An assessment of the modalities of primary school educators in reporting child maltreatment An examination of strategies to bring awareness to human trafficking in one's community An exploration of parenting coordination as a form of alternative dispute resolution with high conflict parents: A qualitative study An exploration of the perceived experiences of social alienation of non -birth mothers in lesbian parent families An exploration of unmet needs and development of comprehensive gynecological cancer survivorship program through action research An exploratory study of adolescents' experiences with their divorced parents' parenting plans An investigation of the effects of a nonprofit agency's investigations on quality of care in nursing homes Analyzing the impact of job dissatisfaction among social workers in managed care Anxiety and A.A.'s 12-Step practices in remission: A correlational study in rural Hawaii Assessing and Addressing the Needs of Former Foster Youth in a College Setting Assessing the need for enhanced mental health services on a college campus: An appreciative action research inquiry Assessment of aftercare and permanent housing retention program: Outcome-based evaluative case study Associations between volunteer motives and service persistence with race among adult mentors in cross-racial youth mentoring relationships Beginning romantic relationships online: A phenomenological examination of internet couples Behavioral interventions utilized with middle-school children with autism spectrum disorder Best practices among health care professionals working with pregnant women abusing alcohol: An appreciative inquiry Best practices for working with African American adolescent female victims of sex trafficking Biological children in therapeutic foster families: A phenomenological study Can you see what they see: An adolescent perspective of dating practices Caseworkers' and supervisors' perceptions of Ohio's Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System Childhood exposure to family violence among African American males: A proposed model of understanding parental experiences with their daughters Children of incarcerated parents: In the children's own words Clinical social workers' perspectives on cultural countertransference: A phenomenological study Clinicians' experiences and cognitive processes treating medicinal marijuana users: A qualitative inquiry Counselor perspectives: Adult females who had an abortion during their adolescent years Critical elements of *adaptive behavior in promoting community independence for individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities Cross-sector collaboration advantage: The perspective of South Carolina child welfare nonprofits Crying in the shadows: An examination of social support and coping skills among bereaved gay men who have lost a partner to HIV/AIDS in South Carolina Cultural beliefs, behaviors, and marital satisfaction among first and second-generation Haitians Cultural competence: The impact of training on rural child welfare professionals Deployment and redeployment: The lived combat experiences of U.S. Army social work officers in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom during 2007-2009 Developing action strategies to alleviate problems associated with poverty: A case study of Catholic Charities Differential perceptions of neglect for Native-American families: An experimental design Disrupted social work field placement: Factors that contribute to premature termination of BSW students' field placement Divine intervention: A study of spirituality and chemical dependency Do attitudes towards seeking psychological help influence preference of counseling modality in postparental women? Early childhood programs and African American educators: Experiences about father involvement Effects of mentoring on transitioning from the foster care system to independent living: A study of emancipated youth in metropolitan Washington, DC Effects of technology advances upon public child welfare middle managers' work/life balance Emotional intelligence and turnover rate among metro and non-metro public child welfare workers Emotional intelligence exploration: A potential relationship between CEO EI and nonprofit intellectual and financial capital Empathy training for master's level social work students facilitating advanced empathy responding Employee reflections on developing resilience: A grounded theory study Engaging students in social welfare policy class using Wiki technology Ensuring effective Liberian organizations in the diaspora through action research Ethical practice online: An exploration of provider liability risk among practitioners in the emerging field of online therapy Evaluating the effects of housing status on victimization in Prince William County, Virginia Evaluating the effects of social skills training on parental perception of Generation Y (ages 13-16) behavior: An action research study Evaluation of African American low birth weight outcomes in the city of Milwaukee Examining Kouzes and Posner's five leadership practices in statewide mental health consumer advocacy networks: A multi-site descriptive survey study Examining personal constructs of veteran couples: A qualitative action research study Expanding educational opportunities, a systems perspective for behavioral health care Experiences with a prescribed emotional support animal: A qualitative inquiry Exploration of child welfare through