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A phenomenological exploratory study of western expatriates' cross-cultural adjustment to Saudi Arabia A quantitative inquiry into national wealth creation: A study of 62 Project GLOBE societies Adolescents' perception of the justice system based on interactions with police Adult identity development, rites of passage, and the Bermudian male adolescent Community and learning: A virtual community of practice for nurse practitioners Computer technology, digital transactions, and legal discovery: A phenomenological study of possible paradoxes Cooperative living in retirement: A narrative inquiry exploring innovative retirement living arrangements Criminogenic risk, community characteristics, and parolee recidivism Do factors of social disorganization influence the decertification of law enforcement officers? Examining the community's response to their formerly incarcerated neighbors Global cultural values change and the relationship with telecommunications change: A longitudinal analysis Homeless parents seeking employment: A phenomenological study Hospice and African Americans: Exploring barriers to effective end-of-life care Identifying the factors that support and hinder the success of the home-based entrepreneur in Appalachia: A case study Increasing a community's disaster-related altruism pre-disaster decreases, post disaster-related casualties Informing therapeutic treatment and practice: A study of recovery histories of non -recidivists Lived experience of the transgendered adult female-to-male adults: Discrimination within the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community Native American leadership theory: A tribal perspective Nigerian national leadership style influence on economic, political and social development: A case study of direct foreign investment No employee left behind: The lived workplace experiences of inclusion /exclusion of African American engineering professionals within the semiconductor industry Participatory action for assessing civic engagement implications: Outcome based evaluative case study Pedagogy of the American oppressed: Understanding online knowledge sharing by impoverished adults Perceptions of interdisciplinary collaboration and communication: A comparative study Perspectives of Nepalese women on the economic development of their country Professional services for survivors of child sexual violence/abuse: A phenomenological account of professional clinicians' experiences Qualitative study to consider licensed professional counselors' perceptions of pastoral counseling in the African American community Quantitative analysis: Education and experience effects upon emergency preparedness for special needs Race and gender in illicit drug transactions Sociopolitical structure and economic development on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Stress, despair, and quality of life: The lived experience of families with children below 26 years of age diagnosed with lyme disease Successful information and communication technology implementation strategies for rural communities: An investigation of tech-based economic development programs The differences in African American women and their gender role identity The experiences of adult women ages 30-44 who log on to Facebook daily using their smartphone: A generic qualitative study The impact of nonprofit coordination services on social disorganization within bounded systems The rise of entrepreneurship within post -communist Russia: A case study through the lens of the entrepreneur The use of iPads in a retirement home community to increase social skills: An action research approach University students perceptions and attitudes of corruption in Nigeria Youth/adult perspectives: The involvement of youth in non-profit youth organization decision-making processes