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A correlational study on the relationship between peer mentoring support and novice nurse intent to stay in the field A measure of attitudes among educators, parents, and taxpayers about making character education a part of the core curriculum in public schools A multi-paradigmatic approach to teaching undergraduate introductory economics courses: An action research study A phenomenological study: The lived experiences of obese men and women following bariatric surgery A study of Georgia's hidden curriculum: Institutional discrimination in the eighth grade Addressing teen dating violence within a rural community: A participatory action research study Addressing the gap in current policies regarding gender-based violence in saint vincent and the grenadines African American women coping with the lived experiences of limited mental healthcare access in rural North Carolina An analysis of the effects of the introduction of tea hawking to tea factory farmers in Kenya: A case study for western Kenya An exploration on teachers' cultural perceptions and readiness for incorporating culturally responsive teaching in a high accountability epoch: A qualitative case study Analyzing the impact of job dissatisfaction among social workers in managed care Are kids learning?: A study of high school social studies instruction Beginning nursing students' perceptions of the effective characteristics and caring behaviors of their clinical instructor Boulder City 31ers: A phenomenological study of a community-based history preservation project Clinical supervisors' experiences and attitudes toward cyber supervision for state counseling licensure Comparison of instructional techniques of high school economics teachers in Georgia and Shenzhen, China Counselor educators and social media in practice Culture and politics driving nursing perceptions towards performance improvement in the operating room Determinants of HIV/AIDS testing in the United States Disrupted social work field placement: Factors that contribute to premature termination of BSW students' field placement Employability and critical thinking: A comparison of workshops to classes for unemployed adults Employment for the developmentally disabled via one-stop centers Exploring bicultural competence as a factor in academic success of black undergraduate students at predominantly white institutions Exploring the feminine journey of gifted women regarding career self-efficacy and emotional well-being Female juvenile recidivism: Analytical cogency of age, race, abuse and family support Finances, stress, parenting style and placement stability among kinship and foster parents Former foster youth and their self-determination in graduating from college: A phenomenological study Former foster youth: a qualitative inquiry of what works in learning independent living skills How does Understanding by Design influence student achievement in eighth grade social studies? How personality traits and job satisfaction influence service quality in housing agencies Human service students' perceptions of people with mental retardation Increasing students' critical thinking and improving performance in elementary social studies classroom Instructional design practices in the design and development of Digital Humanities virtual environments (DH-VEs) Intentional youth development in after school programs LGBT family formation: Challenges, limitations, and opportunities Latino students persistence in higher education: Correlations between campus resources, reliable factors and gender Mainstream social science faculty uses and attitudes toward information technologies Off and practicing: Online counseling learners experience as they transition from online coursework into internship fieldwork Poor suburbia: Understanding the experiences of Long Island nonprofits serving the poor Project ExPreSS: Social studies and science remediation program for the Georgia High School Graduation Test Ready or not?: A portrait of the professional development of Michigan charter school principals and its affect on student academic performance Reception, perception, response: Ninth-grade African American and other ninth-grade Black students' sensitivity to culturally responsive teachers Rumination, age, and years of experience: A predictive study of burnout Self-care to mitigate burnout: An action research study with licensed mental health independent contractors The Lived Experience of Caring Relationships Among Academically Successful At-Risk Rural High School Graduates The comparative effectiveness of levels of training and years of work experience in firefighters as determining factors in the development of posttraumatic stress disorder The effects of study guides that feature taxonomically structured question sets in sixth grade social studies The experience of being a burn survivor with a physical disability The impact of funding on nonprofit organizations' sustainability The impact of nontraditional classroom assessment on retention of information in an introductory psychology course The journey toward cultural competence: Examining the perceptions and experiences of social work educators The lived experiences of Mexican American adolescent grandchildren raised by their grandparents: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of female sex traffickers reintegrating back into mainstream society The theory of collective influence: A grounded theory study of small business entrepreneurs' approaches to leader development The three eras of Hmong educational history in Laos: French colonial, Laotian independence, and USAID, 1917--1975 The welfare of children in a city in Alabama: A participatory research and organizational study Transformation of nursing students' attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs on death and dying: A mixed methods study