action research Exploring dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) fidelity and reimbursement, an action research inquiry Exploring juvenile delinquency and the justice system: Social workers' perspective, Exploring mental health professionals' experience in the divorce process in Pennsylvania: A phenomenological study Exploring the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of professional African American women about their risk for contracting HIV: A phenomenological study Exploring the lived experiences of native american women of the northern plains who have lost a loved one to suicide: mental health implications Exploring the lived experiences of older father caregivers of adult children with intellectual disabilities Facilitating the adolescent mother's transition to motherhood: A hermeneutical approach Factors affecting substance abuse in adolescent females in rural residential communities Factors affecting treatment adherence of African American women with Chronic Kidney Disease who receive hemodialysis treatment: A quantitative study Factors that influence burnout in family service workers in non -metropolitan areas Factors that influence nonprofit board member behavior in rural Minnesota Faith -Based and Community Initiatives (FBCI): A study of the effect on faith -based organizations in rural Arizona Faith-based organizations and the community: An appreciative inquiry Families working through changes: Individuals with intellectual disabilities transitioning into community settings Finances, stress, parenting style and placement stability among kinship and foster parents Finding home: Evaluative study of the efficacy of MEPA-IEP and permanently committed children Forensic interviewers' perspectives of children who disclose abuse or neglect Forgotten victims: Mothers of sexually abused girls Former foster children's experience of relationship with social workers in foster care From child welfare to the juvenile justice system: African American female crossover youth Gays and lesbians in public mental health: Assessing gay-affirmative practice Gender and age differences in coping behaviors of young adults who were orphaned during childhood Got God? A contemporary study of the relationship between spirituality and marital satisfaction Hispanic learners in South Texas: Factors that influence them in the pursuit of graduate education in social work Homelessness: An evaluation of resident self-efficacy and worker burnout within county homeless shelters Homelessness: Women veterans' perspective Hospice and African Americans: Exploring barriers to effective end-of-life care Hospice social workers: The incidence of compassion fatigue How are traditional Chamoru healing practices being perpetuated and preserved in modern Guam: A phenomenological study How ethical codes define counselor professional identity Identifying and implementing best practices to retaining community college students: An appreciative inquiry Identifying and overcoming barriers domestic violence victims face: A victim advocate perspective Identifying life challenges of women at a branch campus through life course interviews: Implications for service delivery Identifying successful policies and procedures for retaining resource parents: A case study of child welfare retention staff Identifying the Experiences of Secondary Traumatic Stress in Rural Child Welfare Workers: Action Research Study Identifying the needs of suicide survivors: An appreciative inquiry Impact of paternal alcoholism on intimate partner relationship satisfaction among college students Impact of perinatal loss among adolescent parents: A phenomenological study Impact of sex-trafficking directives on Maryland youth residential facilities: A multi-site case study Impact of therapist demographics on the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder Improving cross system collaboration: An action research study to benefit foster care alumni Improving outpatient service delivery for criminal offenders with serious mental illness: An appreciative action research inquiry Influences of working professionals' knowledge and training on their attitudes towards sex offenders: A quantitative analysis Interviews with private agency adoptive families Investigating the relationship between sources and strength of social supports, self-esteem, and exhaustion and disengagement in female mental health professionals Job satisfaction among qualified professionals working in community-based mental health and substance abuse agencies Juvenile offenders' perception of barriers and facilitators to mental health services and associated recidivism LGBT family formation: Challenges, limitations, and opportunities Latino mixed status families and poverty: A phenomenological study Leave no soldier behind: A needs assessment of the HUD-VASH support group for newly vouchered and housed veterans Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Adults: Transitioning from Foster Care to Adulthood Longevity among social workers: A multiple case study Marriage and sex: A study comparing sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction in age and gender Meaning of engagement in clubhouse membership and its influence on mental-health recovery Measures of perceived religion and spirituality of undergraduate SWEs and their use of religion and spirituality in social work curriculum Military receptivity to hypnotherapy: An ordinal regression with associated factors Minnesota Providers' Reflection on Health Care Change for Transgender People and Ongoing Barriers to Care Mitigating burnout in bachelor's of social work students: A quantitative study Moral reasoning in adult male sex offenders Mother-daughter conversations on pre- and post-menarche: A phenomenology Multicultural competence of school social workers within a South Atlantic state: Perspectives on training, demographics, and work performance Needs and accessibility to health services: Attitudes and perceptions of internally displaced head-of-household victims from Medellin, Colombia Participatory action research on emerging practice in psychosocial interventions for survivors of religious persecution Participatory action research: Identifying perceptions of leadership style and the use of path-goal leadership theory among child protection services social workers Participatory action research: Threat assessment team training and team membership at universities Pathways to permanency: Perspectives from former foster care youth Pediatric bipolar disorder: An action research approach to establish effective assessment strategies for diagnosing Perceptions and attitudes of partner abuse among African Americans Perceptions of promoting and modeling ethical values in nonprofit and public agencies Personal use of social networking and social work ethics: Designing guidelines for training Perspectives of risks and resiliency among African American grandparents as custodial guardians of their grandchildren Physical child abuse between siblings: Child protection workers and compensatory decision making Predicting the influence of substance abuse counselors' personal recovery status and education on clinical orientation Predictors of recidivism among runaway and homeless youths Predictors of social workers' non-judgmental and supportive attitudes toward teen mothers Preparing at -risk foster adolescents for independent living: Preparing to age out of the foster care system Program evaluation: A study to evaluate the effectiveness of an alternative education program in a rural county of a mid-Atlantic U.S. state Promoting resiliency in at-risk adolescents: Exploring the link between community afterschool recreational programs and youth resiliency Public service caseworkers' experiences with clients who receive federal aid: A phenomenological study Racial attitudes and cultural awareness in White social workers: A cross-sectional, correlational study Reducing recidivism rates among the mentally ill: Effective case management solutions Relationships among leadership skills and program effectiveness in the implementation of Clubhouse Rehabilitation programs Resilience of direct care workers in adolescent residential treatment facilities: An exploratory study School social work services in federally funded programs: An African American perspective School social workers: Impacting the educational opportunities of culturally diverse students School-based wraparound programs: Teacher experiences with students receiving services Self esteem issues among Black women in Pentecostal Churches Self-care to mitigate burnout: An action research study with licensed mental health independent contractors Self-sufficiency among former foster youth who did or did not participate in transitional living programs Social worker's perceptions of joint collaboration with law enforcement: A quantitative study Social workers' experiences, gender and attitudes toward same sex couples raising children Social workers' perception of parenting skills of mentally ill parents with child(ren) in foster care Spiritual well-being and responding to secondary trauma among human service professionals Stigma reduction initiative to increase community integration for those living with a persistent mental illness Stress, emotions, and coping: the lived experiences of primary caregivers who raise adolescents with bipolar disorder Television and age of first penetrative sex: Implications and recommendations The adverse effects of stressors on novice teachers in an urban public elementary school: An action research study The challenging overlapping roles for juvenile detention officers as parents The collective voice of suicide survivors: A phenomenological inquiry The educational needs of former foster youth: An ethnographic action research study The effect of a leader's emotional intelligence on follower job satisfaction and organizational commitment: An exploratory mixed methodology study of emotional intelligence in public human services The effectiveness of team decision making in Children's Division on child welfare outcomes The effects of homelessness on the mental and behavioral health of children: A phenomenological study The effects of social skills curriculum on female bullying with third through sixth grade school girls in an elementary school setting The efficacy of trauma focused cognitive behavioral theory vs. integrative treatment for traumatized children and adolescents within the child welfare system The epistemological beliefs of social work students The evaluation of a North Carolina truancy intervention program: Is it culturally sensitive? The experience of parents in seeking treatment for their child who is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder The experience of providing therapeutic services to sexually violent predators: A case study The experience of stress in children with Tourette's disorder: An interpretive phenomenological examination from the child's perspective The experiences of Recovery High School students: Using empirical phenomenology to garner knowledge The experiences of community volunteers in caring for young orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania The female physician viewpoint in relation to marital satisfaction: How male spouses and female physicians define marital satisfaction The impact of burnout, job satisfaction and work environment on child welfare family case managers The impact of educational preparation on test performance for the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium examination for alcohol and other drug abuse counselors The impact of income on African American women's decisions to leave abusive relationships The impact of self -efficacy on victims coping with a disaster: A phenomenological study The impact of team composition on wraparound boundaries The impact of traumatic life events and attachment styles upon compulsive hoarding in adulthood The impact of untreated childhood trauma on child welfare worker burnout The impact of workplace bullying on employee morale, job satisfaction and productivity within nonprofit organizations The influence of empowerment on recovery in psychiatric treatment: An exploratory study of therapeutic relationships The influence of play therapists' cultural awareness on their adaption of the filial therapy modality with African American families The interplay of leadership and job satisfaction in the organizational management of people with mental retardation The interrelationship of grief and adult attachment prior to and following the death of a partner The journey from homelessness to housing: The lived experiences of married African American women with children residing in supportive housing The journey toward cultural competence: Examining the perceptions and experiences of social work educators The lived experience of caregivers of the developmentally disabled in group homesettings -- A phenomenological approach The lived experience of former foster children who had to move their belongings in garbage bags The lived experience of heterosexual women whose spouses reveal HIV positive status as the result of male-male sexual contact: A phenomenological study The lived experience of highly religious Orthodox Jewish students in graduate programs in psychology and social work The lived experience of parents raising adolescents diagnosed with bipolar disorder The lived experience of the adult African American female who has lived in multiple foster care placements The lived experiences of older adults who abuse alcohol: Why and how they became sober The lived experiences of the effects of companion animal ownership on adaptation to conjugal grief: A phenomenological study The needs of men diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and sexually offensive behavior The pay-what-you-can nonprofit restaurant model: A case study The prevalence of traumatic life experiences in homeless women: A phenomenological study The psychological and physiological risks of adolescent homelessness: Barriers to normal development and mainstream functioning The relationship between a child's diagnosed disability and child maltreatment The relationship between perceived levels of organizational support and levels of compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction among child welfare workers The role religion plays in Christian women's decisions to remain or leave an abusive relationship The study of parenting stress and social support among African American mothers The training of criminal justice system staff to manage, support, and work with an epidemic of mentally ill offenders The use of iPads in a retirement home community to increase social skills: An action research approach The welfare of children in a city in Alabama: A participatory research and organizational study Therapists' experience with therapeutic touch: A phenomenological study Understanding African American clergies' experiences with incidents of domestic violence among female congregants Understanding and addressing the needs of women experiencing perinatal loss leading to hospital protocol change Understanding pro-anorexia philosophies and the implications to treatment outcomes through action research Understanding the changes that occur with spousal caregivers as primary caregivers of partners with Alzheimer's disease: A phenomenological study Understanding the complexity of chronic illness: An action research approach Understanding the experience of therapists providing therapy to mothers sexually abused in childhood: A case study Understanding the role of stress and burnout in employees at nursing facilities for the elderly Understanding what African American teenage mothers need to attain a high school education: A phenomenological study User acceptance of a state-mandated child welfare information system Violence and burnout: Attitudes and perspectives of Level III group home staff Volunteer social service workers' description of the experience of working with high risk teens Weighing the options: The lived experiences of human services administrators with decision-making processes What are you? Rainbow students, services, and identity Youthful voices: An exploratory case study of successful youth intervention and development programs relationship between characteristics and outcomes in adolescents who completed family preservation services